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End of the world continued!
The Hebrew prophets forsaw a coming kingdom in which a Messiah figure would rule the world, The enemies of Israel would be defeated , and the Jewish Nation would become the leading Ethnic group. All Nations would come, and bow down to the G-D of  Israel each year to worship[Zechariah 14:16] as the prophet Daniel made this prophesy[ Daniel 7:13-14].

I have posted this isuue ; son of man , many times in these Threads , as Yeshua referred many times to himself as ; Son of man. I have been confirmed and studied with a Doctor of Hebrew / Christian theology, that I feel has a great annointing  of Hebraic understanding , and translation interpretation, and have correlated some of his knowledge to help me discuss this issue!Son of man is used 108 times in the KJV of the Old Testament . Ezekial was called ; Son of man , by G-D; 93 times.

In Daniels prophesy ;The Messiah to come was identified as; One like the son of man , coming in the clouds [Daniel 7:13] [ John 1:51, 3:13, 6:27] Yeshua came preaching the Gospel of the coming Kingdom ,peformed miracles, and spoke the time , and the events of the future., as predicted by the prophets ! He was discerned by His diciples to be ; the Messiah of Daniel; Son of man
[ Daniel 7:18,22,27][continued]
Yeshua gave  several key signs that would occur before the final Messianic Kingdom would be established in New Jerusalem. Wars ; rumors of wars, famines , pestilences [ Matthew 24:6-7]Enemies of Israel would surround Jerusalem, and eventually overtake , and level the city and Temple to the ground[Matthew 24:2, Luke 21:20] He also forwarned of great persecution that would follow of the Jewish people, families against families, and hatred and offence would grow against each other. { Matthew 24:9-12}.

The ultimate sign of the indication of this end age would be that the Gospel would be preached in all the world , to all Nations, then shall the end come. [ Matthew 24:14] We see this in internet, and missionaries, and satelite broadcast. Sometimes I see some of these TV ministries seem so eccentric, and overindulgent in flamboyant riches, but still, Millions have initially accepted Yeshua through these Gospels, and I decline to judge thier actions, because it 's really not about money, as many Kings of Israel  were the wealthiest men in the world once , but yet riches did not affect thier relationship with G-D.

Yet I have mixed emotions in which the first Commandment of Torah shows us we must judge in Righteousness the works of our brothers, and their mis guided direction that leads others into disobedience, and harms way before YHVH .;That we must bring witness in order that their well being in faith can be strengthened ,or exposed. yet in the same sense, we must not judge another without first seeing what is wrong in our own lives, and understand the entire picture; looking past one flaw, and understanding the entire will and purpose by our Creator for man; Looking at the whole person, and not just one act; called Parashas Emor;[Leviticus 19:15]Yet still this is a time many believers will fall away from the true Will of YHVH for man, being led into a universal religion, believing in the many religions of man all lead to the same god.
Matthew 22:14 Many are called, but only a few are chosen
YHVH is a jealous G-D, and He is G-D alone.

I personally would not take money to spread the gift of Salvation, but still I cannot judge another's salvation. I understand to be a minister you still must eat, and have a home to live, then again even the greatest of all believers ; the disciples left all behind, and gave everything to the poor. Somehow, I don't think that will happen with 90%. I think it is more where your priorities lie. Would you give all to be saved ?, or would you give up salvation for the world? The love of money is the root of all evil! not money is evil, but how men perceive the importance of wealth, and it's definition from their hearts. YHVH originally did make all things good! Many forget Yeshua died to break the curse upon this world from Adam.[Acts 10:14 ] Money is made from tree's?, and evil comes from the imagination of mens hearts[Genesis 6:5][continued]
The spreading of the Gospel throughout the Roman Empire in the day's of Yeshua's diciples was a sign of fullness for Israel, and Jerusalem, the Temple, and the people. Between the day of Pentecost 32 A.D. ; the birth of the church to;70 A.D.; the total annialation of the tenth legion of Romes destruction of the city, aproximately one year later ; the Gospel of the Kingdom had been preached throughout the Mediterranean Sea in what is now considered the Middle east, Asia minor , and Europe.

The end of the Temple , and Israel was foretold exactly as Yeshua had predicted in Matthew 24:1-2. Many theologians always seem to attempt to prove that all the prophesies correlated to this time of the end and return of Yeshua were fulfilled between 66 A.D. and 70 A.D. The historian Flavious Josephus spoke of the evidence that cosmic signs predicted by Yeshua had been fulfilled[ A star shaped sword hanging over the city , and a comet that hung over Jerusalem, a year prior toit's destruction,and supernatural lights , and the eastern gate of the inner court, shut by twenty men.

