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End of the world continued!
CONTINUED FROM POST12] I believe the Islamic fanatics will initiate a war against Israel; Hezbolah, Hama's;Gaza, Syria;Damascas,supported from the conflict arising with Iran. Many Islamic Nations are troubled by Iran acheiving nuclear weapons , as is Israel;Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Yemen, etc. Egyptian warships have already escorted Israeli submarines through the Suez canal believed to carry an arsenal of nuclear missles, Israel has also equipped long ranged fighters with additional fuel tanks, and bunker busting  bombs, stealth bombers , and technology given from the Bush era .I think  radical Islamic coalition of extremists  Mahdi[ Saviour] will come if they initiate a war with Israel, and the Mahdi will destroy Israel.. I believe Israel will  use nuclear weapons to stop this attack against thier Homeland. the Faith of the G-d of Israel strengthens in Israel, and they are now allowing the un-corrupted Gospel of Yeshua to be heard unto the  body, restoring life , and the breath of G-d into the flesh covering the dryed bones .The power of G-d continues to increase. I believe  this short lived Islamic terrorrists will be overrun,  defeated; , and a New coalition of united Nations will intervene, and the Antichrist will lead  this new E.U. alliance to stop the battle left insuing between Iran , and Israel. When the U.S. invaded Iraq ; Israeli, and American intelligence  knew Iraq had weapons of mass destruction! France , and Germany's ambassadors warned Iraq 3 months prior  ,the invasion would take place. Israeli , and U.S. satelitte survelliance photographed hundreds of semi trucks with shipments of weapons into Syria ..It appeared as the invasion took place ,the Bush administrations intelligence was incorrect,  but the damage was done , and the credibility of the Bush /Israel intelligence was shatterred , and the world condemded both ;Bush, and Israel, .The weapons now hidden in Sryrians hands waiting for Iran  supported by North Korean technology , and Russian. Today;a Democratic regime is being set up to bring all Nations ;U.S. included, into a one world Economic Union, and that is where I think the beast arises , forming a coalition to stop the fighting between  Israel,and  Iran, and places the seven year peace treaty in effect.  uniting Iraq, and Iran ,Israel, and  the world. I believe this world change will transpire by 2012. Only Israel will be left to defy the one[ the true [Mahdi; antichrist] when Israel realizes He does not fit into the word of the G-d of Israel, and the treaty is then broken after 3 years when Israel realizes thier true Messiah: The only power that can defeat the beast that arises to anialate Israel; The Lion of Judah; Immanuel; the one who brings eternal peace; The Son of the G-d of Israel! Yehoshua.[continued]
[continued from post 13]Revelation 13:1-2 ,speaks of the description of the antichrist. It seems both Jews and Christians have all heard of the antichrist somewhere; movies ,books, the Bible, and such, etc.There are two writers in the Bible ;Old and New ,that give much detail about the beast;[Daniel , and John]. They speak of this man's rise to power, his charismatic influence on the people of the world[with signs and wonders], and the consequences of those who reject him.There are four identifying signatures that this man will possess. {1} He will form a final empire at the end of the age]{2} He will form a seven year peace treaty with Israel .{3}He eventually sets up his empire in Jerusalem., and {4} He initiates the battle of Armageddon.Daniel and John lived more than 600 years apart , but yet thier description of the beast; anti-christ; both correlate perfectly with one another. Revelation opens the book that was sealed of Daniel and fulfills the vision of the end age.[continued]
[continued from post14] Both Daniel and John saw a seven year period[ Daniel 9:27][Revelation 11:2,13:5]. Both saw forty two final months [Daniel 12;7][revelation 12:6]. Both identified the antichrist as ; The beast [Daniel 7:7][[Revelation 13:1]. Both reveal a time of trouble upon the earth such as never was or ever will be![Daniel 12:1][Revelation 12:7-12]. Both saw Michael the Archangel standing up , and warring with Satan[Daniel 12:1][Revelation12:7]. Both saw 10 Kings that rise up at the end of days[Daniel 7:24][Revelation13:1]. Both spoke of the ressurection of the dead after the tribulation[Daniel12:2][Revelation7:9-17]. Both spoke of the the return of Messiah to set up His Kingdom everlasting[Daniel7:13-14][Revelation 19:11]. I believe as Perry Stone ; Mannafest] that the Antichrist will not be a Jew from the tribe of Dan., but a Gentile from Islamic background. [continued]
