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End of the world continued!
[post22 continued] I have prayed devoutly on this subject , and again asked the Holy Spirit to guide my hand[ really hurts!].Isee an image of a Unified islamic regime coming into power, as Israel, and the world Nations are tied down with Democratic economic solutions to attacking Iran in fear of Oil being cut off from the world, and Kings , Emirates , Princes suggest Islamic dominence of the end Kingdom to rise unto the prince/beasts kingdom. To attack Iran would bring the whole E.U. against Israel,, as Radical Islam gains military / nuclear weapons aimed for Israel, and the opposition of Islam into democracy,western culture; bringing about clay not mixing with iron. the oil crisis would plunge the already staggerring economic downturn of Democracy into a tailspin of anarchy. The true threat to Israel , and to believers in Yehoshua , and the G-d of Israel lies within the denial that Israel ever really existed , as applauded by Sweden E.U. summit to Achmadinejhad[ I can never say his name right!]. I believe that Obama is not the antichrist , but as Pharoah; Clinton, Bush , Obama [aware or not]has brought the curse of G-d upon the U.S. for pressuring Israel to give Land for peace[Unthinkable!]. I believe our dispensational theology of generation is miscalculated , as many believed a generation as 40 years [ as Moses led Israel through Sinai]. There are many scripture references to a generation being from 40 to 100 years, and as Lot was led from Sodom and Gommorah, so will the Gentile church be taken from the wrath G-d that shall pour out on America before it's destuction.[The U.S. is not in prophesy] The U.S. must be overthrown for the beast to gain control.The Church needs to know to focus on today , and G-d's taking us away before the wrath, and democracy is vanquished[ Obama's doing a good job there!]The anti messiah is mentioned in Daniel 9:26, as the prince who is to come, also tying into Islamic titles.We see Israel forming and G-d's promise during the days of the ten kings; G-d sets up His kingdom; Israel which shall never be destroyed, standing upon His covenant[Daniel 2:44],and those who oppose it or try to separate it will be broken into pieces.So I cannot specify the certain Islamic Nations , but feel the princes kingdom shall rise through Syria/Babylon/Media / Persia and surrounding Islamic Nations opposed to Israel into ten kings[kings symbolizing ten toes of clay and iron.The second vision of Daniel describes the four beasts[continued]
[Continued from post 23]In the first year of Belshazzar;king of Babylon, Daniel had a dream, and visions of 4 beasts; which came from the great sea; as is known today as the Mediterranean Sea; the ocean linking Northern Afrrica, Israel, Turkey, Italy , and Spain.Daniel beheld the four winds of Heaven upon the great sea, and four beasts came up from the sea; diverse from one another; representing the four empires that would have dominion over the Nations surrounding the sea.The first ; A lion , with eagles wings, and he beheld the wings plucked , and it stood upon raised feet unto a man , and a man's heart was given to it. This beast is associated with Babylon, as there were statues of  winged lions with the head of a man identified as ; Lamassu.There are winged Lions at the gates of Xerxes, at Persepolis in Iran.The carved Lion holding an open book meant peace; closed meant war.The second beast Daniel saw was like unto a bear, and it raaised itself on one side, and it had three ribs in its mouth with teeth clenched upon them, and they said unto it ; Arise , and eat much flesh!The three ribs were in Nebuchadnezzer vision; the three ribs representing the three nations Persia overthrew; Babylon, lydia, and Egypt. Daniel speaks of the Persian King ;Cyrus's victory over the Babylonians.also; The largest bears in the world come from Iran's mountains.The third beast Daniel saw was a leopard, which had on it's back four wings of a fowl, and had four heads, and dominion was given to it!This seems to describe the empire of Alexander the Great, and the leopard is correlated with quickness, as Greece defeated the Persians , and then moved His Capital to Babylon, then swiftly empowered His armies over Egypt to lydia to create His empire over a short span of time.The fourth beast  Daniel describes in the night vision was dreadful , and terrible, and with great strength, with great Iron teeth, breaking, and devouring, and crushing the residue with its feet; different from the other beasts that came before it , and it had ten horns. It is also refferenced in Revelation12 :3, and 13:1, and among the ten horns came up among them ; a little horn, before  which three of the first horns, were plucked out by the roots, and in this horn formed the eyes like of a man, and speaking through his mouth great things!also refferenced in revelation 9:7, and13:13:5,6] I guess thats why many think Obama is the anti christ? [ dry humor!]This unspecific characterized beast is the most symbolic , and interestingly the most important !; The beast that represents the Roman Empire! [ continued]
[continued post 24]As we see this little horn arising; I feel in my spirit , and see scientists, and astrologers , and Polititians claiming of a doomsday scenario. The Mayans predicted the end of the earth, as archeologists are facinated by Mayan mathematical calculations of the year 2012. Scientists predict Global warming, and Gamma rays to eliminate earth as Planet X comes within range of the earth throwing it off axis and exposing it to the sun. The egyptian pyramids have 2012 steps claiming the year of the earths end. Astronomers predict an asteroid hitting the earth more probalble than one of us being in a car crash, and dying! Super Volcano's, Psnumami's,Nuclear wars;Alien abductions. Nostradamus predicts 2012 as the end !Movies are in the making of 2012 , but strangely; Politicians , and world leaders say; Mankind must all join as one to overcome our destruction ; into a one world unified religion and economic