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Your wishes to Jerusalem.
Pray for RAIN, till now there was only 2 times about 10 minutes Rain this autumn. That's by far not enough.
Many Israelis think because Bibi negotiates land for peace with Obama that G-d has dried up the land. 15 Orthodox Jews beat and bloodied several of the members of JFJ , and broke one of their noses, yet still in love, G-d calls to His people , and still His Word rejected. We here as believers in Yeshua are opposed to Israel giving up even a square inch of land, and stand against the tryrany other nation such as the Obama led U.S. who wish to divide Israels promise, but  yet we are treated with such disrespect, and hatred from those we defend , and stand with for their freedom of individual faith, but in turn the Messianics are profiled by the Orthodox  much similar to how the Jews were treated before the holocaust by the Nazi's. You want rain?Make straight the path of the L_ORD!!!!! I ask for rain in the Name of the Living G-d of Israel, through His Son Yeshua. The last time we were asked, it rained 6 inches, and snowed on Jerusalem, but then again if you look for a sign to believe , it will not be given ,except the sign of Jonah, for we do not see to believe , but rather , believe that we may see! Shalom
Amen, Azriel.  I am very embarrassed to be in a country being led by such a hypocrite (Obama). He does not deserve any place in leadership of this country or any form of government here for that matter.  No, Israel should hold firm and not give up anything!  I stand with you whole heartedly!  Shalom!
Quote:Many Israelis ..........

......their freedom of individual faith, but in turn the Messianics are profiled ..............! Shalom

Hi Azriel,

Well this doesn't sound like Shalom at all. I guess you wrote it in a moment of outrage?
I know that you're not the youngest on the forum. But for different reasons this post does make only a little sence.

First of all the pride and anti-semitimis I didn't expect from you that much. But lat me explain.

Nazi's planned to burn people, all kinds of from Communists, Freemasons, gays, Gypsys and Jews. Not all Germans did so.
So 1 difference is that there are different kind of Jewish groups, and some want to beat up Christians maybe (some videoclips I saw where specifically waiting to for the provocation to proof that the Jews where wrong).
Beating up is not burning, so it's 1 a generalisation and 2 just Rude to compare it that easily. What is the profiling here??

Besides after all the light we bring into the world, still Christians want to border us, and don't want to listen to The Word of God... after all we done for them. (do you realy think those idea's help in any way or is it mainly about own pride?)

Hi Azriel 2>>>

Besides that, according to Jewish law and in Tenach it's allowed to give away certain land in order to stay alive etc. So again it seems that Christians 'know' better and want to force upon us and decide what to do?
Help is great and o.k. But than go according to the laws of the land, and God's people and sayings, and at least have respect.
But some Christians, but also even American Jews who come here, are just deciding that we need another war with the Arabs, etc.etc.
I mean even new Immigrants(Jews) often don't have respect for all kind of sensitivities that was build up between groups, or in laws.
And off course everybody knows exactly even more better what God '''''exactly''''' wants, we hear 72 versions of these kind of people, who know it exactly so it's not going to make it easier often.

Than if Messianics want to convert us, it's not about being free and individual etc.

Idolworship is forbidden in the land, and SOME Christians don't want to listen to those kind of Words of The Almighty and decide for themselves whatever Idolworship is holier then Judaism. That's also not that easy, if WE have to Listen to The Almighty in His Land.
We can't in other countries decide for others what to do, but Christians and Muslims seem to want to overrule, without respect. I don't say beatings are o.k. but people should expect some disaprovement (from God also).

And how do you know that it was because of your prayer that it rained? (pride?). I realy thank for most of the help and prayers, but if it's about pride it sounds like replacementtheology to me.

If Jews will go to all kind of American biblebelt-villages and try to mix in the community and convert people (just because ''We have the real Word'') we also might expect SOME of the Christians to revolt. But even then it might be less painfull for those Christians, because we didn't make a history of Crusades etc.
Hi Azriel,

I think it's better if you post the clip or whatever that made you so upset.