Matthew 23:34-36 is a quite intriging scripture to me, and as I see these days , and the events each day changing the world ;I read [Thessalonians 2:1-8]as though G-d's restraint is being lifted upon the chains of the earth. The greek word; telos; has several definitions of meanings; [endure till the end, then shall the end come.] It seems more a word that describes ; to reach a final goal; a conclusion.

The greek dictionary refers it as ;termination; the limit or end of destination of the word , It is like a vessel that carries the cargo to its destination![ telos ] in Greek writings always indicates the end of an act performed, or working [like the end of a harvest, and the work complete], but does not refer to the end of time which is translated [teletutte] in greek.

The context of these words mean ; Yeshua indicates to us certain signs will indicate the end of the destination of one age ,End of the world [Aion] world in Matthew 24:1 in Greek is actually translated[Age] bringing Mankinds generation in [Matthew 24:34]in true translated form [Greek]is [genos] generations[plural]combined generations of man, bringing this world into the existence the new age. It does not refer to ; the end of time ! Doomsday. The world shall never end, only change into it's perfected sinless state of mans free will; Hashems Final Purpose, and Will for His Creation.

If we read all of Matthew 24 we see the latter parts of Matthew 24 did not occur in 70 A.D.For example; Matthew 24:15][Matthew 24:21][ Matthew 24:22, Matthew 24:29] [ Matthew 24:30], and Matthew 24:31]These scriptures have not yet happenned yet , but will in the near future upon G-D's turning at the time of; Kosmos; The tribulation impacting the world,yet still the Promise of G-D's Covenant with Noah stands intact! [Genesis 9]We know this by Ezekiel 37;The dry bones from the dust; Israel becoming a nation
Just as Yeshua predicted a final season would come for Israel in 70A.D.; The Hebrew prophets also predicted a future generation that would witness the return of the Jews to Israel from the Gentile Nations, and the expansion , and rebuilding of Jerusalem under Israeli control, the re creation and their land once again coming to life , and the rebuilding of the Temple.[ Micah 5:3-4 speaks of this time] , and many sholars associate this time of His return.

Acts 3:19-21 speaks of this prophesy of ;The acts of restitution. It seems the restoration of the return of Yeshua is contigent upon ; The times of restitution of all things; Times ; the definition is used in the plural form, meaning; a series of events; linked to restitution.Restitution in Greek[apokatastasis] is associated with the word; restoration, describing the Jews return to Israel from from Egypt with Moses, and the return from Babylonian captivity.

Both era's brought about the Hebrew Nation from captivity, and returned them into restoration of thier land restoring agriculture, and farming [ Jeremiah27:22][Joel2:25] The Messiah's return comes after an order of restoration occurs! The prophets predicted a series of restorations prior to the coming  of Yeshua; 1rst. ;The reformation of Israel becoming a Nation. I hear many theologians say; Every preacher has said Yeshua was going to return for thousands of years, but still hasn't.

The difference of this statement is nullified to many until the  prophesy marks Yeshua's true second coming is that there must be three things happen before Yeshua could return!
1rst.; Israel would again become a Nation,
2nd.; Jerusalem must be in control of the Jews!
3rd.; The Jews would return from all Nations back to the promised land. There are two stages to Israel's restoration 1rst. ; Physical,[ as we see happenning today!] , but  2nd, Spiritual , and are represented by Ezekial in the vision of the dry bones[37].
Isaiah[35] predicted a time when the barren deserts of Israel would bloom as a rose and fill the world withfruit [Isaiah35:1][ Isaiah27:6]. The 2500 year old deserts are now blossoming today and fill the world with delicious fruit!
This is the second sign of the time of the end. The first; Israel will be restored as a Nation in one day, as we saw this miracle take place [Isaiah 66:7-8][Hosea 3:4-5].
The 3rd. sign is; water would come forth from the desert for irrigation! [Isaiah 35:6-7.41:18].
4th.; Jerusalem will be occupied by the Jews , and Israel's borders will expand[Ps.102:16].
5th,: The Jews remnant return from the world back to Israel. [Isaiah 43:5-6][Jeremiah16:14-16].
6th.;The latter rains would return in the last days[ sound familiar to anyone?] [ Hosea6:3][Joel 2:23][Amos4:7],
and 7th. ;The walls of Jerusalem would be rebuilt by strangers and the gates freely opened[ Isaiah 60;1-11]Israel's restoration began in the 1800's [birth of the Zionist movement], but on May 14-15, 1948 ; David Ben Gurion made a proclamation declaring the New State ; Israel, and open for immigration. Within hours , Arab armies advanced , and surrounded Israel to destroy this proclamation.

