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Answers to prayers
The Life Blessings store that liquidated and sold out has reopened in a better location. That was an answer to prayer given how many companies fold. I just hope they can make it.
PTL! For the courage to talk, sometimes its easier to stay silent but then you miss out on the blessings of G-d.
Gifts from G-d that are blessings to us.
PTL for the rain.
(09-24-2011, 08:47 AM)HOPE7 Wrote: The Life Blessings store that liquidated and sold out has reopened in a better location. That was an answer to prayer given how many companies fold. I just hope they can make it.
PTL! For the courage to talk, sometimes its easier to stay silent but then you miss out on the blessings of G-d.
Gifts from G-d that are blessings to us.
PTL for the rain.

Asking for prayer again for my sons, both are in need of G-d. Not masons, not satanists, the Living Hebrew G-d of heaven.
For an unspoken request, only G-d knows the need.
Homes for my puppies, they have a few more weeks yet but then they will need really good homes.
I have a special request for G-ds blessings with a party I have to throw. I would like G-d to anoint my home with His Holy Spirit. I would like my daughter to have a good, non mason, non conformist Holy Spirit Filled Church Youth leader. So I GUESS IM ASKING PRAYER FOR THE YOUTH LEADER.
For a way to see my family. For G-ds blessings on my family and my life.
Oh I forgot to tell you. When ever I speak out in defense of Israel or lift them up in public G-d blesses me. I took a Jewish New Years card to the library and usually I have 40 minute sessions except today, after many many years of limited time I have unlimited access to the computer. Just a blessing only I can appreciate.
I gave out another 4 New Year Cards today, esp. after that great experience yesterday. Wow! I gave the librarian a New Years Card and they displayed it on their counter. When I asked for my computer I was told to use the unlimited ones. Boy God works fast! What the deal on that was the two community computers werent working and they had me use a student unlimited time computer. I went back twice!! Boy I had fun. But its back to the 40 min. sessions this morning.
I would like to share some very good news of G-ds overwhelming mercy and love toward us.
I am just one week behind my goal to get 1000 signatures in support of traditional marriage for one man and one woman, 1/5 of my total goal by the end of Sept. It took me until Oct 5. I am rejoicing! Now at 1025. So many men/woman profusely thank me for doing this that its a sign I know in my heart that God is pleased. I have been attending the Rick Gage Crusade and cant say enough good about this crusade and what it is doing to reconcile people to G-d, and its no coincidence that its been raining!! We all say it would have been nice to have him come months ago, but its G-ds timing not ours, and its perfect. G-d has brought hundreds forward each night to be saved. Its amazing. Tonight Scott Camp is speaking on the topic of sexual immorality in our society and he calles it ITS SEXOCLOCK.....great title. We attended and it did not disappoint. Again hundreds went forward, mostly kids. He spoke on every sexual sin that exists and pointed to the union of one man and one woman as being the only blessed union by G-d. Amazing. He was so filled with the Holy Spirit and at one point the entire crowd lept to their feet in praises to G-d! It has been said that 400 plus have repented and accepted Jesus! It was suppose to be over Wed. night but due to the overwhelming response and the dire need for revival here they have extended it until Sunday night...a whole week! I cry every time I go because the place is full and hundreds, litterally hundreds go up to accept Jesus or rededicate their lives. It has even helped me to lay down some burden about being a victim of the sadistic homosexual underground. G-d is faithful and He is taking such good care of us.
We have found homes for our three puppies born at our house plus another 9 puppies over the last two months making it a total of 12 puppies we have found homes for. So many answers to prayers. And today Sabbath we are now starting to delight ourselves in the Lord on the rained again! He is awesome! The birds are singing, and we are truely in the Spirit of Jesus and rejoincing. I know now why G-d says to delight ourselves and honor the Sabbath and He will give us the desires of our hearts. He knows what they are and I ask you to esp. remember the one my family and I most need at this time. G-d bless you and your ministry, forever, by the power of the Holy one of Israel, JESUS.
G-d confirmed His word is true to me again yesterday! First I attended a meeting on Wednesday where I met a college student that is growing thinner every time I see him. He told me he is unemployed, no car, and his place has been without water for three weeks and how he fills up water bottles everywhere he goes so he can have water. It broke my heart! I am also struggling more than I have ever in my life and I didnt see a way to help him. So I prayed for him alot that night.
Next day Im at the Christian library, where Nazi librarian works, literally a gustapo about books etc, very strict, comes up to me just as Im going on my limited time computer and tells me the books I bought at the sale, held back for me for today, had to be picked up right then or they would be put back. I refused to be upset and said instead, thank you and G-d bless you and went back to my limited computer time. When I was finished I thanked G-d because He takes care of me and I told Him that there must be a reason and as I was leaving I decided to speak to the young person at the desk about my saved books. I could see my books set aside for me, I have done this many times and never had any problems before, and told him what the boss lady had said and asked him kindly to put my books back in one specified area so I would be able to find them today. A man overheard and paid for my books!! I told him I would pay it forward and give the money he gave for my books $20.00 to a struggling college student attending this university. He said, that will work. He then left. I dont know where he came from or where he went. He was nicely dressed and I hope to see him again and thank him. But I went home praising G-d with three bags of awesome books!! Oh and it snowed and rained almost the whole day! G-d is good, even when bad happens to us. He proved this to me yesterday:
1. That when we bless others that wrong us, if they dont deserve it, it comes back to us within the hour!
2. That He turns bad into good. Just as He said he would.
3. That blessing others is better than much better. I started blessing everyone that has every wronged spirit...and I woke up rejoicing in the Lord!
4. That He cares about even the small details of life and HE SEES when we are wronged. We are assured of this fact!
Well G-d be with you. Times are tough. We are blessed to learn how to survive on little and in the days ahead this will prove a sustaining survival tool. Better to be poor and feel rich inside than to be rich and feel poor!
HeartWow! God works fast. I love the Sabbath and it really is set apart from the other days. The Lord provided mercy from another church today and He has answered prayers for me. I have medicine I need and a new clinic, God bless them. And the Lord blessed us through Gods people again. Our God reigns. I had to go down and buy my medicine today on Sabbath, not what I would have chosen to do, but God gave me this gift and I wasnt about to pass it by. I love Saturdays more than any day of the week now, a blessed day for sure. I woke up on Saturday morning knowing this was a good day and the Lord has been so gracious and loving. Thanks be to our God and I apprciate from the bottom of my heart your kind prayers. God bless you.
I also read this article about a young man with the last name of Wright and his miracle. The Lord is good and I recommend reading his story...I cried.
How many times are we passerbys in lifes tragedies and have the awesome gift of being a witness and blessed to be a participant in turning bad into good. Kudos to these good samaritans, I just wonder how many turned the other direction or didnt want the hassle and looked or walked, or drove another away to avoid this scene. God knows. How awesome a God we have that sees and knows everything!!! The Living God of heaven is the FIRST GOOD SAMARITAN.

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