system; all believing our gods are the same, and work together to save our planet from destruction. One will come who will have the words, the solutions, and great knowledge to solve world hunger; The messiah? , or the little horn?While leaders talk , and search for ungodly answers; Radical Islam grows closer to acheiving Nuclear weapons marked for G-d's people: Israel; To make Islam the answer to world oneness. Of the ten horns ;three are plucked out [Daniel 7:8]meaning three Kingdoms are overthrown by Him. [ Daniel 11:43][ Daniel 8:9]Daniel mentioning the three as ;Egypt, Libya, and Ethiopia. All are presently Islamic.It seems then Daniel combines the 4 beasts , and the dragon [ Satan giving him power , and his throne , and ultimate authority [ Revelation 13:2] Afganistan, Iran Iraq, Pakistan, Syria , Lebanon, Egypt, Libya , Etiopia , Macedonia, and the 11th. Greece, all under Islamic control. [continued]The ;Aion of America is shifting toward our economic systems collapses, and the Middle east oil emirates gain superior wealth, and arsenals of destruction build, as we are cutting back defense spending. I see so clearly Israel standing alone  against the world, but they have the ultimate of ultimate power; The G-d of israel! Soon ; All shall know Him,[Lion of Judah] though I don't believe december 21srt. 2012 is the end of the world, but when see the signs,and seasons and look up ; for our redemption draws near!Yeshua;G-d's chosen will come as a thief in the night for those with thier lamps burning! [continued] Babylon is forming again from the dead! Shalom
continued from post 25] As we see the Palestinians forging a Palestinian state, and the world conflict surrounding this issue, I beleive this land for peace negotiation,Obama led as Pharoah;will begin the wars  between Israel, and the surrounding Muslim Nations.{ Isaiah 14:29] states; Do not rejoice, all you of Philistia, because the rod that struck you is broken; for out of the serpent's roots will come forth a viper, and it's offspring will be a fiery flying serpent!  Babylon is also a theme in Isaiahs Isaiah foretold ; the fall of Lucifer from heaven [ Isaiah14:12-15] G-d defeats Babylon , and breaks the rod of Assyria from the land of Israel [Isaiah 14:22,25] This is where the prophecy returns to the prophecy against Palestine!Also the vision of Zechariah of the woman caled wickedness carried to the plains of Shinar by 2 angelic forms of winged beings{ Zechariah 5:1-11}The present territory of Iraq is today the same region of the ancient political region of the land of Shinar. John in Revelation mentions the name ;Babylon 6 times[ Mystery Babylon ;[Revelation 17:5] Perhaps this is why John alludes to the future destruction of the city built on seven hills[ Revelation !7:9] ?Every scripture seems to prophesy the little horn forming his stronghold in Babylon! next ;Galations 4:24-26] Issac and Ishmael; the two Covenants; One of freedom, and one of bondage![continued]
[Continued frompost26] The U.S. really knew nothing of the hatred Radical Islam , and most Muslims have for Israel until 911, seeing The Palestinians we were trying to help; rejoicing , and dancing in the streets, of the great satan being wounded, and American citizens killed! Muhammad was the founder of the islamic religion; definition[The praised one] ; born in 570. Muhammed claimed he was given visions , and revelations from Allah, and was written in what today is called the Quran.Born of the Quraysh tribe, which claimed to be of the descendant of Abraham; through Ishmael; Muhammeds father; Abdullah died before Muhammed was born. His mothers name  was ;Amina; she died before he reached the age of six, and he was raised by his uncle, and traveled in caravans in Syria, and Arabia. At age 25 he married a rich widow   named Khadja, and they had 6 children. Muhammed lived in Mecca, a town in Arabia; located at the center of commerce of the caravan traders. It was a prosporous area; full of all the necessities of camel clunkers, and had a well of frsh crystal clear water [140ft. deep] named Zam Zam[The well was considered Holy and believed to cure sickness] probably free from Ecoli! , but this well brought people from near and far for it's healing waters!There also was a large black rock there that was different from all other rocks[ Perry Stone says it probably was a meteorite!], but everyone feared the strangeness of it , so they built a large cubed shaped building over it called; Ka'ba[definition; the cube]. The people placed statues of different god's on the rock, and Muhammeds grandfather was the holder of the keys to the Ka'ba.[continued]
[continued from post 27] I have been really been being spiritually attacked whenever I try to work on this post. I rebuke the spirit that try's to stop me; In Jesus name!To understand Israel, and Christianity, and the prophesies of Daniel, and the promise of Israel, for the Jews; We must understand the forces that we are confronting; Islam. There are two baranches of Islam;  Shiites , and Sunni's. Though Iran is mostly Shiite, and controls a small portion of Islam; Osama bin Laden is Sunni; though claims the role of Madhi; which both sectors believe in the Mahdi ;the Savior.perhaps he will be the one to unite the two variances together, or be bunker bustered, and exclaimations of joy and perplexity will arise from the Muslim Islamic Nations. Most Sunni's are somewhat peace adhering people; friendly, and helpful, as I had a doctor for 20 years countlessly saved my life, a Muslim.; but take heed, for Islam is a dangerous adversary to Israel, and claims Christianity , and the Jews, but ultimately expresses submission that Muhammed, and Ishmael reign over Israel, and Christians, and will convert or kill them in the end of age[ Or will try should I say] I will explain in more detail on next post. I have to go wrestle with the spirit of my septic system cleanout people, and Pam on Prednisone! What a combination. Death by septic! [ wet humor]
I will agree with you, when you speak more truth, you will be attacked more both spiritually and physically!
