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Mark Chagall the Dance
I forget if I already posted on this and didn't see it in a quick search.

But anyway, Marc seems to have had a dream with images of Armagedon such as plieadies birds, plieadies seven sisters ( or was it that he was one of seven kids with sisters?) a man upside down on a cross, a lady killing a purple chicken, a green woman going up and left with flowers to a red ram playing  blue violin.  Under hims is a tray of fruit to include grapes as I recall.  Also by the cross is a book, the Bible?

Maybe Marc didn't know what it meant.  But a purple chicken makes me think of killing a man in Jewish tradition, but the purple a king or Messia man.

Ships, seven sister, and grapes cluster is all for pleiadies, especially since the bird thing looks like it has fire out the mouth and Pliadies is in Aries the ram a constelation associated traditionally with the Jews.

Jesus held seven stars in Rev 1:16 and others, thought of as being Plieadies, important in Job and Amos also there being called Kimah or cluster.

A lady with flowers going up and left means North American Jews and MEssianic Genties going to Alaska in the end times for the flowering of an earth in a garden of eden state (Zech 8:23?).

A blue violin means tsunamis since violin horse hair rod you play it with is made out of a horse product and I see horses as being connected to tsunami images in places like Rev 14 and Habakkuk 3.

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