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Request for Prayers?
krisi Wrote:I prayed for everyone you asked Robert. Also, will you guys please pray for my grandmother. She called me crying today worried that she has cancer in her neck. They told her she has nodules on her thyroid glands. I am also not very sure where my husband stands on his beliefs with G-d/Jesus Christ...he's not sure either. He still has doubts that come up and it worrys me. Thanks.

I will light a candle right now. It might just be a glandular nodule or over active thyroid or a goiter. Let us ask God for His mercy on her life. AMEN
HOPE7 Wrote:God is with really who can be against us with any real victory? No one or nothing can seperate us from the love of God!

Please keep me and my family in your prayers too. Thank you.
Through this ordeal with the son, I found I can say all the word's,with eloquence and knowledge and heart,and speak G-d's answers that heal, but  It doesn't seem to matter if I am speaking face to face, or on this forum three thousands miles away, its seems some may never hear!  
You have given me confidence to ask for prayer for somethings also, it will build our faith together to see how God moves in our lives.
1. Please pray for my eldest son Terry and his wife they are not Christians and they dont believe in church or God.
2. I have lost contact with my dearest and oldest friend her name is Debbie would you ask God to have her contact me.
3. I am in a very strong battle regarding what happened in California after I witnessed a murder and spoke out against a bill backed by a powerful teachers union and was viciously attacked. Please ask God to stop these men and do it in such as way as that only God can take the credit and that men begin to convert to Christianity is uncountable numbers in California. Let my attackers hang their arms down and say to each other...its becauase of what we did to the Carpenter family. Pray God will not allow them to do this to anymore families/students. PTL!
4. Please fast and pray regarding the Prop. 8 battle still raging there and I know God wants marriage to be preserved as Holy. Ive seen so many Holy things of God desecrated, the sanctuary, ministers, the innocent and Gods own, I ask that God would do this thing and protect this last semblance of Holiness in America.
5. I want to go to Isreal once before Im too old to enjoy it.
6. My ministry to the homosexual community that God will open doors for me to do this full time and to bring many, many out of that lifestyle because I shared with them what was done to me and my family because I witnessed a murder by a homosexual man of a 17 yo and I spoke out about it.
God bless you all.
To Hope, I pray your son and daughter will be found of Yeshua; He found me when I didn't know He existed! He gave me life , restored my body and mind , and took the Devils from my soul. He is real! I have seen Him! He lead me from death. I stood in a shallow stream that became a raging river and I awoke! My sisters name is Debbie[I'm sure not the same} She will find you!.                                                     I helped raise my nephew, after his father died, and he was like a son. He had a developmental issue and was like a boy in a mans body. He finally at age 17 found his gift.[ other than Jesus] Computers, and he became so inebt with them, he was hired by the Fire department to oversee all thier computer network in Indianapolis at age 20. When he turned 21 he was installing a computer system in a barber shop[ he worked part time in his own business also] , and two men came in and shot him 7 times in a robbery along with the owner, and both died! They caught one , and he served 4 years , and was released last year.The pain of hate, and murder never leaves my heart,it is so abrupt it's unexplainable!, but the pain after time [ 7 years]doesn't seem to hurt as much, or maybe we just learn to live with it? One day hate will be gone,in G-d's kingdom,Jesus and our loved ones will be there waiting. I guess the hurt is just really that we are homesick?These are the days when evil rises , and the battle lines are drawn. One thing the enemy doesn't know is that the battle is already won!                                   The fall of a Nation is when Homosexuality is accepted by the Government!                                                                               If we could go anywhere it would be Israel. We have paid many times over to help the Remnants return, and the Gospel preached, and funded projects to help the people. We felt that was more important than our desires. They put our names in the wall!, and we cried!                      We must love the man and hate the sin! within each man is that place beyond the soul within each of us that the seed of G-d dwells.That is where we must go to in each man,and give Yeshua's living water unto that seed for it to grow!We all have our cross to bear, and a thorn in our side. It is whether that weakness rules us, or we rule that weakness!, and ask our Advocate[ Jesus] to help us rise when we fall, but never stop trying!I will ask Jesus to answer your requests!for His will to be done!Ask in His name and He shall give ! In His blessings to you, and all!Robert and Pam
You know Hope , as G-d lays this on my heart again, as a distant step relative admitted he was gay, and came out of the closet.His mom and dad watched him grow up; intreverted , and reclusive, with a few friends, mostly girls, and thought he was normal, but depressed. They see him now as happy, and has found himself!,[ He is nice and a funny guy] , but they accepted and condoned his lifestyle to stay a part of his life!  This is the problem with this generation , and the rise of this issue, is by accepting sin as a lifestyle, and thinking G-d approves because it feel's good to unleash what they think is thier hidden desires! If it feels good, it must be G-d?