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Gideons dream Judges 7:13-15
Most people know about Gideons fleece, at least born again raised in bible school people do.

But I being a seminary grad had never heard of Gideons dream.

Well, actually it was a gentiles dream that was the final sign that gave him courage.

He went to the midianite camp at the exact moment a man was relateing his dream to another.  The interpreter said it was Gideon who was the barley loaf from the dream topling the tent.  

Then Gideon finally believed! From a gentile prophet!

God even used Pharo as a prophet once.  Israels most Godly king didn't listen, it was Josiah.  Pharo said turn aside God is speaking through me.

I had a sukka dream then six months later an orthodox jewish kid appeared to get raised from the dead.  Also part of that dream was President Bush jogging over mountains and kids singing being happy tobe alive.  See my post on Children who silence the avenger with praise, also See my post on keplers supernova. I thought it was a pro life dream but God has much more in store!

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