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A gentile and the Sabbath
I'll just comment on this one for now, Yetzirah: "Advice because Paul understood things differently."

This is a good example of how you are reading things into the text. There are several different reasons for taking advice. Sometimes it could be that the other person has a different opinion than you do, and is convincing you to change your mind or your ways. This is what you are assuming in your statement. It could also be that a person has a number of options and doesn't care which, but wants someone else to help him decide. In the case of Paul and James, it is evident that James is not convincing Paul to do something he did not think right to do, for the simple reason that he already had planned to finish his vow in this manner, by fulfilling the requirement of offering the sacrifice in the temple. It is also obvious that Paul is not being careless and just letting James steer him. Therefore, another reason for accepting advice comes into play, which is that James had a concern about misunderstandings among Jewish christians that Paul was not aware of. As soon as James makes Paul aware of this concern, Paul immediately takes the advice of joining with four others in a public display of the law keeping he already had planned. This shows that he and James were of one accord, unless he were the most wily, deceitful hypocrite that could be. But that is so far fetched that no sincere Bible reader could conclude that, in my view.

Once you rid your mind of this unwarranted assumption about Paul, then it becomes clear from Acts 15, and Galatians 2:9, that James and Paul were in complete accord about all Christian doctrines. But most importantly, I have seem complete accord in the epistle of James and the epistles of Paul in my own study and applying them to my own life. As such, the burden of proof is on you or anyone that would try to slander Paul.

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