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Prayer request
Please Pray for my Uncle ( Henry Goldman ) he a and avid believer,
has been recently diagnosed with inoperable liver cancer. He has been
given six months to live or less. We need all of us to pray that the
Great Physican will heal him.

I have been a believer for some 25 years. I need help with this from all
of you. He lives in West Virginia. If it is his time to go home that he go in peace.

In Y'shua

Many Thanks!!!
There is limit to how much comfort a stranger can offer, but when one quotes scripture he[she] might only be the courier of the message.

One of the most intriguing books of the bible is the Book of Job. It has universal  appeal among both the secular and the faithful. The text starts out with Job's colleagues searching for a remedy to Job's crisis, yet ultimately it is the prayer of the afflicted that is heard : "....and my servant Job shall pray for you: for him will I accept....." .

Another universally accepted author claims ".....The LORD is nigh unto them that are of a broken heart; and saveth such as be of a contrite spirit.
Many are the afflictions of the righteous: but the LORD delivereth him out of them all.....".

I sincerely [as much as a cyber-stranger can be]hope your uncle recovers, with both body and soul restored, and offers many prayers for his friends and family in the future.
Y'shua is not a joke, though some on this forum are making him out to be one.

Anyway, if anyone has time, can you pray for my uncle who was traumatized while fighting in Vietnam? I only ask because today is the day that, 37 yrs ago, he was shot in the thigh defending Hamburger Hill. I am also praying for the 446 men who either lost thier lives or lividity in this painfully brutal battle. Sad

Y'shua Bless!

Joshua Micah Schon
Thank god for Y'shua, as he and the Lord answered one of my most dire requests. My father found more work. Certainly we live more comfortably than the truly needy, but with this new job, my father might find enough to send both me AND my little brother to college!

Praise Y'shua!
Time for another prayer. I know it came late, but it is never a bad time to pray for our brave soldiers in the field and in graves, whether we support the wars they fought in or not.
Yesterday, I found this image online, and realized just how far we have come. Our people have successfully combated these vicious stereotypes, and I, as usual, am ready to pray for those who deserve it. I pray for all the Jews who suffered through anti-semitism so I would never have to. As a reminder to our once precarious position in society, I have changed my previously Blank avatar to a symbol of our opression. We have won friends. And we will only march onward towards greatness!

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