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Answers to prayers
God first only knows what we want and when we get what we want we must thank him...
Now I believe Gods word is 100 % true, I cant deny it because I keep seeing it over and over again, but something still awed me about His word regarding blessing the Jews and God will bless you. Now we all know its true but here is another one for the books for you.
Sometimes I pay  my  rent a few days later than the deadline and I always include a late fee so as not to annoy my landlord. I also use whatever envelope I find the fastest to put my money into to pay my rent, and usually its one of Jewish connection, ie IFCJ, JFJ,Chosen ones, etc.  I figure not only am I witnessing that I support the Jews, Im doubling protecting my living arrangement, right, ok. Well the other day  my landlord sees me driving by and he follows me to my home at which I am immediately nervous thinking the worse. He steps up to me and says Im one of his best renters and I no longer have to pay late fees!!!!! My mouth  hung open in shock. No way!!!!! I want to start putting all my bills in these Jewish envelopes!!!
Now please dont be offended I share this to encourage you in the Lord Jesus, He reigns, and life is always a shocker with Him!! I hope only to encourage others to believe in Gods word, its always true, it might not happen like we think, it might not be exactly like we want, but its always trust worthy, an occassionally a shocker .
  God bless Israel today and forever with the truth and love of God in His only son Jesus.
I keep remembering something else. My boss has MS and is having driving complications and when she told me she was driving us to a town far away I felt ill. I prayed about it and when I was packing the car I took out my JFJ annointing oil and annointed the car too! I asked her to have someone else drive or myself and when another lady arrived she asked her to drive. It was divine how traffic just wasnt anyone near us.
Everytime we went to merge into the freeway, no cars. They both commented on how lucky we had been traffic wise, but I
Sorry, I left off here...but I know it had nothing to do with luck! Life is an adventure, some adventures Id rather not be on, but I trust Gods word, when He said, ALL things work for our good.....we can believe it.
PTL! I didnt get a job I applied for so it must be that God has something better for me in mind. I know, because I put my trust in God, and not in luck or men in powerful dark places, that in the days ahead I will thank God that I did not get this job. PTL! Happiness feels so good.
God is good, His love endures forever!
I have some answers to prayers.
First my lawnmower bit the dust and I took it to my repair guy, whom Ive had for three years, and he said it was toast. He was going to sell me another and I gave him half the money down in a jfj envelope, to see what would happen, and he was to call me when it was ready. He said he could not get that one fixed either and said I should buy a new one. My family and i watched as our lawn grew enormous and one day we woke up and prayed for God to help us since we could not afford a brand new one, even though that would have been ideal and guess what? We passed a yard sale and low and behold there sat lawn mower, not just a lawn mower but a brand new lawn mower. Well I jumped out and asked how much and the man said 20.00 dollars, I tried it out and it worked like a jewel, the oil was pristine and the cut was good! PTL!! That is no accident, it is God hearing my need and out of his grace and mercy answering that need. Once again the Lord has met our needs just as His word says He will.
Also I received a refund in my account on a transaction that I have tried since March to get out of and now I am free from a wicked group and not so coincidently freed from an oppressive job too, at the same time! Its not by accident, but God heard my prayers for release from them!! No matter how dark the situation God turns on a light and that light is all that matters, that light is JESUS!
PTL! I found homes for Bare and the chiwahwah today, took two hours but well worth it. When the family came up to look at Bare they  told me a story about a beloved dog they had years ago who they loved and thought this dog would take its place. When I told them his name was Bare they all three gasped, they said that was their other dogs name too! Life is good! We knew we had the right family. The little dog went to a non-English speaking family, except for one teenager and she interpreted and she definitely wanted the dog and went away with a smile on her face! This is a double answer to prayer.
Also I have a fresh new out look on a troubling experience yesterday and I see it now in a whole new light and do not worry about this evil persons attempts to hurt me, God is able and will help me, despite all their schemes! I thank you for prayers, I feel rejuvenated in my faith. God will not be mocked! And I feel safe in His arms.
