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End of the world continued!
[continued post 32]After Muhammads death, there arose a division of leadership, as he left no benefactor to his title.Abu Bakr Abu was the oldest man in his niche and his title was caliph, and most considered him benefactor, but a small portion did not, and thought ;Ali Muhammads adopted son, and the father of Muhammads grandsons should replace Muhammad, and you guessed it; war ,and division broke out , and the two branches of Islam were born; The Sunnis, and the Shiites.The Sunni's =Abu, the Shiite's=Ali.Abu Bakr ;The Sunni caliph , brought the tribes of Arabia under Islamic control, and the 2nd. caliph; Omar[661-750 AD] brought the 100 year reign , and built the Golden Dome Mosque on the Temple Mount.During this 100 year reign , the armies of Muslims extended into ;Iraq, Iran , and portions of central Asia. Syria also became under Islamic control , and became the headquarters of the Umayyad dynasty[661-750]Damascus. The 3rd. caliph was assasinated, and war again broke out between the two factions, and eventually Bagdad became the headquarters of the Shiites. The split of Sunnis  and Shiites split not only the region , but also where the headquarters of Islam should be. The Sunnis claimed Mecca, and the Shiites claimed Bagdad, and today; Tehran ,Iran is the strength of Shiite, and 93% of the Muslim population are Shiite. [continued]
[continued post 33] Though 93% of Irans Muslims are Shiite, they make up only around 15% of the worlds muslim population[Daniel 11:23] states the final horn [dictator] becomes strong with a small number of people. We see Iran growing in leaps and bounds,[Nuclear] supported by Russia , and China, and North Korea, and called [off-limits] by the Un/E.U./U.S. for Israel not to attack Iran,and quit picking on Iran. The Shiites are very Radical in believing in jihad,and creating a holy war against Israel,or any country that opposes Radical Islam, and eventually wll reclaim Iraq soon. It is strange though Osama bin Laden , and taliban are sunni ; they posses the Radical beliefs of the Shiites, though most Muslims say; The Radicals give them a bad name.Today the unification of each faction are held together by; the enemy of my enemy is my friend, and believe one day Israel, and Jerusalem will be in total Muslim control, and the Jews and Christians cast out forever from the Muslim holy land. [What a bunch of rotten nuts!].We see Hezbollah, and Hamas growing in power in Lebanon, and Gaza,supported by Iran , and Syria, and who know who else!; as the final showdown is taking form of [The beast]. I believe only the devout Orthodox Jews and true believers in Yeshua [who, by the way; believe in all the ways of the G-d of Israel,] and the Commandments , and laws [without change], can read the headlines of Arutz Sheva , and see everyday the evil rising, and know; Israel shall never be vanquished again!,but a storm is brewing ,and G-d will send His Messiah to personally defeat Israels enemies! Shema Yisrael!I pray that ; as Batya Medad blog on Arutz Sheva reads; We are kept in; The eye of the Storm!
