Forum Rules

Welcome to the Jews For Jesus Forums! We are excited to have you join us in conversation over these matters - which we regard as being most important. We invite you to participate in our discussions whether you agree or disagree with Jews For Jesus. Because we want everyone to have their say, we need for you to respect others even when you disagree with them. In order to promote intelligent discussions in these forums, we will delete posts that personally attack others. Remember that politeness helps every discourse. You can most effectively make your point by respectfully providing evidence in short posts that support your arguments.

How To Moderate Yourself First

Here are some suggestions that will help you write effective posts to moderated forums:

A. Keep your posts short (around 400 words.) More people will read short posts that get right to the point. If a post is longer than 400 words, the moderators may not get to it until other posts are evaluated. They may even fall asleep and never wake up. If your message never gets posted, this is probably what happened and it’s your fault.

B. Avoid posting lengthy citations from books, magazines, etc.

C. Avoid posting lists of citations. For example: If one scripture proves your point, just use one scripture rather than many. You can always post more in anothermessage later.

D. Try to avoid posting web sites that are unfamiliar to the moderators. There are a lot of web sites out there, but the moderators have seen everything on the Internet. Not really, but it takes time for the moderators to look at these web sites before approving your posts. Try to be considerate of everyone (even the moderators.)

E. Be up front with who you are. We welcome posts from anyone holding any religious view (whether or not they believe in Jesus.) We encourage you to share your position at the outset.

F. Use quotes carefully. This is especially important when you are replying to someone else. No one likes to read a reply that has quotes within quotes within quotes. Try not to quote more than a paragraph at a time.

G. Use CAPS sparingly. Using all upper-case letters is like yelling really loud, except when you yell really loud you eventually get tired. When you use too many upper case letters you may not get tired, but everyone else gets tired of it.

H. Try not to repeat yourself. A well-supported argument should only need to be posted once. Parrots repeat themselves for attention because they don’t have this kind of sophisticated message board technology at their fingertips…talon-tips?

I. Be interesting! Un-interesting people will be permanently deleted from the Jews For Jesus forums, and permanently deleted from time and space. Maybe not, but that would be interesting.

These forums offer you the option to interact with people on a one on one basis, but if you have any concerns or questions that you would like someone from Jews For Jesus to answer directly, please get in touch with us via email or telephone by clicking here. If you need technical help, click here. The forum moderators should only be contacted if you have a concern with a message that you posted or a concern with an individual in the forums. We feel honored that you want to participate in our forums and we hope that the interaction is something that you find enlightening and enjoyable.