Just as in Joshuas time [Deuteronomy 7:1] the Nation of 1948 had to deal with the 7 Nations once again;the enemy proclaiming Israel would be drowned in the sea!Military tacticians do not even use this Miracle of the survival of Israel against such overwhelming odds,as a military strategy because there is no logic , other than G-D .Israel survived![ and the U.S./U.N./E.U. talk of land for peace?[ There will be no peace!]until Meshiach in YHVH makes Peace by destroying Israel's enemies.[The blood of the Assyrian terrorists ]still flows through the veins and hearts of the enemies of Israel today]
[continued from post 7] Although from 1948 to 1967 Jews continued to immigrate from surounding Nations , the Russians Jews living behind the Iron curtain were forbidden visas to immigrate until the latter part of the 1980's , with the approval of Mikhail Gorbachev. Jews recieved visas to return from the North country of the Soviet Union back to thier promised land , thus fulfilling the prophesy of Jeremiah, and Isaiah , the promise  G-d had given thousands of years ago!.

Years later in the early 1900's ; clouds formed above Israel, and there was a sudden return of the physical rains that replenished the soils , and nourished the farmlands, the deserts , and the Golan Heights! The sign of the latter rains were fulfilled upon the land of G-d's people!The Old city of Jerusalem ;today is integrated by the three world monotheistic religions; Islam, Judaism, and Christianity. of the 8 gates built in the walls of the Old city, only one gate remains sealed with large stones; the Eastern gate! All other gates remain open to visitors and citizens, an
d life seems carefree as children laughing, and people 's voices  , and cars , and buses fill the air with the noise of modern day living.
[continued from post 8]The Stage is ready; The seven phase restoration now occurring is a sign of the end age, and bears witness that the Messiah will come soon. We are the generation that have seen these events come to pass during this culmination of events in this time period. The vail is about to rise on the stage of these events, and the act is ready to start for the drama to unfold !

Most everyone are not very happy , and unsettled about Israels restoration, and it's fast moving development of power and technology, especially the Arabs which total about 1.4 billion. They consider Israel a modern Nation forced upon the world by the British and Americans, and the Jews who occupy Islamic Land, that surround their Holy Mosques in Jerusalem; This is the cause of the six wars initiated by radical Islam against Israel!

Islam's goal is not peace , but to drive Israel from their land that they believed was , and is ,always Islam's. That is why ;land for peace will never work between Israel , and Palestine, and our leaders don't get it!.I believe Netenyahu understands . Finally G-D may have a willing candidate to work with! Netenyahu must walk a fine line of playing the game of diplomacy while not giving in to preposterous demands of giving up Jewish settlements, and territory! Especially Jerusalem!. It's a tough job. I pray g-d will lead him to the laws of G-D. I see him as a man who see's what is happening around Israel,and anyone would feel overwhelmed with such odds stacked against him in a situation that looks hopeless ;without the G-D of Israel's promise to always stand with Israel if they obey His words!I hope he doesn't forget Pharoah , and the Red sea !

I believe that these are the days are leaders will not form, but the days that will shape our leaders.[ continued]
[continued from post 9] The rise of the prince of Persia; Ezekial 38:4-6 . Ben Masada's post on ; History repeats itself seems to be holding true.I read Mark Twains quote that seems to echoe in my brain; History doesn't repeat itself, but it sure does rhyme. In Israel's past ; Israel has dealt with six world empires, and since the remnants return ; we again see these same Nations fighting against the New Jewish State today! In 1948,1956, and 1967, and 1973,and 1991, we have seen Israel fight with ;Egypt,Syria;[Assyria], Babylon;[Iraq], and now we see Iran;[Media -Persia] coming into conflict all parralleling the ancient conflicts in Israel's past.

