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Co regency in the Old Testament
I am wondering what it is about the year 800 BC and after that lead to  a possible co regency situation in both Judea and Israel.

My Wesley study Bible has notes for the list of Northern and Southern Kings and attempts to explain date discrepancies with the concept of coregency even though the Bible doesn't explicity say this.

Therefore, if we take the concept of coregency to solve this one problem could we also apply it to the New Testament with a possible coregency of Jesus and David the Prince.

When Moses stayed continually in the tent of meeting with Joshua it was a Judean with a Levite.  This is what I think the combination will be in the future temple with Jesus a Judean like Caleb, and David the Prince, a Levite like Moses.
I made a mistake here I think it was actually Joshua who stayed in the Tent of Meeting with Moses and Joshua was an Ephraimite not a Judean like Caleb.

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