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Request for Prayers?
Also an update on Pastor Claudes wife of our church.

Phyllis went through the second surgery remarkably well, and is now in healing up enough to get in rehabilitation. She is having some bad days with depression, and post op pain, and doesn't like taking pain medication only when she hurts, which pain medicine must be taken regularly to get on top of the pain. I know that one too well! But she made it; PRAISE JESUS!they sliced her open from her neck to her lower back and inplanted several rods and screws. They at first said there were 2 rods they could not fix, but after the surgery they said they had succeeded in fixing those as well. Phyllis is a walking miracle, having two bouts with cancer years ago with only a 20% chance of survival. She is a wonderful musician and song writer.Her music is greatly missed. That's all she wants to be able to play her music. It's the driving power for Jesus Christ that presses her on and gives her hope, and strength to press on!.
pleas pray for her healings; thanks to all, and prayers for all your needs
My wife and I started a food bank last week with the church. The church targets the poor on the intercity west area of Indianapolis, IN. Some came in having only the small amount of food we could provide. They did get all the coffee cakes, bread, and snacks in abundance, and it made me cry to see people weeping because they had no food. One young woman said; How; how could you give all this food to me? and wept. My wife embraced her. I supply another Church food bank on the east side, and the Lord has provided more than enough to donate to these people. I used to wonder how could the U.S. allow their own people to starve while they help terrorist countries who hate Israel, and the U.S.

I do know now it's Nothing but evil!.I know now where my ministry is calling me to; to help the poor. I believe the churches must feed their people. A man came in and we invited him to come to our church service , and he said; I'm apostolic, and don't believe in your church. I said to a friend helping us; but he comes here to be fed? He said nothing and walked away.Something is wrong with the church today. It's not denomination; denomination separates the bodt of Christ; there is only One church ; that is the church that Peter stood on; The Holy Spirit of our G-D YHVH; G-D of Israel, and the earth.

He is above all power, above all thrones, above all wonders the world has ever known. I never thought I could lose my pride enough to stand on a street corner in a bad area of town and shout holding a sign that said; ;Free food, and praise the Name of the Lord, but I did! I couldn't hardly move when I got home, and I still am shaky, but I feel good inside. It's so much more connecting face to face with people than saying all the words with unflinching bounds on the internet. I find myself out of water, and I like it. I see the gleam of joy in my wife,s eye's when she was helping those people. Pam had become a recluse because of my endless health problems and surgeries. She finally has the spirit back in her heart.
Please pray the Lord feeds all the hungry people, and our new church grows. Blessings
I would ask prayer. yesterday when I had picked up all the food for our food pantry in my van,and I pulled in our driveway which is 2000 feet long up a winding ridge through the woods, and my van stopped in the middle. I had to have a friend come with their pickup truck and unload everything in their truck [1400 lb. of bread, and snacks].I had to had a tow truck pick my van up, and had to ease it back down the hill so they could tow it. I found out the transmission is gone, and it will cost $2,000.00 to fix.

I am going to scrap the van. I had it from new 18 years ago, and just used it for hauling, doctor visits, etc. But regardless how hard the devil hindered us, the Lord made it all come together. They said we could use the church van to supply the food to the multiple panties we help until I find a new vehicle. This ministry is very important to not just us but many others, and I don't know how I can continue without a vehicle to transport food around the city to pantries. I know without doubt the Lord always clears the path. I thought perhaps this happened to make us dependent on others, and let us know; for once we are not alone. But still I need a vehicle to drive other than my wife's car which cannot get torn up from hauling, she worked so hard to have it. and anyway isn't big enough to hold the weight . I don't know where the money will come from but please pray the Lord makes a way for me to continue! I have un wavering faith!

Blessings and prayers to all!
Isaiah 6:88 Then I heard the voice of the Lord saying, “Whom shall I send? And who will go for us?”

