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Your wishes to Jerusalem.
Soon, and I cannot reveal when,
I and a small team of ministers will be preaching to the Arab and JFJ in the underground church leadership through out Israel.

So, my question to you is this:
What do you wish to tell them...?
What do you want them to know from you?

We are asking for your prayers as well...
Ummm guys,
You REALLY ARE running out of time on this...

Speak up soon...
Simply tell them we love them.
Steadfast Wrote:Ummm guys,
You REALLY ARE running out of time on this...

Speak up soon...
Faith: That they can learn more about Jesus and read testimonies of Christ here:

God bless.
What in English is often translated with 'Pray for the peace of Jerusalem'.
There is actually written:
'Ask about the Peace in Jerusalem'

So asking the Jerusalemites, is something different than what you want to tell them...
It feels like forced upon... even if you tell you love me, I'm not shure...

Why telling the Arabs and JFJ only??? Partly that is allready politics.
But people should ask and pray to others to create real peace in Jerusalem.
WOW! May God RICHLY bless you!!!!  My husband does the same thing and yet it's like pulling teeth to get people from our church to go with him, etc..  He ministered to Muslims on one of his trips and boy did THAT turn out dangerous!  But God spared him and has used him evenso.  

You do not now how I will really be praying for you!  I am so impressed with that.  Bless you!  Please let me know how it goes!!!  I am soooo interested in finding out.

Oh, and by the way....tell them that it's more about friendship.  "People don't care what you know, until they know that you care."  Being a friend is the first step.   Shalom!!!!!         :-)
I want to pray for a speedely finishing of the Jerusalem Light-Rail (for the hassle with busses takes a lot of Jerusalemites nerves)... and that there will be no more shovell-or truck drivers driving into cars and people.

I want to ask that Palestinian Christians don't pray for the recovering of all muslim shrines on the Temple mount anymore
That the new Mayor  Nir Barkat, will do a good job. That the Almighty will bless him with just enough sleep, a lot of wisdom and patience.  :lol:
I pray that G-d will pour out His Spirit upon all flesh there, and that you all will be led of the Spirit and used mightily in His name/nature. Blessings...
I wish the peace that THEY desire.  

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