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Experience with Jew for Jesus!
I was attending a church here in the San Francisco Bay Area and a nice gentleman named by the name of Moshe Rosen came and spoke. He opened my eyes to the fact that Jews are no different than anyone else who needs to met and know Jesus.[color=maroon][size=x-large]:exclaim:
Of course it makes sense for Jews to believe in the Jesus, even if the Jewish Messiah happens to be Jesus.   The question then is whether or not Jesus is the Messiah.   If He is the Messiah then of course Jews should believe in Him, and they don't have to stop being Jews to do it!  
I have been praying for many Jewish friends to actually know Elohim, (The All Powerful One and Creator in spirit and truth.  There is definitely a spiritual awakening happening at this time in History.
Keep the good work going and never lose faith in Jesus.

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