And I said, “Here am I. Send me!”
If you are able; help another. There is a big hole out there of people in need and getting larger by the minute. There is a great need coming, and peoples hearts and eye's will open . It is the time of harvest, and YHVH needs many workers.Let us all stand together as one body and show to another, if only one, The Love of charity within us, especially in these Christmas seasons; to remind us; Jesus gave us everything physical, and spiritual He had in this world; even His life; He gave for you and for me!

If you have even a dollar, or two , Jews for Jesus is a wonderful ministry. Give to where your money sown will grow. I despise the money doctrine, where they say if you give 10 dollars , God will return $100.00 back to you. It's not of this world that we will receive blessings, but of heaven, that is far more precious, and rewarding than all the money in the world.

Shalom in Messiah! The heart which bonds us together as One! A bond that is more than just words and labels, but of the heart of charity; that name without a name, it is who Jesus' name truly is; Love!
It's hard to believe, but I woke this morning , and realized I had left my computer on with the post before this one still waiting to be posted. I asked for prayer that my van I used for supplying donations of food to food pantries for the poor,that lost the transmission on the way to fill a pantry; that G-D would bring an answer to me. I never doubted He would; [well maybe for a minute] I didn't know where the money would come to buy a new van, let alone fix the old one. I know it's not about me, but who He is, and what prayer we ask for what reason.

Today I am going over to pick up a new shiny van twice as nice as the last one. It doesn't have one scratch on it, and is mechanically sound.. My wife Pam surprised me with it. She had been holding money back all the time to buy one, and from no where ,the last few days , money has been flowing in from everywhere. It's amazing what the devil does to prevent the Gospel and witness for Yeshua, the Lord clears a better, and wider path than before. So many gathered with us in prayer. I feel hope and excitement in their voices, and most important my wife Pam has a gleam in her eyes again. She is the organizer for our ministry, and is in charge of screening the people with children of how much they can have. Last week when my van dies their was an overflowing abundance, and enough left for Sunday to feed the entire church for Christmas. There are many in need there as well.

I realize more clearly the Lord knows our needs before they happen. Yesterday I sat in tears watching my old van I had from new for 18 years hauled away for junk. It felt like part of the family. That van never failed me, it was just a shock, and more of a shock to know now our ministry of food won't be stopped. It continues to grow and we hope to be able to supply many different foods, hygienic supplies ,and clothing for the poor.

Thanks to all who read my last post and prayed. It is those prayers still unheard G-D answers. My testimony today is; He hears us when we call, and hears us before we call out to Him in prayers. No matter where you are today, trust Him, and thank Him for every situation you face, by doing so your telling Him; I trust you Lord, and thank you for this circumstance we face , by doing so, it releases that problem into His Hands . Never doubt His Goodness and He will never fail you, rather you will not fail Him., but regardless he hears an earnest heart, doubting or not,He is there. Remember Thomas the disciple![John 20:27] His gift is there; a Free gift, and Love, In trust for His Word to be sent forth! His love is not dependent on us, rather us for Him that is why He never flinches, and His Love unfailing. Many time He carries us when we can walk no more..
Praise when you want to, and Praise Him when you don't!
Prayers for Phyllis for her continued healing, and for brother Sluggo, and prayers for His family.
For Martha Hagar, Beth Gay, Brenda Brown. A prayer for comfort for the loss of Her Father Ralph.

Continued prayers for our Pastor Claude, and sons. I pray also their is no hindrance for the food pantry we have started, and pray for unity in the church.

A prayer for Candice who is very sick and cannot get well. A prayer for Kim who has blood clots in her lungs, and for Pam that she stands strong, and that we are in unity together ,and one for myself for wisdom to speak forth Hashems Word in testimony.

Blessings to all and prayers
A prayer for Kim with pulmonary problems. Pray for her continued health. Also a prayer for Phyllis, our pastors wife who had major back surgery cutting her from the back of he neck to her tailbone then placed rods in her hips to support her weight. Phyllis has a severe case of vertigo, preventing.
her from standing.

Also a prayer for Allisons pet that is sick, and a prayer for me that G-D will keep me strong, and well enough to continue our food pantry.

Thanks and blessings to all!

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