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Request for Prayers?
I would like to thank all who have prayed for my family. My grandmother went to doctor today, and they said everything looks normal!!! Smile
krisi Wrote:I would like to thank all who have prayed for my family. My grandmother went to doctor today, and they said everything looks normal!!! Smile
That gave mehappy and made a tear fall !I will pray for continued health , and blessings for you all, Shalom.Also my friend ;Don Zingraf has prostrate cancer, would everyone pray for him!
Thank you Robert, I prayed for your friend. I truly appreciate everyones support.
I hate to ask, but I would ask if everyone could pray for me? My knee is completely out, and I had to cancel a knee replacement twice, and my surgeries are on hold till fall, along with my foot that needs steel pins and fusion. I have to have my jaws, and teeth repositioned from the head injury years ago and have terrific headaches from it. Everytime I go to the ear doctor I lose 20% more hearing, and am now 70% deaf.I have put off the surgeries because of our son is in a fight for his life in a corporate lawsuit , that if he doesn't win could go to prison,[ pray for him too! It's working]  he is innocent, and it's taking every resource we have at the moment to fight corporate money tycoons,along with our property maintenance and animals, and constuction. I hope to contribute to JFJ one day soon, as funds become available. but Praise G-d; He always provides! I am trying to partially work, and become in great pain,from old back and neck injuries along with everything else, and sometimes I have take pain medication, which affects my thinking, so I thank the moderators for their help in moderating!I only ask that you pray that I keep a sound mind to speak the name of Jesus, in such an important time. When I write all my pain goe's away until I stop ,and standup.So thanks for listening, as this is healing for me! My doctor said; you sure look good on the out side until I look at your xrays!  Thats kindof how I feel! It seems my prayers work better for others than myself. Keeps me humble?I also ask for prayer for my fiance ; Pam to keep her strong. She has an amazing gift of discernment! Shalom
I WOULD LIKE YOU TO PRAY FOR A PASTOR OF THE LARGEST CHURCH IN INDIANA. Pastor Jerry has stepped down from the pulpit for Infidelity, and also the head of Assemblies of God for infidelity, and associate pastor for pornography. What is wrong with the churches? Do they not realize the importance and responsibility for thousands of members, and a large staff that will lose thier jobs as well! The girl Emily I asked you to pray for ; Her father is the administrator for that church, [ She is still alive!] I don't know her condition as no one will tell  me, and is confidential.The church helps thousands of intercity kids with no parents, or they are drug addicts, and that ministry is in danger of collaspe. Evil is amok and trying to destroy the believers of Yeshua, Praise G-d I am feeling better!; Thanks for praying, and I know we will stay strong.I feel like Job without boils! I have never been more in touch with the Lord than now! He has restored my mind! I can remember all kinds of things I could'nt before!I couldn't remember my name , and now Iv'e memorized Hundreds of songs and scriptures, and I am so happy to be in His arms! I pray for you in JFJ that Yeshua will protect you from harm, as your mission is a great one. Thanks for letting me share it with you. There are great miracles coming. Let it Reign! In His service, Robert
In another thread , I said we would pray together [ I believe to Sophiee ]; in Jesus's name for rain in Israel. It shows Yehoshua has the power to forgive sin! and His love for us ;so pure, is whiter than the new fallen snow. By the way, it snowed on Jerusalem. It is G-d's glory through Yeshua that has reigned upon Israel, and upon us!
Robert Wrote:I would like everyone to pray for Israel, and for the peace of Her people, as the elections draw nearer to a conclusion. This is a very important time in the History of the world, as Israel is persecuted by the worlds leaders, and many do not realize what is about to happen! Israel can not make peace with an enemy that wants; the Total destuction of Israel with no conditions, just lies to make Israel think there can be peace, so they can weaken Her defences!I know Jesus said to; Love your enemy, but He also didn't mean; let the Devil slaughter your children, and kill your family ! The laws of G-d still apply! Integrity only works with people that have integity! Please pray; G-d will protect our friends from harm!and keep their leaders strong, and wise!

I will put Isreal in my new prayer journal. I know God is fulfilling prophesy so I realize that our prayers will do only so much in this case. Like you I struggle with the love your enemies line too and the one that we are to be wiser and more knowledgable than our enemies. I finally came up with a way that I could love my enemies and still not deminish my faith. I know Gods word is true and when spoken or read its also powerful. So I think that since God is good then Im doing good to my enemies when I speak Gods word to them. Thats as close to loving them as I can get given what they did to me and my family. If God requires more He will have to do it through His word in my life because I am unable to do so at this time.
I just started my new journal and I will add Isreal. My neighbor asked for prayer for a job and she will start in Tuesday. No prayers too small or too Big for my God! AMEN
I would ask if everyone could pray for our son Keith.The Lord led His mom and I to go to his house yesterday, and walked in on him trying to commit suicide. He was in a high powered Administrative position in which he was framed into looking like he robbed the company,by corporate asociates to take the blame for what they did ! We have been fighting these allegations in court for months with him, watching each day another piece of him chipped away. He had to settle monetarily on one case to have enough left to defend himself on the other. He is outnumbered financially, and the friends he helped turned on him like the Salem witch trials.We had to have him forcibly put in a treatment facility against his will, and I hope the time will make him re-evaluate his position, and faith.It feels like trying to stop the wind from blowing, but I know Jesus did calm the storm, and the winds, and has provided a means for him to be free of this but now It s up to Keith to have enough strength to wait upon Jesus to work;He has done so much to help thousands intercity kids find Jesus, and given them hope, I pray He can find that hope to carry him! In jesus's arms, when we have lost our strength, and are wounded in battle; His stength is all we need. He will carry us! God Bless all, and I will pray for Hope's friend!; The prayer of Jabez1 Chronicles4:10
Dearest Robert,
I believe what is happening to your son because of what they did to me and my family. And recently it happened again to and it involved my daughters laptop computer. I have as you know been speaking out against the sin of homosexuality since 2006 when I began to tell my story, its just thats when God said to me in spirit...its time.
Recently I went on a forum called firesociety and had been blogging with them for sometime without telling to much of what happened to me just really responding to others comments intermittenly when someone brought up subject of government corruption.
I poured out my story of what they did to me in school. I received a very vulgar email of pure hate from a stranger which you can see at my web site and then all the sudden I was banned from the site and my ip address had been blocked so I went to another public computer and went back on and found all my story had been removed. The next day  we began to have a virus of some kind and the computer system kept saying it detected a virus, which it had not done before. Later I went onto our family computer again and I usually use the drop down for faster access I found pornographic sites on the drop down. I immediately asked my family if they had went to these sites and they said no. I told them not to use those drop down sites and I contacted the police deptartment and the web company we purchased our virus protection from which is dell and reported all of this just in case. Just FYI They can access sites from your ip address and make it look like you accessed these sites. Dont be scared of them because Jesus overcame the world and so will we.
We are not dealing with ordinary people we are dealing with powers and principalities of darkness. But remember we overcome evil with good. Thats why I did not stop and I took my story to other sites and I keep telling the good news stories of my life as well as what they did to me and how God in heaven is stopping them through us and what they attempt to do to us and we must help each other and support one another and pray. I recommend reading one of these two books by Mark Bubecks," The ADVERSARY" AND "OVERINGCOMING THE ADVERSARY", they have good doctrinal prayers against the powers of darkness in them. God is with really who can be against us with any real victory? No one or nothing can seperate us from the love of God!

Please keep me and my family in your prayers too. Thank you.

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