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Friday, December 21, 2012
Yeahhhhhhhhh Apocalypto is perfect! Can you believe under "raisin" all I got is [Image: e021.gif] *ROFL*

Cards, eh? Canasta? Yahoo there or be square![Image: poker.gif]
Speaking of so called "prophecies", what does everyone think about Pastor David Wilkerson's latest "vision"?
Could you elaborate? There are so many "visions" nowadays, it's hard to keep track.
Sorry, I thought this was "all over the internet".

Honesty speaking, I don't hold to an "invisible return" of Jesus, nor I hold to the Prince of David being anyone other than Him. As what I had read to the bible, the Adversary uses nuance and word twisting to mislead, in the end it is still a lie no matter how close to the truth, or plausible, it appears to be. I can't wait the time until we get threads about Nostradamus, etc.

I find it strange that in the book 'The Calendar', which was a well researched and extremely thorough book that when they detailed the history of the calendars of the Mayans and went through their symbols, and groups of days that their end date was listed as Dec 23, 2012. I know that it is considered to be 12-21-12, but I can't help but wonder if it isn't for a different reason.  
I find it interesting that that date is around the winter solstice (when people celebrated the sun....) it seems that if anything that day is pagan in nature...though it is not based on God's time and his calander but on the Gregorian pagan calander as well......that should say it all....if anything happens on that day it will probably not be of God (though he has the authority to allow things to happen or not)..what I mean is I wouldn't be expecting the Messiah on that date as some say....if anything maybe the antichrist because the whole world is in awe of that day as some big revelation from people who contacted spirits to get that date.....or it could even be that nothing happens and people who did expect something to happen loose hope/faith and give up on the true Messiah. No matter what happens we should be praying and allowing God to work within us to preach the gospel to people and live for Him while we still have time. It's interesting and has even got me scared and nervous a few times but I have to constantly remind myself (actually believe it's God who is doing the reminding lol) that he commands us not to be afraid because He is with us...and He also says He will take care of us as He does the birds (and did with Elijah)...
Sounds like a stubborn refusal to obey Jesus' statement that the dates and times set by the Father and is not for us to know. Jesus comes like a flash is not kidnapping, but the full Parousia, the Second Coming. As for the days of Lot, he has nothing to do with what you think it's to do with people getting along with their normal activities, then get hit with age.

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