[ Back to Happy church] another issue.But this world is seeking signs, and men become lovers of  flesh , and reject G-d, because struggling , and waiting, and praying, and fasting for righteousness isn't as fun!, and G-d is put on the back burner, and the Bible is re written to accomodate; Happiness,[ don't be negative, and don't feel blue, thats not G-d!] Again , we all have our cross to bear, [though Homosexuality is not one of mine], I still choose every day , and with every thought to stand in His presence, sometimes failing[ I like Potatoe chips, and I can't have salt] [ I sneaked a few last night] I confess!,but all men, and women have different feelings, and temptations. Sometimes if I see a knockout redhead cross my path , I look down, and keep walking! It's not what goes in you that makes you sin, for it passes through. It's what comes from your heart and through your mouth that creates evil. I can't control all my feelings and thoughts,but I have the ability to choose those thoughts and feelings to enter my life, and bring forth actions from them. Christ gives us that ability to know which ones to choose[ If we don't get in the way and add things to the shopping list!]Life is like the giant grocery store of good and evil. [Modern Technology has replaced the tree!], and we fill up our cart with healthy food, or[ potatoe chips?] . I guess to know what to choose sometimes comes with tasting , and after taste ,because all the labels say; [This is G-d],or[  desires ],[ try it youll like it][ potatoe chips!]and if it tastes good it must be G-d? Through the ages , by our mistakes, right choices in selection,and by Divine intervention; we have produced a book on ; [What to eat], or [Bible], or if we by chance have the manager [ Jesus] accompany us when we shop,but though sometimes we falter, never stop shopping for truth, as we have a coupon, and a bottle of antacids; called Jesus [Grace] !Shalom PS# It also helps to not sin if you don't buy chips and hide them!
Dear Robert and Pam,
I too struggle with the hate of those who targetted me and did everything they could to mess up my mind, soul and spirit. I appreciate your honesty. I think about it every morning when I am just starting to think about waking up and I pray for those who attacked me, not always a nice prayer, but once awhile I have a glorious thought that I cannot take credit for because it is so glorious and that is that is was meant to happen to me so I could reach out to the very ones that attacked me, not the very ones Tim and Paul, but the ones they represent and their brothers in satan. Ever so often God smiles and lets me know Im on the right track again and that His word is true...They cannot in the end take us out of his hands. They may for a time feel they succeeded but really the ten years I was lost were ten years that God was really ministering to me and showing me over and over that the men who attacked me are the ones that cannot be trusted, that they are the ones living in darkness, that they are the ones that are sick and need doctors.
As far as homosexuality goes I know that the liberal among us say, " How can loving someone be wrong?" but it can! And I can tell you of one incindent where a married man came on to me during those ten years I lived lost in sin and I fell for it hook line and sinker. I can tell anyone who is living in sexual immorality of any kind including homosexuality that wrong will never be right, only right is right, and loving wrongly is wrong no matter how you try to package it. Believe me I tried with this man, I thought I loved him, but no matter how much I tried to convince myself or others that this was not wrong, I couldnt. Thank God that Jesus rescued me from that situation. It taught me that you can love someone and it can be wrong! So with a burning passion to let those lost in the world of homosexuality know you are not born that way, that God has a better plan for you than that, and that no matter how much you think you cant seperate yourself from it that the power of God over this lustful sin can be overcome and that there is a love beyond anything men/woman can give to you from God above that does not even begin to compare with physical love and its free and its available and its fantastic! Coming home to Jesus was the best decision I ever made and when I finally started talking about what happened in my life and the set up and attacks on me I began to be healed of what they did to my mind, my heart , and my spirit. Amen!
HOPE7 Wrote:I finally started talking about what happened in my life and the set up and attacks on me I began to be healed of what they did to my mind, my heart , and my spirit. Amen!
Our lives can become overwhelming sometimes. I have short term memory from a head injury, and sometimes it's easy to change direction, but Pam holds on to each moment , and word, and event for months, and I see her losing control of the perplexities of it all. She also has a gift of discernment that also overwhelmes her, but she always predicts an event or has forewarnings of something to happen. I think that if we don't look back , and don't look ahead, and look to the day where our feet will walk, we will be in the right direction to walk the path of tommorrow. Sometimes looking back at yesterday, you might run into a ditch, if you don't keep your eyes on where you are walking today!It's the only place that counts! One day,one breath, one moment, and one step at a time !Peace to you Hope, in Christs name!
Pray for Steadfast . He is having neck surgery today!, and speedy recovery!
An update; Our son Keith is better! going to church , and was hired by the church to work in ministry to youths. He talks of the Holy Spirit!, and how G-d is changing his life!Sometimes we are put in extreme circumstances for G-d to bring about our eternal life in Him. We so many times think this world is all that matters when in fact whatever we have to sacrifice in this world to bring about our salvation is all G-d cares about! Emily [The Girl Yeshua brought back from the dead!]]is in a rehiblitation center now, and still can't talk, and her dad says ; One day I expect to see Emily walk in the church and praise G-d! Please pray for Emily; She is already a miracle , lets pray for her full recovery in The Name of Yeshua; Many thanks and blessings back unto all who read this[ You will have a blessing happen!] In Christs love , Robert and Pam
Praise the Lord!

I knew hed answer us.
I had something amazing happen this morning. There were several book sales in our town over the week end at several libraries and I just love it so I filled up several bags full of books for almost nothing, a few dollars and cents.
This morning I was thumbing threw one book by Anita Bryant, I have read her other book and since she is a traditional values advocate and has run ins with the homosexual community over her faith and testimony I relate to her. Well youll never guess what was in her book? An old newspaper clipping....just the cornor of it...dated MARCH 1, 1980. I witnessed the murder of the 17 yo boy at the hands of a practicing homosexual attempting to rape him Feb, 6, 1980! I dont know but it made me smile and say THANK YOU GOD, a reminder I am not alone in my testimony, I am not alone in my persecution by this evil satanic underground community. It gave me peace. PTL

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