[continued from post 34] It is amazing how the book of John[Revelations] co-incides with the islamic belief of the Biblical predictions of a final world empire controlled by a military leader. Most of the Muslim Leaders have white stallions , thinking perhaps they will be chosen as madhi. Muslims believe one day all men will convert to thier religion. It compares to[ Revelation17:12] As the mahdi unites the muslim world.He will be rich beyond compare[Daniel 11:38]. The Mahdi [guided one] will take over Turkey-compared to ; [Daniel 11:40], Syria and Iraq will join to the Mahdi, correlating to the evidence the anti-christ will come from , and be headquartered in Babylon, The mahdi will appear from the east-[Daniel 8:9]. Muuslims believe after the Mahdi returns ; Jesus appears ; says he's a Muslim , and not the Son of G-d, and then the mahdi kills the swine Jews , and Christians] Revelation 13:11-15][continued][The white horses]
[continued post 35] In Revelation, the beginning of the 7 year tribulation starts when a mysterious white horseman appears, and it's rider emerges into the world scenario.[Revelation 6:2]. In Roman history all the emperors , and military leaders where in chariots pulled by a team of white horse. A crown, or Stephanos was given to the winner of contests, or games. The muslims believe the mahdi will appear on a white horse and judge by the Quran, by the marks of prostration[marks on the head of daily bowing five times a day with thier heads on the ground.]In John's vision there were 2 different riders on white horses[Rev.6:2] one of the 4 horsemen [antichrist], and one [Rev. 19:11,16] King of Kings , and Lord of Lords][Yeshua]. The antichrist arrives 7 years before Christ appears on the white horse. [Daniel 9:27] refers to revelation , as the rider has  a bow but no arrows , correlating to a peace treaty , or covenant for 7 years, and will be broken, as by [Peace ; He shall destroy many][ sound familiar?] [Daniel 8:25] and when they say peace!, and safety! then sudden destruction comes upon them[1 Thessalonians 5:3] Is anyone seeing the picture being drawn?The peace agreement is more for Israel's security than just a covenant of mutual peace. The word peace in Daniel 8:25 is not ;Shalom; It is shalvah ;translating ;security[true or untrue]; making a situation immobile. The Surah becomes quite violent at this point leading to beheadings, and hands cut off, blinding;Surah 8:12-13,Surah 47:4, Surah 4:89. In Iraq ; the U.S. humiliated the captives,but in Iraqi prisons; soldiers were beheaded. When the Islamic leader unites the Islamic world, and conquers the gentile nations, the first change is Religion[Daniel 7:25] continued
I heard Netanyahu today at the UN summit, and it was disgraceful to see the UN reaction to the Holocaust, and the wonderful speech Bibi made, and ;of course ;Obama had to get a manicure for his fangs!so he couldn't make it! Bibi did make one mistake though . He said ;If we were dominated by extreme Radical Islam , we would be set back fron the 21rst. century to the 9th. century of barbarism. Actually we would be brought unto [Daniel 7:25] ; and he shall be given into his hand until a time and times , and the dividing of times. Muslims call God ;Allah, not the Hebrew name of Yahweh; the G-d of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, but will speak atrocities against the Hebrew G-d! [Daniel 7:25; Revelation 13:6] Muslims consider allah;the god of Abraham, Isaac, and Ishmael. The name ;allah was said before muhammad existed. The anti-christ will actually change the calender, 1rst. ;He would change the Gentile , and Jewish calendar starting it at 622 AD, and count the time forward from that point. The Islamic calendar reached the 14th. century in 1979.Also the western Nations , and most advanced Nations use a solar calendar that has 365.25 days a year to complete a solar year . The Islamic calendar goes by lunar equations consisting of 354 or 355 days to make a Islamic year. By doing this it eliminates the Sabbath on Saturday, Gentile Christians worship on Sunday, and Hindus on Thursday, thus leaving Friday; the Muslim day of worship intact, and under islamic rule ;only Friday would be the day of worship to Allah.[ Daniel 7:25, 12:7, and Revelations 12:14 mathematically calculates to 42 months, and by doing so would anulle the Law of Moses and the Torah. Aramic for this is called; dath; alluding to changing religious laws. This prophetic interpretation seems to correlate with Islams agenda of a world controlled by a dominated Islamic religion.It seems as we watch the UN reject Israel today that this agenda is in full motion and ;the end of this era[telos] is beginning!If Radical Islam sees America as a threat to annialating Israel; The U.S. will be the principle target first, but Obama seems to be doing a great job of Islamic conversion, as Hugo the Fat man of oil ;can't smell satan sulfer anymore at the UN party against Israel!The time is coming my friends like a steam locomotive gaining momentum every day. Good thing G-d's on our side!The beasts kingdom will be the GREATEST SEASON OF PERSECUTION AGAINST JEWS AND CHRISTIANS, and martyrs in History [Revelation 6:9-11] . If Jews think Christians are their enemy, they should think again!Jesus said; Endure to the end![Matthew 24:13] continued
