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Answers to prayers
I could not find the first thread of answers to prayers so I have started another one. Feel free to add yours answers to prayers here too.
I have asked others to pray for two University students and I am so happy to report to you that they got engaged to marry Dec. 2. They have been struggling with their desires and he is a pastors son and her mother is being trained to counsel teens to stay abstinent so you can see why I asked for prayer for them. I am her mother! I cant thank you all enough for praying for them. G*d is so good to put them together and then to answer my prayers as well. I am so learning what in life I can control and what in life I cant.
I am also being healed of the past as well and I cant explain what is happening in my heart. Its new for me. Its like being humbled but not in a rebuking fashion but in a full awareness of my faults and at the same time feeling the loving presence of our merciful G*d. Its as though the very hand of our loving Father is comforting me.
Many beautiful things happening I will share one more with you. I found a black/white spotted sheep dog about six months ago and gave him away once and he came back and he has been a difficult placement for us. We fell in love with him but cant keep him and have tried so many times to give him away but each time he barked so fiercely at the potential owners they backed away. But we decided to try again and two ladies came by, neighbors out shopping, and they motioned for me to talk to them about the dog so I told them about his particulars and said that he might take some time to trust them and the driver says oh my friend is like a dog whisperer the dog will come to her. He did. Shyly but he did not bark his head off! While petting him the lady encouraged the driver to come and look at him. When the driver saw him she said I had to put my elderly dog down a month ago and as she looked at Cody, thats what we called him, she fell in love. She said shed take him and give him a good home and the neighbor said if she didnt keep him shed take him! A miracle, a small one, but still a burden lifted. Cody got a good home and we can now focus on the puppy I found a week ago!! G*d is indeed keeping me busy! Best medicine of all!
I just asked yesterday for help with these and G*d is answering us already.
Lady with bad infected foot and nasty body rash is doing better. I took her an tube of Nystatin, I thought it was Lotrisone but its not, and some Epsom salt. She said the epsom salt was helping and her foot and she showed it to me and it most definitely looked dryer and less red, still puffy though. She said she found an old bottle of antibiotics and is taking that and she feels better too. The Lord let me give her some lotion that I think will help the rash too. She looks better and more alert.
Person with dental pain got a prescription for antibiotics too and is feeling better.
Puppy is feeling better too.
Thank you for your prayers.
Wow! G*d is amazing! So many answers to prayers lately. Do you think it is because of anything that we do? I liked my pastors message Sunday he said that we are servents of G*d and therefore do not have any rights of G*d, meaning as a servent I cant say to my employer I did this work for you, I did my job, so you should give me this or that. I agree. So G*d doesnt owe us anything, we owe Him much though!
Thank you for your prayers! I havent had any pain since Friday! G*d is so good to us, isnt He? I would rather be a servent of G*d and have fellowship with His children and have little, than to have wealth untold and not have fellowship! Amen!
Pray for Califor. and Prop. 8 Please! PTL! No matter what happens in life..PTL! We have soooo much good given to us from G*d and dont deserve any of it!
Many answers to prayers these days. G-d has opened up the heavens and poured out a blessing I cant contain.
Monetary gain like snow lately. Even at diet class, at church tonight, they gave me pretend money to spend! Oy!
We rescued dog number 27 this weekend and I asked my sunday school class to pray that I would find his owner and WOW! Let me tell you about it.
While out selling Girl Scout cookies with me family we spotted a stray. I told my family to just keep going and ignore it. They find us! But the dog just followed us. We took it along asking people if it was theirs but no one took ownership. So we took it home! We made posters etc, but it rained and snowed and that was useless. We asked G-d to help us find his owner and this morning I debated and almost didnt bring him to work with me and if I hadnt we might have missed his  owners. A man came and and knocked on the door and said that was his dog chained up in the back of the house and that it was actually his marine sons dog and he and his wife are keeping it for him until he comes home and that he was driving around and saw the dog! PTL! Really I dont try to find these pets, they find me, we cant walk away, so we help them and in doing so G-d blesses us too! With stories of lost pets reunited with owners, with people who want pets and adopt them from us, and the good feelign it gives to know we did the right thing!
Many other answers to pray to life but Ikeep some of those stored in my heart. G-d bless you!
We can say this is miracle but it is nature of The god that He is always with us. When we call him and ask him for help by true heart, He will come and help us. Actually this is the good lines told by him only that, I am in your heart, When you will need of mine I always with you and help you.
In the same way, God asks us to trust his integrity, his character...his compassion, love, wisdom, righteousness on our behalf.When people say that they're praying for something, I like to ask.good response our player I think many people specific in requests.
It is my faith that God really answers our prayers. One of my latest requests to Him is to strengthen my grandmother in law. She was hospitalized for a week and my wife's family was very worried. Me and wife agreed to have a companionship prayer requesting for additional strength for her. God answered it. She just went home yesterday.
Its so good to be back. I missed this lovely site. God is so good. I have several anwers to prayers.
1. I sold most of my belongings and left much behind inorder to move my family to a place where they could go to a Christian school ( as much as it can be anyway) so they could met a nice person for marriage. They married last Dec. It was so worth all the struggles.
2. My youngest is homeschooled and I put her in a Bible Drill program through our church. She has been competing and memorizing scripture and since doing that has increased her math skills by one grade and her spelling by three grades and helping her with Gods word has even helped me in my life! Gods word is too wonderful for words.
3. Working with the Bible Drill program has blessed me and I have been bathed in Gods word and it has been the balm of Gilead for my heart and spirit. Thank you so much for your prayers.
I have continued to save animals and we have rescued as many as eighty dogs and cats and this is a rewarding experience for me and my family.
I do have one request, my work has become semi-dangerous ie my patient has multiple sclerosis and is losing her lower extremity use rapidly but due to losing control she is overcontroling and insists on driving us daily. We have had one wreck and one near one and I fear for my life on a daily basis. I have tried talking to her but it doesnt work so please pray for me. I have an oportunity to do something else but I dont think they trust me much, cant blame them, please ask God to help me to either work this out or provide a way out. God bless you.
Regarding my boss with ms, she is a retired teacher, whom I feel does not share my views on Godly lifesyles vs sexual immorality. Yesterday she could not stop when we had to turn and she had to put it in reverse inorder to go back to the road we need. While I know she is unsafe I trust God to care for me. Im not afraid of her because I know God is with me. Please pray for this situation and esp. for her, God is able to do great and mighty things we know nothing of...thank you.

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