I haven't read all the posts but will do my best to do so by the grace of God...
Now the world is for true between 2 major forces, one for God - Christianity, the other for devil - any false religions, especially Mulism and Buddlism!
I've watched National Geographic the other day, you know the Mulism population in west part of China is growing dramatically? If you could imagine, china herself is a communist, and could allow religion to survive, especially Mulism, we could picture the such belief is growing unexpectively!
In addition, since the segregation period in the U.S., the population of Mulism, for true, that's something we really need to put our eyes on!
We are at the end time now, there're lots of signs we could tell worldwide! We as children of God must stand strong in faith, put the whole armour of God (Ephesians 6) in order to protect us from getting hurt spiritually and physically!
Aha, although we may be attacked, yet, the greatest news is we are not alone, Christ is carrying all the burdens and pains for us! To God be the glory!  :lone_ranger:
[continued from 28]By the fifth century ; The members of the Quraysh were the guardians of of the Kaba stone ,and were the predominent tribe in Mecca, and provided all arangements  for pilgrims to come to the Kaba, and made a healthy income. At the time of Muhammad there were 360 diffrerent idols sitting on the stone. It was in this time of idols ;Muhammad began praying and fasting at around age 40. Muhammad lived and meditated on the hills outside the city of Mecca, Arabia. In the year[640] age 40 ; he claimed to hear the voice of god speaking to him while praying in a cave . He became frightened,ran home, and his wife held , and comforted him, and wrapped a blanket around him. Then he heard the voice again telling him he was the messenger of god to bring his people the message of the god who controlled all things; he said ; the message was; You, wrapped in your mantle, arise and warn! The Muslims say; Muhammad was given many visions, from the angel ; Gabriel. Early on his messages spoke of peace , and god's goodness, and power; to return to god, and the final judgement was coming . He declared there was only one god; Allah!, and was taught ,it was the god of both Christians , and Jews. His followers were known as Muslims, and the religion; Islam; translated; submission. [continued]
[continued from 30] I am still here for some reason; Yeshua wants me to finish.I think leaving Islam as a peaceloving religion would wake the dead , and it has[Me].During Muhhamads time there was much idol worship throughout Arabia; splits between Christians, and Jewish theology, and in Mecca a division came also among the merchants of the Kaba. If there was only one God, it would destroy the merchants income, and fights arose. Many called Muhhammad a liar, and a false prophet, and he eventually moved, and named his new city ; Madinat al Nabi;translated ; city of the prophet; today called; Medina/Saudi Arabia.Conflicts arose between Mecca , and Medina, and Muhhamad taught ;if his followers died fighting ; they'd get the 70 virgins, and paradise You know[Hell for the virgins!]Finally the war ended and Mecca surrendered to to the Muslims. Muhhamad declared Allah the one god , and removed the idols off the black Kaba stone, and made Mecca, the centrifuge of islam[continued]
[continued]The Pilgrimages to Kaba remain to this day, and are a central part of Muhhamads teachings today. The five pillars of Islam today require a Muslim follower to pray at Kaba at least once in thier lifetime. This pilgrimage is called; The hajj. At age 62 Muhammad began to get headaches , and came down with a high fever, and after saying a few prayers ;died. They claim he was poisoned by one of his Jewish wives. After his death ;his followers came up with a series of what they called; revelations, and declared him a prophet. His sayings were collected and put in a book , and named it? you quessed it; the Quran.The Quran is contains 114 surahs[chapters], and is considered god's sacred revelation to Islam , Christians, and Jews.All the words he spoke were written on leaves , and bones, parchment, etc, and then made into a book in the Arabic language. Muslims believe 104 sacred books were given to mankind, and 100 lost , leaving the Quran, the Torah;Psalms of David, and the Gospels of Christ. Islam is now the fastest growing religion in the world[amazing!]The Muslims believe all but the Quran has been corrupted[tahrif], and contradicts the Torah, and New Testament. Like Abraham dwelled at Kaba , and not by the trees of Mamre, and built the altar at Kaba[Surah 14:37], and say ;the Jews and Christians made the Bible to fit thier own needs. That is why Muslims do not deny our G-d, they just think we are wrong , and the Quran is right. This description of Islam is not to create a argument of doctrine, but we cannot understand the eigth Kingdom that seeks to destroy Israel without understanding Islamic belief. [Continued;G-d willing]

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