[continued from post 37] It seems as we see Israel, and Iran escalating into a confrontation; we wonder ; Is this the war of Gog, and magog in Ezekial 38?I do not know if this is the war, but I know this is a time for an ushering in of a leader of peace who has the power to end world conflicts, global warming, famine. Muslims against Muslims blowing up mosques that they think the 12 th. iman will appear between the Shiites , and sunni's, Rwanda, and Kenya,Israel, and Iran, Afganistan and the U.S., and Iraq, and Hamas , and Hezbollah. The list could go on for days of everyone killing each other. More people are murdered from violence in the U.S. each year than most people killed in wars.[ My family as well!]It seems time for a world dictator to arise and bring shalvah. But we need to focus on Israel, because G-d's time is centered upon His chosen. During the 42 months of the beast's kingdom[Daniel 12:1] Michael shall stand up, the great prince which stands up for the children and people, and there shall be a time of trouble, such as never was a Nation even to that same time.[Matthew 24:21-22]; Jesus describes this as the ; Great tribulation; a time of such devastation ,and only without Divine intervention, would the entire human race become extinct. [Sounds like  Nuclear/biological warfare?].[1 Thessalonians 5:3] The apostle Paul said; when they say; shalvah; peace and safety , then sudden destruction comes upon them!, and mourns for the mother that holds her child within her womb, as labor pains, for they shall not escape!]. I believe Israel will be forced to disarm after the war of gog and magog, and the armies of the beast of Islam will invade northern Africa, controlling the suez canal, and the beasts soldiers sweep across the oil rich nations of the persian gulf, and use the Palestinian cause to implode within Israel, retaking East Jerusalem, and set upon the Throne;making his headquarters in Jerusalem [Daniel 11:45]. At this time the words of Daniel will be fulfilled[Daniel 11:39] at least for the last 42 months of the 7 year period! Then shall we all know Him; Yehoshua[Jesus Christ][ Lion of Judah]Then Christ shall be clothed , and revealed in His Glory unto His people , and defeat the antichrist at the end of the 7 years [Revelation 19:11-16][continued]I suppose it would be hard to reply to this thread, as I am only half way into the Holy Spirits words. Pray that I do not die, and am able to continue! Thankyou!All believers in the G-d of Isaac!
[continued 38] As I see the Muslim prayer day, and schoolchildren singing a Christian song in school using Obama instead of Jesus, I see the deception of Islam occurring like wolves entering a flock of sheep in lambs clothing. Peace;shalvah; thats my new word; meaning stillness , not actually peace; Like as a lion [ lies]  motionless before it strikes it's prey! The age of the beast has begun! According to [2 Thessalonians 2:1-10] this leaders personage is being held back from identification, but one day will be revealed[I hope were not here then?] We have discussed the beast shall dwell in Jerusalem for 42 months of the latter part of the 7 year peace treaty[ 3 years will be enough for Hamas , and Hezbollah to rip Israel to shreds, after Israel cooperates in land for peace, and is disarmed for confronting Iran.So where does the beasts kingdom[headquarters reside before the 42 month?]The prophesy of Isaiah13:19-20, speaks to present day, since the Arabians didn't pitch the tent in Babylon until 637AD. Between 661, and 750 ; the Arabs conquered Babylonia, and ;Al-Kufa; near the ruins of ancient Babylon, and became the capital of Iraq. Since then persecution of the Jews began. In 850AD; The caliph al-Mutawakkil, reminded me of Hitler , as he made the Jews wear yellow patches on thier upper garments, like the Jews were forced to wear by the demon ;Hitler. Hitler is going to look like a parking ticket enforcer before he is finished![The antichrist]. The plains of Shinar, and Babylonia, tower of babel clearly have played major prophetic roles, and Bagdad has served as the mainstay of caliphs in Islam since the religion was born. My estimation; as Perry Stone , and many others; Hal Lindsay, Babylon is where he will reside. King Nebuchadnezzar left instructions for present day Babylon on cuneiform script tablets. On these tablets; 2500 years ago ;the scribes instucted the ones who discover these tablets to rebuild the temple and palaces! Guess who found them? You got it; Saddam Huesein, and began the billion dollar recontruction of these temples and palaces, even putting old Nebs. pictures on the bricks, but his reign was cut short by moving to quickly ; thinking he was the chosen, and the war with Iran sufferred heavy tolls on Iraq. So now stands Iran, a small [should we say horn] 15% of the muslims, but yet the strongest Islamic regime there is, and Iraq;there for the taking , as the U.S. withdraws, after spending our tax dollars to help rebuild. I think the Iranians took the words of Theodore Roosevelt; speak softly and carry a big stick![Daniel 11:23]. The antichrist will not be a key player in , or over the E.U.,and lead a small number of followers; but will gain his power through deception, and demonic supernatural power [Revelation 13:1-5][continued] My surgery was postponed a month from complications! I guess G-d wants me to finish?
