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Answers to prayers
BIG ANSWER TO PRAYER TODAY!! I have told my story many times on this site, I dont need to tell it again, the Lord Jesus will help me, God has heard me!! But today I read in the paper quote " SCHOOL PRINCIPAL FACES CHARGES AFTER HYNOTIZING STUDENTS!!!!! This occured in North Port, Florida HIGH SCHOOL!!! IT HAPPENED TO ME TOO!!!!This is what happened to me because I was speaking out against homosexuality. This happened to me by two teachers at Yuba College and now a school proves Im right. I have been saying this is happening but no one believed me......MY PRAYERS ARE ANSWERED. GLORY TO GOD! For the sake of our Holy God...TAKE YOUR KIDS OUT OF PUBLIC SCHOOLS!!!!!!!!!God has heard my crys at night and He will stop these men, GOD WILL STOP THIS COUNTRY from their evil sins against children..CHILDREN, The men of this country are sick.Please forgive me if you are not one of them, but they are soooooo sick! God help us! PTL! Truth WINS!!!!!!!!!!GOD WINSS!!!!!!
A wonderful gift has been given to me and my family....Gods plans for men and woman to marry and have children is truely blessed by God. Here is my answer to prayer today
Well its been an exciting day and I have wonderful and surprising news! Grandaughter turned out to be a most handsome boy!!! Introducing my precious grandson! My family had their baby but what a shock to them both and us when doctor held up their son! He weighs 8 pds 11 oz and is 20 in long. His feet and toes are so big he didnt fit on the paper to get his foot print....hes beautiful.
Sonogram said it was a girl...guess they made a mistake. Kids have only girl clothes and only two or three boy outfits....all things aside we are so happy today. The pregnancy started off rough with her hospitalization for severe dehydration and ended in a dramatic and happy ending. Yesterday she was admitted for induction but baby had the umbilical cord around his neck and was experiencing fetal distress with every contraction and doctor ordered an emergency c-section. All went well. Mother and child are great! I went to the nursery expecting to see my precious grandaughter and the staff laughed to see my bewildered and dumbfounded expression to see it was a boy. We have been holding him all day and are in love. God was so gracious and so kind to hear our prayers for a heathly child. Doctors told the kids that a normal delivery would have been fatal...isnt God wonderful to give us such experienced and qualified personnel to help us. We are praising the Lord. Have a blessed day....we are. Oh and it rained today....God is truely smiling on us. Gods plans for traditional marriage and values are the only unions that are blessed by God. His plans are best.
Praise the Lord! He heard our prayers for Beren and has allowed them to compete on a proper time. Isnt God fabulous!
PTL! Christian vendor does the right thing, school does the wrong! I love it when God proves that we are right! Kudos and God speed to this vendor Chik fillet and blessings on you and your family forever!
Also I have a PTL! You know I asked for this day off and traded it for another so I could have the Sabbath off and Im glad I did. My neighbor has been very sick and I was needed to take him to the doctor today. That is not the PTL! The PTL is while at the doctor I was in charge of watching his belongings and at the end of the day his money was missing. Since I had sat his belonging next to the garbage pail I knew it must have fallen into it. The janitor had come by and picked up the trash earlier and I felt it must have fallen in. I knew it had to have fallen out into the trash. I had the trash person, who had emptied it earlier in the day, go and look for it. They came back said it was not there. I was distraught and prayed to God to please let me find it, and fifteen mintues later they found the trash can just as I said. Isnt our God wonderful! What joy, but nothing compared to finding Jesus!
PTL! My family has been studying for the Associational Bible Drill for seven months and competed today and qualified for Regional Bible Drill! Needed 200 points and received 258 points. We almost turned around and left when the competitor during practice rounds caused my family to loose self confidence but pulled through and gave competitor a real incentive and both qualified! FYI Both of these exceptional students are coincidence! Since we put so much time and effort into Bible memorization and only had 8 seconds to locate certain and random verses quite a feat considering last year they had 10 seconds in which to locate the scripture I am very pleased that our efforts are rewarded. Rising to the occasion my family exceeded my expectations and blessed my efforts and support in this endeavor by doing so well. I am happy! I would have been equally as honored had they not qualified just because of the committment involved and the fact that they devoted so much time and nerves into this Drill. God is good, all the time. Next step Regional and then State competition. We made it this far last year and passed then as well and ended up only one point from perfection and received a Superior ranking in Regionals. You can accomplish much in life with the support of a good woman, wife, mother, sister and all the more if you have God on your side! PTL! His mercy endureth forever. God bless Israel.
PS I found it very disturbing that there were no public schooled in our competition, in our division. But a very good sign that the reward of Gods word is going to home schooled children instead, so goes the blessing as well.
Hope, congratulations! That is fabulous news and I am so glad to hear it. Thank you for sharing it with us, girlfriend. Big Grin
This is a miracle, an answer to prayers. A moving story of Gods grace and mercy.
Despite all manners of trials and tribulations I have known in my life from the very first knowledge of God to this day I am at peace because I love God with all my heart and I know He has a glorious day awaiting me in the future, for this hope I hold on. No weapon formed against us will seperate us from God.....isnt that a great promise. Even those ten years of living outside Gods community I was kept safe and God still moved in my life, even to give me a wonderful adopted mother and the knowldege that JESUS IS ALL I NEED. Aint that the truth.
If this goes throught twice , forgive me and remove it if possible. THANK YOU
PTL! My family was in the Regional Bible Drill today and received THE perfect score, they did not get a perfect mark but the mark they received was perfect because we asked Gods will be done and it was! They received a mark of GOOD and I am rejoicing because our Gods word, IS perfect! Given what we are going through this was the best score at this time, anything else would have been a burden to us. I was so moved at all the participants and how hard they worked to study Gods word and memorize it. As the announcer said, God is smiling on them today! You could feel Gods smile upon them.

Romans 12:21:Be not overcome of evil, but overcome evil with good.

Psalms 34:8,Proverbs 11:27,Psalms 103:5,Psalms 23:4,Psalms 34:14,Romans 12:9 and best of all

I was most impressed by the former youth minister from our church, he had 15 students from High School to elementary in the Bible Drill and two of his students made state. This is not the current youth minister that shunned me and my family because we stand against the sin of homosexuality, its the previous one. Wish he was still there. Oh well.

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