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Merry CHRISTmas
(12-29-2008, 12:48 PM)ShalomInMessiah Wrote: Here's what I would like to know and sometimes it really gets me frustrated.  Why is it that Christmas seems to be the ONLY time of year the hungry get fed?  The cold get clothed?  The homeless have a warm place to sleep?  Little children who don't have squat finally see someone who gives a darn?   Shouldn't ALL YEAR be a time to offer our services to the soup kitchens, be ministers to the incarcerated?  Be blankets for those who are cold?  Hunger knows no holiday.  It's there ALL the time.  So if we all would reach out all year long; talk about a difference!  I'm not saying that you don't.  I'm just speaking about as a "general society."  Blessings for what you both do though; some people don't do anything at all.

Greetings: Have read your comments about giving only on Christmas and am glad to say i give to the local recue mission as well as my assembly where I worship and participate in Choir activities as mush as possible.We also take up donations for the "shut-ins" among us most every week.Also support evangelism in several forms.A few months ago a jew for Jesus guy came to show us Hannakah.He was originally from france.I got a Behold your GOD CD from them.I realize the difficulty and sacrifice this entails for the most part.I also support Zola Levitt Ministries who also offer ministry focused on Isreal but also on unbelievers and encouragement for those of us who already believe.Went on a tour to Israel with them June 2010.Man those Israelis love to eat! Just as when Rav Shaul wrote : To one man a day is special;to another they are all alike I consider giving a necessity all the time.The Lord Provides.It is walking {or living} by faith.This is what began with Abraham with whose descendants I am fully grafted in.{See Hebrews} In short I consider all days to be alike and try not to forsake the assembling of ourselves together. The reading of Paul's epistles and praying about them is a most liberating thing.I find it necessary when hanging about jews or other legalists who constantly latch onto some scripture in the torah in order to negate Yeshua.You will find plenty of them here.MAlan is most helpful.Grace peace and LOVE be to you , after all GOD is LOVE.
Thanks for the kind words, Mitch4Jesus. I appreciate your insights as well.

ShalomInMessiah, rest assured that there are lots and lots of believers in Jesus working behind the scenes at ministries and charities -- unsung heroes, at least in this world, who attract little or no notice, yet toil faithfully in the Lord's vineyards.

There are, for example, approximately 4,000 pregnancy-resource centers in this country, and they rely on volunteers to help fulfill their mission to help mothers and babies. If there are any such centers that don't operate in Jesus' name to one degree or another, I have yet to hear of them.

At those centers -- as well as at homeless shelters and other facilities -- you'll find volunteers doing everything from mowing the lawn to leading Bible studies.

Of course, there are many believers who would love to volunteer somewhere on a regular basis, but can't because of family obligations (such as caring for special-needs relatives), working long hours in order to support their families, or poor health. Some folks are able only to put something in the offering plate at worship services. And some have volunteered in the past, or plan to do so in the future, when their circumstances change.

And of course, there are all of those prayer warriors out there.

I wonder if part of what you mentioned -- Christmas seems to be the only time when the hungry are fed, for example -- is that such times are primarily when the news media pay attention and shine a spotlight. True, lots of people make it a point to serve Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners at shelters; however, some people help out before and after the holidays.

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