I believe as I see the events unfolding with Iran, as they think war will bring the Mahdi, and it will, just at the price of Iran, and Damascus, as I believe there will be a conflict between Iran and Israel, and the results so devasting, The U.S./E.U. join to open , and protect the oil shipping lanes , and put a stop to the conflict. I beleive all that will be left intact is; Iraq[Mystery Babylon] and a new leader [probably Shiite/Sunni united] a man seemed of peace will take control , and as the U.S. implodes from within ecomically and joins in the E.U., the Oil Emmirates will join as well into a superpower with Iraq /Babylon as the center stage for the first 3 years of this treaty, with Israel ;a 7 year treaty with conditional Palestinian priveledges ; land for peace; The antichrist shall rise soon as we see the lions book close!, and sabres rattling of the Iron Kingdoms rise from the dust of evil once again to the final countdown.
As I see the Temple Mount closed for Sukkot, and Arabs uprising; I see the beast rising in the heart of Jerusalem. Many scholars, and Hebrew Rabbi's have tried to break the number code ;666. Many say it will be a micro chip in the hand or forehead, and controlled by a supercomputer named the beast actually made in Europe, as many have calculated Greek, Hebrew, Arabic,and Latin equations with computers to form this number, for thousands of years, even thinking Nero would rise from the dead, but I grasped an interesting theory from Perry Stone, in where it identifies three Greek letters with somewhat of an overwhelming tie back to? Islam;you got it with the letters forming symbols instead of a intricate mathematical calculus of computer generated numbers, as it clearly says ; the beast is given to burning flames, and is called a ;he, not it. Why would G-d send a computer to hell? So it comes back to 3 Greek letters; the first; Chi; that takes the apperance of an X in English, and is the 1rst. 2 letters in Greek ; meaning ;Christos; Greek for Christ. In symbol form the letter X looks much like the 2 swords crossed together in the  pictures of Iraqi desrt storm;still standing , and in Saudi Arabia; the ensignia ;2 swords crossed over green X[CHI]=600.The 2nd.Greek letter;XI =60, was said to look very similar in appearance to the Arabic letter that forms the name ;Allah, by former Pakistani Muslim Simon Altaf.. The 3rd.Greek letter stigma=6 ,is also connected to the Islamic religion. In Greek , the letter is not a word, but signifies a brand placed on slaves, cattle or perhaps the marking of ones forehead from bowing thier head to the ground leaving a mark. When the letter; Stigma is tuned sideways means ;Muhammed, as a few years ago ; a lamb was born in Durmen village, Ubekistan, 3 days before a Major Muslim Holiday. The black fleece had a white pattern that formed these three symbols, which when the word stigma was turned sideways translates ; Muhammed. The religion of the beast must be tied in to buying and selling, because it is inititiated by the false prophet[Revelation 13: 11-18] This is just a quick overview of a complex concept, and translation. Chi-X=600 Six hundred [XI] =sixty, and six[Sigmga=6].Seven is Holy to Israel, as G-d rested on the seventh day, and is mentioned 463 times, always alluding to fullness, and perfection, but 6 to Islam is the Holy day of worship[Friday]. The mettallic image was sixty cubits H x 6 cubits width. Muhammed left Mecca [622]. The number 6 seems to appear in a Holy fashion as the number 7 does to Judaism, and Christianity, and the price of not accepting Muhammed, and the beasts mark;beheading[Rev.20:4]Muslims also hold beads shuffling from hand to hand [continued]
Imust also add that Perry Stone gave 25 acounts of others with interpretations of the antichrist 666, and did not suggest in any form this is what he believed, just anothers interpretation. I found this interesting to me as I would not accuse anyone[Perry Stone] of falsely believing this, but I personnaly do!

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