Only Israel's advanced weapons , and military technology has prevented[ and G-d's promise] has prevented the coalition of the surrounding Islamic Nations from anniliating Israel. So far the secret advanced arsenal of weapons Israel possesses has kept the fannatical regimes from launching a massive invasion of Israel. I fear the prospects of history will come again with the Muslims, when the superior Nazi weapon technology was overwhelmed by the sheer number of the allied armies in WW2,so is Islam a giant standing against the city of David; YHVH Promise to Israel ,will never be uprooted again. .

The extreme Islamists have several agenda's of thier unending quest of annilating Israel[ Apocalyptic Islam]. 1st.; Land for peace to break down Israel's defencive position, making them believe they seek peace, while constucting missles tipped with nuclear warheads]Islams only agenda is to convert the world to Islam!eventually defeating Jews and Christians; a final empire that will control buying , and selling of all, and behead those who resist;Revelation13:17,20:4]I have believed for many years, as the evangelist Perry Stone confirms also; that the final prophetic empire will be an Islamic coalition of Empires containing most of Europe , and Islam, and I am afraid to say ;The U.S. seems to be drawing into this magnet of Evil !I believe the heart of this empire will be the strongest in ; Iraq, Iran, and Syria, and it's command center will eventually be moved to  Jerusalem, and the man who will direct this [Aion] [end of age] , and the final showdown of Nations shall the antichrist appear; professing to be the Messiah of Biblical prophesy; with signs , and wonders! [continued]
[continued from post 10]Revelation 17:10-11; There are also 7 Kings. Five have fallen, one is , and the other has not yet come. And when he comes, he must continue a short time. And the beast that was , and is not, is himself also the eighth, and of the seven , and is going perdition. Six Major empires have risen and faded in the essence of earth's time of Israel, with the seventh ready to arise .

Can anyone think who that might be? It will be for a short time , and then the eigth empire of the beast shall arise.The beast shall form a ten nation coalition that will overwhelm all opposing Nations. [Revelation20:4]When John wrote the book of Revelation[95 A.D.]; 5 empires had already fallen; Egyptian, Assyrian, Babylonian, Media -Persian, and the Greek. At this time the Roman empire had not yet fallen, making it now the sixth.The question now is ; who is the seventh?The Roman empire was never actually defeated Politically, or Militarily.It basically ;imploded from corruption within!, and overrun by many Germanic tribes.

The seventh day adventists believe the prophesy of the ten horns were the ten Germanic tribes that overan Rome[ Daniel 7:24][Rev.;17:12], and the ten toes [Daniel 2:42], but this is not fulfilling Biblical prophesy cutting the scriptures short[Daniel 2:44[, and [Daniel 7:7-10]The future kings recieve thier power and kingship in 1 hour when the antichrist forms the eighth kingdom[Rev. 17:12]Yeshua returns in the days of the ten Kings [Revelation 17:12-14] [ continued]
[continued from post 11] Many evangelists , and theologians have speculated who or what the seventh empire is or will become.It seems the fragments of Rome divided into a Holy Roman catholic empire which combined the power of church and state consisting of of Rome [west], and Constantinople[east] ;The Byzantine empire which is now reffered to as Istanbul. A coalition of territories emergered later in central Europe during the middle ages , and continued into early modern history.

Otto the Great; crowned emperor in 962 A.D.;was considered the first of the Holy Roman emperors, and ended with Francis II , in the war of 1806 with Napoleon.In the late 15th. century ; the Holy Roman Empire was defined as Germany; though dissolved in the 17th. century,  a powerful False Religious twisting of Military Power and Religion emergered and Germany became a quite evident rekoning as WW1,and WW2: A shadow of the antichrist; Hitler; emerged to attempt to anniliate Israel from the face of the Earth.

G-d's covenant again held true to Israel, as the world united and a coalition of Nations later emergered today identified as the European Union.Many of these Nations today are parts of the Old Roman empire which seems to disqualify them as the seventh empire , making them a succession of the 840 year reign of the Roman Empire.The E.U. started with 6 nations , and now has grown to 27 Nations; a coalition of Nations to mantain peace, and unite Europe.

I personally believe  the seventh empire forming war against Israel is; Iran ,Syria,Lebanon; Damascas. Gaza. The Islamic eyes are searching the face of the earth expecting the Rider on a white horse ; uniting the Muslims called ; The caliph.The ten Kings are future tense; not past tense!Today ; the U.S. rebuilds Iraq; ancient Babylon , and seems unscathed , and taken from the picture of the escating war emerging upon Israel! [continued]

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