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Story of Victory for Jews for Jesus
Excellent story! Glory to our G*d! Here is story.

Any comments?
OUTSTANDING! glad to hear this!
Great to hear this!!!!!!!!!!
I'm mainly for freedom of ''speach''. As long as this missionaries don't bother people to much... :cheesygrin: Some are just to agressive or think they have the complete truth etc.
praise God and his servants!
Now you know I am a born again Christian and have been serving G*d sense 1998. It has been difficult at times but G*d has been so good to me and my family. Here is a dream I had recently and want to share it with you. You might not enjoy it but it is an expression of my concerns adn my hopes and my peace. After this dream I felt as if I had been under water and was released to the surface to breath the fresh air and warm sky and sun. Peace.
I had a dream the other day and it explains why Christians are unable to stop this barage of worldy evil that is moving so rampid through America, as effectively as they should be!They are getting fitter but need much more work.

I was running a long and treacherous relay race, exhausted, I had been through hell itself to pass the baton on to my fellow Christians. I ran and ran upon arriving I looked horrible. But when I saw the Christian man I was to hand this testimony too I cried. He wore the jersey of a runner and had Christian written on his chest but he was three hundred pounds, and wheezing, unable to hold even a baton in his hand.His spiritual condition was so weak he was of no use, I broke down and cried some more! Then on my right a man in jogging uniform, physically fit and healthy and spritually fit and ready to go ran up to me and said, " Ive been waiting for you a very long time". I broke down even more but with tears of joy and said, " Youve been waiting for me?". I just wailed with joy and exhaustion. I handed him my testimony and I  knew that this is what G*d planned all along. I feel Christianity has become spritually weak due to over indulgence in worldly issues, they are almost indistinguishable from non-Christians in so many ways, they are spiritually weak from not worshiping G*d only and this runner was a model of what has happened to Christianity over time. It did not have the strength to even hold a baton. We, Christians, have become more and more ineffective because of cowardess in the face of adversity. Christianity is at a crossroads, I think, that if it doesnt begin to follow the Bible and worship G*d more heartfelt it will lose this race all together, how sad that will be. He fit man was so happy and he took the baton and sprinted away. He was spiritually healthy.
The pearl to this story is that it doesnt need to be that way, Christianity can win this race too but not until its leaders lose their love of lust and money and power and greed and worship G*d alone and stand up against the great worldy evils, without fear, and trusting only in G*d. The runner that was fit....had the name Jewish on his Jersey.A JEWISH MAN! You see many of them have been in training and are worshiping G*d and now His only son too, Jesus, which completes their training and they are and have been physically fit and spiritually ready for this day!!! PTL! Just my heartfelt dream. I woke up in peace.
@ HOPE nice work its an great story but i heard/read some where that  the bible Jesus is a composite character, not a real person and he never lived. He is an invention by the person who invented the story and christianity. The reason the Jews did not and do not accept Jesus is because when that Jesus story was being written, the Jews knew the writers and they knew why they were writing such a big lie. The story was written by Romans, royals, who wanted to convert the Jews to a more passive life style instead of letting them remain in Judaism which at the time was a religion of fighting and revenge.
"A federal judge approved the settlement this week after ruling in January that the college's previous regulation, requiring off-campus groups to seek a permit from a college official to leaflet or set up a table, violated freedom of speech."

The judgemnent applies to all "off campus groups". Kudos to JFJ.

HOPE7, the information article which you have shown here in the link thats really very fantastic as well as that much awesome. As I just want to say that I was unknown from this but after reading your this link site I came to know about that. As this increase my knowledge and for the more to share this with us thats also very nice idea.
thats very nice.

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