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RE: Psalm 100 and such
I don't understand why AaJ is allowed to answer like this?
This defies the whole purpose of the Form and Idea: to have question and response on one given topic a week.
If you allow such response in the Ask C a Q section then I think you can just as well return to the old form of the Forum where conversation was allowed to flow relatively freely.
My response is of course also sparked by your censoring of my reply to MAlan (or did my reply not reach you?).
I suppose it's okey because MAlan is a moderator and would have read my reply, no?
Also this Mike guy with his shouting and posting of 5 to 6 pages at a time... if you want to censor something, censor or moderate that, my goodness.

Now my answer to AaJ:
I think the translation of the name of God and Adonai is not the issue here. I think every 19 year old knows about that. You should just take note: the name of God is translated LORD and not Lord, most else is translated Lord, like Adonai.
What was interesing was your mere historic interpretation of Psalm 110, I think you've spent too much time reading "Christian" historically-critical interpretations of the text. This I think makes you ignorant of Judaism whish holds Psalm 110 and Psalm 2 to be Messianic. Read Huna in Midrash who compares it to the 52nd chapter Isaiah, read Nathan also and his interpretation of the Fathers.

With regards to your question of the whether Messiah is here or not, my goodness I will not force it on you. If you say that there is no peace for you, I believe you. If you say you have not entered His rest, I believe you. If you cannot see Messiah, I believe you. Just hang in tight your dictator might arive soon, stay tuned!


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