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Star light, star bright
The sun has one kind of beauty, the moon has another beauty, and the stars have another.  And each star is different in its beauty.

1 Corinthians 15:41

Each star has its own level of beauty and brightness.  Each star is different in its own way.  Each star shines, even in the daytime, because that what stars do.  

Do you shine bright for the glory of God or is your light dim?  Do you want to fit in with the other stars or do you want to be a North star and stick out where someone lost can be guided by you?  Each Christian shines; the only question is:  By how much?  By allowing yourself to be used by God and meditating on His Word can you shine at your brightest.  And more people will look up to you when their world is at its darkest.

Star light, star bright,
Which star are you tonight?


I wish I may, I wish I might
Reflect the glory of Jesus tonight

I dont know how G*d sees me. Sometimes I think He loves me boundlessly and at other times I think not. I just keep trying to follow His Holy Bible and fail, get up again, try harder, fail, keep trying. I can only put my faith and trust that all my labor and efforts are not in vain. I do know that supporting JFJ and IFCJ makes G*d happy and its always a good thing to make G*d happy. So I try to do that as much as possible. I have to live by faith. I dont have a legacy to lean on just the Bible and knowing that G*ds word is absolutely perfect and always true keeps me going.
G*d kept us safe on our recent journey. Here are some highlights.
Please pray for a lady named Steph in Cheyenne, Wyoming she tried to push her way into our room one morning. She was drinking I think, maybe more, and very mixed up. She said she wanted to talk to someone and so I suggested we sit in my car and talk. She talked a long time, most of it nonsense, but once in awhile she would talk about God and a glimmer of a human being was there. I refused to look her directly in the eye, past bad experience, but I did ask G*d for help alot. I reached for my Bible on the dash board and because I did not have my glasses I asked her to read a few verses out loud. I told her that the Bible is Holy because its G*DS word and that no matter what we read that it would be powerful ( I was afraid we might open up to the Cannanites or something..but regardless its the written word of G*d that is powerful not the exact verbage) I opened up to Prov. 3 and not able to see what it was I asked her to read the first few verses....WOW! Perfect. G*ds word is always perfect! I had her call all the numbers in her cell phone for help but not even her dad would help her. I didnt know what to do. She didnt need money. She refused coffee. So I took her down town and left her where she requested. I called a church later before leaving and asked them to follow up on her but please pray for Stephanie. Shes a mess. All I could do was sit there in my car and say over and over again to myself. BUT FOR THE GRACE OF GOD THERE GO I.
Too many cool things to share with you except my daughter was babtized at our home church, and I had two tire valve stems hanging by a thread the whole way and no blow outs, I lost a lot of transmission fluid half way but still car made it. I could go into more details of how G*d watched over us but I wont. I will just say THANK YOU for praying for me and my family. G*d bless Israel and G*d bless Christianity worldwide. PS Had my web site written on my car...making use of every opportunity..the days are short. Shalom
Hi Hope,
I just read your post and found it to be an interesting piece of writing. I liked your thoughts that reflects in your writings. Thank you in for your invaluable writings. Keep up the good work going. I would like to have more such writings from you.  
thanks to all those whom serve . a peacefull  Hanukkah and Happy yeshuah birthday to you.
Oh Nevil, the stories I could tell you about G*ds goodness and the destroyers badness. I will tell you I found out when I got home form my summer trip that it was not transmission fluid but radiator fluid, its was a yellow/green so I just thought it was transmission I was leaking and I had to have a new water pump put in later. I dont know how we made it so far and with no help except G*ds presence is the only reason!  I have taken many trips alone and sometimes without ever having seen the destination in advance. I think i learned to trust G*d when my adopted mother and two sister took me and my daughter for a long day trip once. These three old ladies, all of them over seventy, decided out of the blue to take me and my daughter with them to visit a brother in the hills several hundred miles away. Unknown to me, not really looking forward to being with these old ladies all day long found out on the way that none of them had been there before, one had been close a long time ago, and we were going based on her memory. Oy! They had no map etc and unlike anal retentive me were completely ok with this plan! I just shook my head and tried to sleep alot of the trip. We finally arrived and went to have a picnic at a school yard since we did not know the town and that was the only grassy area and while picnicing some person walked by and one of the sisters asked them if they knew their brother. Unbelievable! This one person walking by knew just where he lived!!! I just looked at the ladies and said, " I cant believe this is happening!". We found his house! I learned that I enjoyed their company very much and we had a good time and to this day I still shake my head because they just trusted G*d to keep them safe and get them there and He did! I learned alot from those old ladies, what a gift!
  I tell myself I am not unusual that we are have these small wonders happening, I call them opportunities, we are just so busy we dont always see them for open opportunites to share Jesus. Well I think we should all keep our eyes on the Eastern horizon...some day we will see a sight for sure.
Star light, star bright, First star I see tonight, I wish I may, I wish I might, Have the wish I wish tonight.
Star light, star bright
Lead me in Gods way tonight
I am called to stand for traditional marriage
But can only trust in God for carriage
I have no means, no organized plan
Just know that this is right and in Gods hand
So I ask you all to pray and see if God has a word for me
Because I trust only His word and know with Him I can see
I can see good things in the future for a Constitutional amendment
I can see the whole of America celebrating in complete contentment
For all generations our children will  thank us for standing up and doing what was right
They will say it was God who gave us the faith and endurance to fight
Star light, star bright
Give us Gods word tonight and then well know no matter what
That our God reigns and the doors of hell he will shut

