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Answers to prayers
All through these 15 years, I have seen and heard many prayers and miraculous answers as well in Church and in Believers' lives. Many possessed people got cured with the prayer and fasting of our prayer group. Even in hospitals, many people got cured when our pastor prayed for the ones to whom he visits.
However there are some who are slightly better off, and some not cured at all.  

So, it is not entirely understood why some people get cured easily and some do not. May be God has purpose for his choice of answering in affirmative and other ways.

Anyone willing to answer it more convincingly?
Dear Prayog,
I could ask the same question, and someday Ill ask Jesus why, such as why when I was serving G-d through Jesus did men of N. California attack me. I was standing up for the right and doing the right thing. I was a good wife and mother and Christian. So why was my life so attacked and why did evil stomp on what was good in N. California. I have several answers;
1. It is possible that for evil to thrive good men do nothing! If good men do something, anything, evil is thwarted! So I think some answers dont come due to complacency by G-ds people. What do we just sit back and ask G-d to be our slave and do all the work!!! G-d forbid!!Sometimes it requires putting our faith into action.
2. I watched the movie soul surfer recently and many questions came up. Why did this happen to a beautiful young vivacious and promising young lady....but then you see the answers! For one she should have not been out there that day, she should have been where she had committed herself to be,which was on a mission trip. So sometimes by being in the wrong place we are subjected to evil. Once I was saved because my husband went in my place and if I had gone I would have been attacked and killed that day. True story! But because I listened to G-d and stayed true to an orignal obligation I was saved and my husband was given the man of the year award for saving two lives from a mad man who attacked them! So sometimes I think we dont get the right answer because we are not in the right place!!
3. In the movie soul surfer she triumphed over this seemingly evil thing by not letting it overcome her, a testimony to others. She inspired many, many people to overcome obstacles in their lives. She would have
only been more self centered and self gratifying. So sometimes the bigger picture turns out to be the only picture and that is the best picture of all!! She gave Jesus credit for saving her and testifies today to young people around the world....shes is awesome. Im also glad it was her left arm and not her right, symbolically very spiritual!!! Also on a spritual level the bible says to cut off what causes us to sin..and I dont think he meant that literally, but on a spiritual level, removing that which causes us to sin saves us! Its a message to us to remove sin from our lives...not our limbs...but sin!
4. Also we might not be looking at all the good and focusing on only what we didnt get instead of what we did get. In soul surfer the girl could have died many times. The shark could have bit off her head or her leg. She could have panicked and it could have been far worse. She could have been with untrained girls but had an adult that stayed calm and prevented her from bleeding to death. So many answers to prayer happened to he all at once but we focus on the loss of one limb and not the multitude of miracles that happened progressively. The doctor and room was ready for sx. The family was nearby. G-d is good. And life sucks sometimes but G-d is ALWAYS GOOD! Does that help any! Give this advice back to me in the future should I need it. G-d bless you.:cheesygrin:
1. Persons that had cheated me out of money closed their business. I did eventually get my money from their head quarters, and I knew that when they cheated me that they would not do well because G-ds word says that we reap what we sew and you cannot mock G-d. So in a way I feel sad for them but it was their decision to cheat me, not mine. I did everything I could to get them to do right by me. Oh well.
2. We have three puppies born last Thursday. I am praising G-d it wasnt more!!!
3. Collecting signatures is going well and I have been able to keep my comittment and quotas I made to myself and to G-d.
G-d is good. It occurs to me that people who hurt us really are trying to hurt G-d and cant do it any other way but to hurt us. Also consider that most miralces in the Bible, most anyway, are not performed by committees or alliances, or groups, they are performed by individuals that trust in G-d, usually despite much opposition. We need opposition to help our faith. We are to rejoice when hardships come our way.
4. I reread my comment regarding my pastors sermon the other day regarding us being servants. I said I agreed, but on second thought, I think the pastor should have gone further because with G-d there is freedom not slavery or bondage. We are not to give up sin for a life of slavery. We can however serve G-d out of love and not be a slave. Because we become His children we are set free from the bonds of slavery but if we love Him we will always be His servants. I think I believe Jesus, G-ds son, He was obedient to Him, we too can be His family, and obedient.
I am praising the Lord for a cd I purchased here, The Winds of the Spirit, it is absolute music! I put it on one morning to help set the tone to my day and I did! It blessed my home with is sounds and more so my spirit with its love and kindness. Thank you for making this cd!
We should have faith in God.He is always there for us.So just trust your God.
(09-01-2011, 01:55 AM)AdayaMiller Wrote: We should have faith in God.He is always there for us.So just trust your God.

Amen. You are right. Smile

Unfortunately in the world we live in today you have to be more specific about the definition of G-d. You see masons, the most noxious of all groups, excepts anyones interpretation of G-d. So many satanists,wizards,sexually immoral join them, as well others who do not live by the Holy Bible, because they have a broad definition of who G-d is, and that being , anything deemed by anyone to be a higher being, albeit false, its still their g-d. But you might say its a free world...pun on the world free, masons though they taut to be freeman are only deceving themselves, they are anything but free! The problem is they recruit, and they love those who serve the Living Hebrew G-d aka Christians because they tend to be so gullable, and easily persuaded, and these unknowing victims become brothers with satanists etc, etc which puts them in a worse place than they where before they accepted Christ, now they truelly serve satan, when before they where just blind, now they become blind and sick, putting any chances of eternal salvation in redemption in jeapordy.
So, its best not to say.....serve your g-d...that could mean baal, satan,money....better to say serve the Living Hebrew G-d of heaven, unless ofcourse your talking with someone you know and then you dont have to be so exhaustingly picky about choosing the right word!
Hi! The Lords blessings on you and yours!
Praise the Lord! Our enemies say that G-d and Jesus are a poor mans crutch, they are wrong! They must be referring to the enslaving worldy education and empty accolades, or possibly their treacherous mens clubs and sick societies, or the insatiable crutches they use called schemes and games, or maybe they are referring to the flimsy unpredicatable crutches of money and power, because in light of their infirmaties and deficiets they couldnt possibly render a judgement against the G-d.
Thank you for lifting up a friend of mine who asked me to pray for her, prayer is a tool against the storms of life, not a supplement or crutch, but a primary function! My friend called this morning praising G-d for answered prayers! A gifted mechanic, with six children and he too is struggling to make ends meet, helped to fix her car and charged her only 60 dollars, the cost of the brake part! Please ask G-d to help him too! She said what part it was but I dont remember, not into car parts, etc. She then said she got the house she wanted to move into also! Isnt G-d wonderful! Please continue to lift her up, she is also struggling, as we all are in these dreadful times, but G-d is good and faithful and has only good plans of her and for all of us, we can trust Him! If G-d is a crutch He is a golden staff made to demolish wicked strong holds in high places! PTL!
Praising G-d for

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