[continued from post15] I do believe a coalition of countries will rise in the final days [ U.S. Europe , Iraq-Iran formed back; 52 state Islamic federation ] will form and be reduced into a One world economic , and unified Power structure, with Russia ,and China fluterring in and out]; being primarily Aetheistic centrifuges of Governing structures, and not adhering to a universalistic religion, as I believe Islam will be the primary form of religion. I do believe the anti christ will be control the oil rich Gulf States,and not rebuild the Jewish Temple, but Elijah shall initiate the building, and the anti christ will bring death to those who oppose His will. In [Ezekial 39:2]It shows tht one sixth of the invading armies will remain after being defeated. It didn't mean one six of the Islamic Nations would be destroyed , but one sixth of the 5 nations that rise against Israel would remain[ I believe which is a battle torn Iran]. Daniel [chapter 2] points out King Nebuchadnezzars dream of a mettalic image[ representing Babylon; symbolized by Gold into the final kingdom symbolized by the ten toes represent Gentiles, and not one Jewish. All these empires affected Israel; the Jewish people in one way or another. The final empire of Gentiles is also represented by Yeshua in ;[Luke 21:24][continued]
[post16 continued] The context of Luke 21:24; Yeshua spoke of the days of vengence[Isaiah34:8,35:4,61:2,63:4]. I had a Muslim doctor for 20 years; she went back to Pakistan when the 7.2 earthquake hit  a few years ago, and she said ; I felt like my heart would fail when I saw the misery, and destruction. Pam said; these are the times that Yeshua predicted that men's hearts would fail, and his return would be soon [Luke 21:22-27].and a rift was formed between our relationship, and I had to change doctors. The point is; When Jerusalem fell to the Romans in in 70 AD, the time of the Gentiles were unfufilled.The temple must be rebuilt ! It must happen again for the antichrist to to invade Jerusalem and divide the city[Zechariah 14:2] and set up his image upon the Temple Mount [Revelation 13:14-15]Revelation 1:1-2 also references Gentile control of Jerusalem. John could not measure the temple as the book of Revelation was written in and around 95 AD, in which the Romans had leveled the Temple 25 years prior, so we must assume the Temple will be rebuilt during the  tribulation.[Revelation12:6] [continued]
[post 17 continued] It seems Osama bin Laden seems to proclaim and lay title to being the Mahdi. He announced five days before the presidential election; a time when during ramadan; when 2 eclipses occurred.[Oct.&Sept.-2004] This is an Islamic tradition that 2 eclipses will occur before the Madhi returns. Most Muslims around the world see him as a fanatical lunatic, but he is the driving  source of radical Islam at this time.They believe the Mahdi will appear [living in a cave] when the great war between East and west starts, and great sufferring comes to mankind from this war. They believe genies are protecting , and guarding him now supernaturaly.The signs of the Mahdi have already been fulfilled in the Quran;starting in the 1900's. A comet with a luminous tail will rise from the east before the Madhi arises.1995; the appearance of the comet;Hale-Bopp; much brighter than Halleys comet appeared and was considered a sign to Jews, Christians  and Muslims. The comet associated with the comet last seen in the days of Noah.In 1999; and solar eclispe occurred over the middle east in August. One must say he has been very elusive , and everyone [including Muslims would breathe a sigh of relief , and or frustration ,if he was eliminated, or captured . Achmadinejhad believes he must innitiate a war with Israel to allow the Mahdi to arise from his cave![ Thats kindof scary?;especially with the;EU- Obama-Osama-Iran-Hamas-Hezbollah peace plan] In Luke 21:11, Yeshua predicted there would be fearful signs prior to His return[ strange signs in the moons , and stars, and sun. Matthew 24:26 relates to this concern of false prophets, and said; Do not believe them!, but the scripture uncannily prophetically resembles the lifestyle of bin laden. Is the anti-christ, a Radical Muslim? No one is 100% sure, but in ;[Revelation13:4;13:17;20:4]Whoever he is ; He's a pretty nasty guy! Like a Radical Islamist![continued]
[post 18 continued]I have been away for a while. My father accepted Yeshua[a miracle][see; Collective Messiah] But for now lets continue ; The end of the world!, or should I say the beginning of eternal peace to come. This world shall never end; It is the womb of Israel in a manner, as Israel grows into a refined people. My  scientific father defines creation, and mans growth as evolution. Many Biblical scolars have a great problem in that word ; thinking the world is 28,000 years old and started when man wrote of Adam and Eve. There are many books King James left out/manuscripts burned in the Temples destruction that probably spoke of countless pre-edemic events of the world, but lets get back to today; It's really all that matters. Past events though can lead us determine the times we live in today. I do not think Osama bin Laden is the anti-christ,nor Obama, or Nero who destroyed Jerusalem and the Temple, and burned half of Rome, thinking he was, nor do I believe Judas Iscariot will return, they will not return from where they are and where they are going.[Revelation 17:11] does let us know that the beast that was , and is not, is himself also the eighth,and is of the seven, and is going to perdition, but as perdition entered Judas , so will the anti christ be released with the strongest evil in world history. The Heebrew name is ; Abaddon;in Greek;Apollyon. The Destroyer. I agree with Perry Stone; the beast and His kingdom is ;perdition.[continued]
