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Star light, star bright
My family and I honor the Sabbath on Saturday at sundown on Friday until sundown on Saturday but we attend church on Sunday. We tried to attend the Seventh Day Adventist but the one here is virtually non existent.
I read Acts chpt 20 and Paul was preaching on the first day of the week, he had been preaching on Sabbaths as well, a rather long sermon to boot. I spoke to someone about how I believed that the Sabbath day was on Saturday and they said....THIS IS THE DAY THE LORD HAS MADE REJOICE AND BE GLAD IN IT. Meaning that each day is made by G-d and we are to enjoy them all. I agreed and smiled. As long as the Good News of Jesus is preached the day is blessed whether its on Monday ect but we are commanded to honor the Sabbath Day and keep it Holy, not like the other days, and I think G-d means Saturday period! I dont think we should mess with His plan. I dont think its necessary that we have everyone worship on Saturday but we should teach the truth and that is that everyone should honor Saturday.
And I heard a really cool song titled Voice Of Truth and if get a chance to hear it sung its really good by Songwriters: Hall, Mark; Casting Crowns

Star Light Star Bright ending evils plight
Evil does and evil is a bark without a bite
Cowards pick on children to draw them from Gods might
But nothing stops the one who loves the light

Star Light Star Bright shining everlasting light
You lift us up when others plow us down
Light of God, love of life, fill us with your Holiness all around
We cannot understand the evil but we know who has them bound

Star Light Star Bright tarry not for long
Evil is and evil does only thinking wrong
To smear and jeer the multitude of Gods throng
But even that we turn into a victory song!
BY HOPE7 FOR JFJ And to my children whom I love forever

Star Light Star Bright
The muslims think for you they fight
But what they are doing is wrong not right
Help them see the truth and give them sight
Star light Star bright bring them to Jesus tonight

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