I mean there are all kind of different groups of Jews. And we all should not generalize.
I also doubt if these Christians in that situation asked forgiveness to that specific group of Jews.

What i mainly see on youtube is some BlackWhite dressed orthodox Jews who anyway don't talk to Christians, for the centuries of war the Christians wanted to rage about the bible with Jews. That's partly why they only started to discuss Talmud (reading bible they keep for themselves).
And than to have a Christian community in the neighborhood that still wants to force people to talk about the bible is just like opening old wounds, and remembering that history repeated itself to often allready, and why so many ancestors were killed.

Besides that you have to understand that we have different groups.
Lets say if I want to ask a Christian about interreligious peace, and I just pick some Christian WhitePower K.K.K. person because I don't know much about Christianity, than he might punch me in the face also.
Do I then have the right to say that Christianity is wrong, and that Christians first have to walk in the way of God, for all of them are deaf etc.etc.?
You can't base things on 1 experiance, or picking the wrong group I think.

So 1 question might be, what Jewish group do you defend?
another question is: what do you realy claim to expect back?
another question: Do you realy understand biblical and Gods laws about Idolworshippers who might be able to travel in the land, but are not allowed to settle here (what some Christians do). It are Gods Words, but Christians think that there Gods Words are more superior, and they must be heard also in a Jewish state.
Very often God was not for freedom of individual faith, if you read the stories about who had to be kicked out of the Land, why Pharao hardened his heart, why in Babylon we should not be free to do their traditions etc.etc.

Besides that SOME groups of Jews (aswell religious as non-religious) might ''understand'' that Germans didn't want strange influence in their country, and we should be allowed to be kicked out (only problem is then to where).

A totally other question:
''who says that we look for a sign to believe'' I hardly read those kind of statements in our tradition. I know it's a Christian concept, but why should we do such things?
Yetzirah231 Wrote:Beating up is not burning, so it's 1 a generalisation and 2 just Rude to compare it that easily. What is the profiling here??

Besides after all the light we bring into the world, still Christians want to border us, and don't want to listen to The Word of God... after all we done for them. (do you realy think those idea's help in any way or is it mainly about own pride?)
First of all,I am the furthest definition of  antisemitism there could be . It wasn't JFJ that was anti semitic, but were the victims It isn't Christianity. if our leaders force Israel to give up their land. It is the inheritance of Abraham.I support Israel in its entirety, and I would vote for tearing down everything on the Temple Mount and rebuilding the Temple. Israel has the right to the borders in King David reign. Secondly . I did speak in anger, as I was so shocked and outraged this would happen to Christians today in Israel, but thank you for saying, not all Israelis feel that way. There are evil people full of hate in every place; men are men. But it is true that many Jewish Christians are profiled. They are not even allowed to make Aliyah, nor are they accepted by their brethren. But not all are violent , I'm sure as you, and many others here and in Israel are non violent, and I apologize to you and those others who are not.I respect and defend your right to believe as you would, as long as it was't physically abusive to others, as I would expect the same in return. There are many who profiled the Jews and hurt them, but after all the persecution and profiling Israel has faced, that some Jews would do it to the ones who support them the most, is beyond me?!Had it not been from Christian support,militarily, and spiritually ,Israel would not have returned to become a Nation!Of course to believe that you would have to believe Yeshua is the one Micah speaks of[Micah 5;2,3]. A true Christian would never fight back or physically hurt their Jewish brethren. You are right , there are many men posing as Christians[Like Obama, and many leaders who would seek to divide, and destroy Israel.By you thinking it is Christians who seek to divide Israel is profiling us falsely.Just don't associate that evil[Obama is a pig] with Christianity! It was members of Jews for Jesus who were beaten.Like you said ; There are many groups of Jews, like some Christians groups that are violent, who in my opinion are neither! Toda raba  Yetzirah, and Happy Hanukkah. Please pray with me for Israel, for rain, and that the fires are put out; and peace ;In the Name of Yehoshua, and I do mean Shalom, for violence and profiling is not within a true Christian.

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