[post19 continued] The word perdition is not a name that possesses the antichrist or the evil that has come and gone, but is the conclusion .The conclusion is ; The antichrist shall be removed from the eart and given to the burning flame [ Daniel7:11]. Luke 16 talks about the rich man who died and went to hell, and wanted to return to warn his family of this place but ws not permitted. He was refused[Luke 16:19-31] His fate was sealed. I always wondered if he was Jewish? So I believe the anti-christ is more than one man, but an empire from the past ressurrected from the past, as Israel is not one man but a collective body.Daniel prophesied the beast in the very place where the beast shall arise; Babylon. Strange the U.S. are rebuilding Iraq, and soon leaving. It seems ironic that the dream of the beast was revealed to King Nebuchadnezzar; King of Babylon, and yet Daniel was placed there by G-d to interpret the dream; The dream of a mettalic image; the beast with seven horns, and the vision of a ten horned beast, and a final little horn arising[Final leader] speaking great things. My father believes Obama is the anti-christ. I believe he is a part of the collective body of the beast, but not the one.Next post I will describe the metallic image. [continued]
[continued frompost 21]The mettalic image[Daniel 2:31-35]consisted of different mixtures of metal and clay.The head [Gold] represented Babylon.[Silver]the chest and arms-represented the;Media /persian empire that allowed the Jews to return to Israel,[Silver was highly used in that empire, as money , and ornamental objects, etc.][Brass] the thighs represented ;Greece, and ;Antiochus Epiphanes defiled the Temple, with pagan idols , and placed a hellenistic priest sacrificing swine on the Temples altar.Brass was used militarily.The legs of Iron represented the Roman empire, who followed the Grecian empire. Iron was the central identifing part of the Roman war machine. It also calls out to conquer, and was signified as the Roman strength that destroyed the second Temple.The legs seem to signify a split of the Roman empire , as germanic tribes gained control of the west leg [476 AD], and the east; the Byzantine empire, ruled from Turkey, and built Christian Holy sites. While the Roman Catholics ruled the west, the Byzantines ruled much of the east[Palestine, and Jerusalem]1000 year period. In 1453 , the Muslim Turks gained hold of the eastern leg; declared the ; Ottoman Turkish empire[1517 to 1917] stretching into the 20th. century.[Three continents, and 29 provinces]succeeding both legs of the Roman Empire. Britain eventually broke the rule after 400 years and occupied Jerusalem, and Palestine.Muslims await the day of Islams power and await the Holy man to restore Islam, and Muhammad;and restore the great the great Ottoman Empire.The feet ; a mixture of[ Iron and clay] become a more complex situation to explain; It seems to define  the Roman Empire's division; religious, political , and spitual [ Daniel2:42-43] [continued]
[page 21 continued][Daniel 2:42-43] Democracy represents;[Clay] and the war and fighting strength to control][Iron].The National symbol of communism was an Iron hammer, and sickle, and ruled behind ;The Iron curtain.Clashing with democrcracy until it  crumbled in the 1980's. Now a New Iron Kingdom is rising, as the Islamist Kingdoms unite; drawing together as Radical Islam is forming and attempting to annialate Israel, as Democracy has in the past been strong  as Israel's western allies; We see it's example of weakness in Gaza, as Hamas overuled democracy with an iron fist. The Democracy of the U.S. that stood beside Israel. Now is becoming a new regime arising in America ,mixing it's democracy into Iraq,Afganistan,and influxing Islamist nations; they becoming ever increasingly militarily stronger, and Islam rejecting what they see as blashphemies of idealistic principles and freedom of democracy, and universalistic religion and the clay does not mix with iron.[Daniel2:43]Next ; The ten toes;One foot [east]one foot [west] The ten future Kings.Many thought it the E.U., but the ten kings are still to form!, but I believe;The sealed book of Daniel is starting to open ![continued]

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