  I wanted to share a reason I feel so confident in what evil is done to us always is brought back on those who do it, not by us, by God Himself , for His word says it, and that means its 100 % reliable. Last year my family played sports, their team came qualified to go to the championship game despite the fact we represented the worst player on the team. The coach was very cruel to this worst player of mine and when the championship game was played did not tell us about the game. Mind you we had won all but one of our games with this player. When I called to ask about the championship and when it would be he said it had already happened and they had lost! I just said, OH REALLY IF YOU HAD US THERE YOU WOULD HAVE WON! Not because we are the best player on the team, on the contrary, but because it was the right thing to do!! Well we have a new coach this year and so far we are undefeated, even though we hold the leagues worst strike out record and are considered the b- team...our team wins because we cheer them on...SO YOU GO JFJ !....God is with you and you too will be successful because you have God and His people on your side. PTL!

Fabulous is our God!! First I had a magnificent answer to prayer yesterday by phone, and coincidently I recieved that great news during our 7th softball game and I am ecstatic to report that we have won, in over time our 7th straight victory, with no losses! And PTL!
But the best thing about the game was I had worked with my ballplayer on batting that afternoon sharing some batting techniques I used growing up ( old softball players never die)  and we watched as the fruits of our labor were rewarded with a double play followed by the only HOME RUN our team has had, minus the one where the player struck out and the catcher dropped the ball and with several overthrows by the other team she turned a strike out into a Home run!! Thats my team!!!
I was so excited I ran onto the field and hugged and kissed that player! Coming from the strike out record to a homerun is serving God and watching as life throws us out and runs over us and then we see God do something miraclulous and we smile and know God reigns and we have nothing in life to fear, not even if we are the worse life player ever because with God ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE! Its not how great you are but how GREAT IS OUR GOD!! No matter what we win, on a spiritual level!!
Thank you Jesus!
1. Old boss that gave me very, very hard time about not working on Sundays, even though when she hired me she was fully aware of that matter said to me the other day...Im sorry I was so hard on you! Isnt G-d wonderful!
2. We have rescued 6 puppies and one tabby cat so far just this month alone and today a mastif dog we aptly named Hercules and they are now all in their own homes! A miracle.Left house to find home for mastif dog and had only 7 dollars on hand, bought us water with that and left with more money that I had when I left today due to someone who owed me money came by and paid me and another person wanted to help and gave us dog food and then we found a home for Hercules....Id say its been a very good day serving the Lord and taking care of His animals...wouldnt you!
3. Went to a yard sale but had no money and none coming in and found jewley so beautiful and inexpensive I couldnt pass it up so I had her put it away and told her Id be back later that day. Then asked G-d to help me pay her. She then said she was earning money to go to college in Calif. I almost cancelled my order but instead decided to witness to her about college and what is important in life. I gave her my "what college cannot give you" speech, and went home and got a Bible and gave her my website and told her that she would hear and see alot of nonsense but the word of G-d would be of more consequence to her future than all the knowledge she would get at college. Then best of all G-d provided the money to pay her and a dollar more! Now I have nice jewlery too! My G-d reigns.
4. The  other day we were nearly out of water to drink and we prayed about it and a friend, whom I had not told of our being out of water came by and gave us.....water! That is how our G-d works!
5. Pray that G-d will supply the need we have for transportation and a way to collect signatures for a Constitutional amendment! Dont have the foggiest idea how to do this but....I know who is in control and who I can trust even when the bad guys hurt me, G-d turns it out for my good. The satanists of American cant say that about serving satan...they made the wrong choice.
I am currently enrolled in a College that provides online courses and the Lord answered a big prayer for me the other day. First to tell you that I enrolled in this college when their advertisement was blown into my front yard after a very bad wind storm and was from a street a block away. I had been praying about whether to enroll at a local University when this paper just blew into my yard. It was soooo cool. When I picked it up my family and I just smiled and said this is the answer I was waiting to receive.The paper was wind torn and crumpled and dirty but I decided to enroll. I am so glad I did. Its self paced and I can work at it at my own leisure and I am so enjoying them. The Lord has blessed this decision.
Also I have been given the privilege to speak out in favor of traditional marriage and the Lord has blessed that also. The encouraging words I am given by those I illicit signatures from are so uplifting and make me so very happy. I also get the opportunity to hone my skills in talking to those who do not share my beliefs and that too is rewarding and makes me happy.
So many wonderful experiences amid so much oppression and hardship! It has to be the Lord who gives me strength, otherwise I would not be able to do what I am doing. The Lord certainly does provide!

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