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I just wanted to pass along this email for anyone who might want to contact the Israeli Embassy in Washington D.C. - or in your country - and let them know that you love and support them, especially right now!!
   [email protected]
The liberal media and UN are only too happy to bash both ISRAEL and the
US for our stand against the islamofascist terrorist KILLERS who want to control and force their will on the rest of the world in the name of their satanic and hateful religion and the radical left presumes to speak for the rest of us in their denunciation of Israel.
If you are a believer and you love Israel -- not to mention the fact that we should ALL be standing with Israel against the tyranny and threat of Hezbollah and all the other islamofascist terrorists on this planet whose only goal is to destroy israel AND America and Christians for standing w/ Israel.  
   Hollywood extremists are more than happy to embrace the enemies of America and Israel and of God, just as the radical left media, etc, but they do not and WILL NOT speak for the BLOOD BOUGHT CHURCH OF Y'SHUA!!!
    You don't get peace and safety by appeasing tyrants and killers, hoping that they will just go away and leave you alone. Israel is doing what the rest of the civilized world SHOULD be doing and NOBODY has the RIGHT to condemn her for defending herself.  
   It is the cowardly, hypocritical HEZBOLLAH, using innocent people to hide behind, that should be condemned throughout this world - NOT ISRAEL!!! -- but the radical left, et al, just doesn't GET IT!!
They choose to bow down to the p.c. gestapo types who are happy to embrace terrorists rather than to stand up for their country.
Remember what happened with Hitler and the Nazis!
The world didn't want to see or know what was happening!!
It wasn't THEIR problem -- yet!!!
Thankyou for the email address. God Bless Israel!

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