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Request for Prayers?
I would like everyone to ask for prayer for there needs, or for others. I asked a Rabbi to pray for our son, and his prayers helped, as I did also  ask of Jesus. I would ask again if everyone would pray for our son, He is being trampled by corporate injustice, and has done alot for intercity Kids; Thousands, and gives them food , and teaches them about the Bible. He is in the belly of the whale right now! with no way out, but ; The G-d of Israel. Today was ; Obama's universal prayer day where He asked all religions to pray together. This is the beginning of the Anti Christ!! Despite our theological differences; Jews and Christians( True Christians) believe only in the ;[G-d of Israel!],and the scriptures completely , and He is only one God. That we do agree on? May we pray that G-d shall let us all know Him the same?,As the New Covenant states? and will you also pray for my friend ; Don; He has cancer, and my partner ;Pam , as she cannot bear the torture her son is going through, and maybe a prayer for Israel; For Peace? and for me; I have to have surgery on my jaws, a knee , and foot replacement, and I have had a few other major health problems, not to mention finances? Gee thats alot? But I think this post needs a prayer request? How about letting me pray for you? My prayers for others alway seem to get answered. I guess G-d wants to keep me humble? Bless you
Robert Wrote:. I would ask again if everyone would pray for our son, He is being trampled by corporate injustice,
Someone must be praying. Yesterday . There was a computer generated order found of someone trying to frame our son from his office ,and didn't know he was locked out of his computer, and this time traced back to the source, proving he was not responsible. It proves someone is trying to frame him. Someone's lust for power made a big mistake !Thanks for your prayers! Once he was starting to slowly walk from his calling of ministry, and was becoming like his Administrative  executives pals at work, big me/ little you,impress me, cars , big house ,and worldly things; but now; he prays, and has found his faith again in Christ! I told him; You haven't lost any friends, you just know who they are now? I think sometimes when we think we lose everything; Its just G-d giving us, and showing us the true rich's, money can't buy?The love of his Father would sacrifice his life for the life of his children?He's like;The prodical son? sound familiar?I must say; the Justice system of the U.S. stinks. It's not about innocence, but how much money and muscle you can muster to outperform the other that determines innocence! It seems justice has become a word, in may cases; a luxury for those who have the money to afford it,Only G-d has true Justice, and I will put my Faith there, and not man?
Re: your son's vindication- PRAISE GOD!

His renewed faith- PRAISE GOD!

His Godly father giving him wisdom- PRAISE GOD!

Our legal system- full of lawyers who only want *to win*, not find justice/truth....also the biggest problem with our Congress/White House/SCOTUS...all chock full of lawyers.
I prayed for everyone you asked Robert. Also, will you guys please pray for my grandmother. She called me crying today worried that she has cancer in her neck. They told her she has nodules on her thyroid glands. I am also not very sure where my husband stands on his beliefs with G-d/Jesus Christ...he's not sure either. He still has doubts that come up and it worrys me. Thanks.
Sorry-left out names: grandmother: Romona   husband: Clint
krisi Wrote:Sorry-left out names: grandmother: Romona   husband: Clint
My prayers held your grandmother ; Ramona before The Lord and I continue holding that request before His presence , and asked an answer, and requested her healing; not asking, but thanking him.By His wounds we are healed, so tell her the Lord said ; Do not be afraid; He hears our prayers! Your husband Clint wonders;What if it isn't all true. Am I wasting my life living a way that never mattered if I did ? There was a survey taken on people who believed in Jesus and people who didn't. The scientific poll showed people believing in Christ, were happier than those who were atheists, agnostics, etc. My point is; You can believe , and if untrue ; you have lost nothing in the end,and still had a better life, but if Jesus is who He said; Then you have lost everything! This is just a beginning place for some, and the Holy Spirit will come if you seek Him; He shall find you! If you ask; He will answer!
I would like everyone to pray for Israel, and for the peace of Her people, as the elections draw nearer to a conclusion. This is a very important time in the History of the world, as Israel is persecuted by the worlds leaders, and many do not realize what is about to happen! Israel can not make peace with an enemy that wants; the Total destuction of Israel with no conditions, just lies to make Israel think there can be peace, so they can weaken Her defences!I know Jesus said to; Love your enemy, but He also didn't mean; let the Devil slaughter your children, and kill your family ! The laws of G-d still apply! Integrity only works with people that have integity! Please pray; G-d will protect our friends from harm!and keep their leaders strong, and wise!
There is a young girl that I know named Emily. Her father is in administration at a large church in Indianapolis called Calvary Temple. Emily had a tumor on her spine and it is inoperable, and is in severe pain. She is given a extract from a south american snail which is very toxic but very srong 2x than Morphine. Last month she developed a kidney infection, and was hospitalized. She developed a fatal blood infection called ;Septus, and went into a coma. Her kidneys failed, and she was pronounced braindead. Instead of continuing life support her parents put her into hospice to be with the Lord.She went 16 days without food and water, and today she woke up! She knew her mom and Dad and recognized Pastor McCamey's name. They brushed her teeth , and shes talking very softly. The doctors have no explanation, except ; IT"S A MIRACLE! Please everyone pray that God restores her completely. I have prayed constantly!A few weeks ago it was dark and cloudy and I prayed for Emily, and a small hole opened in the clouds, and I heard the Lord say; This is for Emily. I didn't tell her parents because I didn't know if it meant He was taking her home or healing her,and I thought the vision might be hurtful to them. So please pray that Yeshua shall be given glory for this miracle; for through G-d's power to heal, it shows Yeshua has the power to forgive all sins. I know the ultimate healing is to be with Him in Heaven, but in these day's a little sunshine in this stormy place gives us Hope that soon there will be only His Love!and no matter how dark the night becomes we always see His way! Thank you. I will keep you updated on her. I have seen many more miracles!
There is also a boy named Jacob, who is cutting himself and taking spray paint to school. His mother is single, and she is looking for a relationship on a Christian web site. She is seeking Christian counseling
and believes a male figure or someone who cares could improve the boys
spiritual and mental health.

2cor517 Wrote:There is also a boy named Jacob, who is cutting himself and taking spray paint to school. His mother is single, and she is looking for a relationship on a Christian web site. She is seeking Christian counseling
and believes a male figure or someone who cares could improve the boys
spiritual and mental health.
I will pray for Jacob, that those spirits be bound and cast from him that would hurt him; and I thank Yeshua for doing this. To Jacobs mother, she is looking for someone else to fulfill and take her hurt and fear and lonliness from inside of herself, and I'm afraid another cannot do that. I think a new father would only complicate issues at this point, and put a bandaid on a much larger cut than the bandaid will cover. Indeed it is nice to have someone to love ; amate ,and share your life,but she must not sidestep the issues that are here!When she addresses and finds that void is filled of hurt inside herself, so will it fill the void in her son that that void allowed darkness to enter. She feels guilty about something, or someone; I'm not sure, maybe not meeting up to someone elses expectations of who she should be? I feel a spirit of guilt? Seek ye first the Kingdom of G-d,    and His righteousness. Then all these things will be added unto you, and they will find you; and not you find them! It really hurt's my heart when I see  innocent children sufferring!She must stop holding that burden; let it go,blank it out, and God shall take it,and fix it, but she must let go!It's hard to let go!but G-d can fix it easy!

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