I feel called after prayer and fasting this morning to go and make my Kentucky stand, read the article in this month edition of American Family Association and youll know what that means, to ask all Americans to demand a Constitutional Amendment to protect marriage once and for all. A big task, you say, not to God, I say

G-d is wonderful. Ive decidced to try and spell G-d this way again, like I was doing before with your example, inorder that I meant honor G-d more with my speech and not take His Holy name in vain. I do better with my mouth when I do better with my writing! Go figure.
Also I do homeschooling for my family and now taking on line courses for my hearts take care of animals.Ive worked with doctors so I figure that counts as work experience! Plus most animals are nicer than most doctors Ive met anyway. But thats not altogether fair...accurate but not fair, to the good ones anyway.
And it all seems to be coming together for me to be able to do all this and travel and collect signatures...all except I have no job, at the moment, and no real transportation...hmmm wonder how G-d will work this out for His glory! I cant want to see His works. G-d bless Israel. I have been singing... Rejoice Rejoice oh Christian lift up your voice and cheer eternal hallelujahs...and another that says ...and ramsom captive lifted my heart.
Star light, Star bright hung there by the Creators might
Do you ever dread the day when G-d will take your shine away?
We work so hard when you are gone and rest the work when you appear
Its knowing that someday the work will be over and both it and you will no longer be here
That keeps us ever ready and fervent
Star light Star bright the G-d that makes you shine gives us strength to do whats meant
To stand for right and against the wrong, to make the most until that very moment
When your shine is gone and so our work both lain to rest upon His book
The good of both the shine and work will be recalled by the one whose hands equipt them
No glory, no power will be given to us but all, every last praise be given to HIM.

No much in the way of my classes on line have worked out but I am hard at work on other things. Maybe my animals will be in heaven when I care for them since its a bit late in the game for me to do here. Please pray for me and my health it too is giving me a hard time. I put my trust in the only person who have ever be capable of helping me....JESUS...G-ds only begotten son, who points me to G-d my Redeemer.
I am so enjoying my Saturdays now. I love the rush to prepare on Friday afternoons. I love the special candle we call our Sabbath candle that we burn only on Sabbath starting on Friday night at sun down. I love that I am soooo tired on Friday nights now, more tired than I was before making the rest all the sweeter. I love knowing Im following a very special commandment by G-d. I tell myself, although its not exactly correct but makes me feel good anyway, that if we keep all commandments but one then we are guilty of transgressing all, but I would like to imagine that if we keep the 4th one we are helped to keep the rest! Am I a silly woman or what? Well it soothes me. I know what you mean when you say we plan G-d laughs now!! I am doing exactly what G-d wants me to be doing, but not exactly what I had planned,except the standing for traditional marriage, the only thing I am suppose to be doing in my life. Happy Sabbath...its so is!

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