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Your top 5 favorite movies.
I am always watching every movie and this is a my 5 favorite movies;
michelrobert Wrote:I am always watching every movie and this is a my 5 favorite movies;
5 in 1 movie ;avataranaconda/ verse /spartancutmein ; challenge to see ;who will call first!They wait to see who shall gain control of the phonebooth.[I must be tired? .ps I don't think anyone made it to the phonebooth!?Layla tov
I love Titanic
The League of Extraordinary men
Transporter 1, 2 , 3
Xmen 1, 2 , 3
Distric B-13
She's the Man
and Many more...
I dont know about my top 5 but I wathced this one last night...WALKING ON WATER, about a surfer and they share Jesus. It also spoke about Bethany Hamilton, who had her arm biten off by a shark. Each share their story of Jesus. I give it a 8 out of 10. I look forward to watching the movie SOUL SURFER too.
Oh, I like the movie, THE BURBS, with Tom Hanks. The movie Hachi, about a dog who would not leave the train station where his master would come home everyday. True story and I cried , har
here is my fav movies are
Clean and Sober
The Matrix
The Godfather
I like all those artsy,colorful things.

In no particular order.Arrgh dont make me narrow it down thru [icking straws like

! Fantasia (but I avoid the Sorcerer's Apprentice ..eeww). I cannot throw the baby out with the bathwater.The remaining film has amazingly beautiful and brillant imagery Ahhh! I like art,so I love it.
2. Against All Odds series.(i saw where several other people have mentioned this.)
3.Petrified Forest
4.Edward Scissorhands
5 Exodus
Just somthing to think about.  God hates those who love violence. It does not say, those who are violent, but those who love violence.

So many of todays movies are or have violence. (and also a lot of sex).

I cannot fathom how the Holy Spirit can sit through a movie with violence or sex.

My point being......If one is indwelled with the Holy Spirit.....and watches such movies......and is not convicted for filling their minds with such trash.......I would conclude such an individual does not have  the indwelling of the Holy Spirit.

Just something to consider.

I mean.....Jesus died for sin, much of which is sex and violence......and He approves of those who watch, for and violence?

I do not think so.

Like I have said before......there are a lot of christian believers, but not all christian believers have the indwelling of the Holy Spirit.  It is not an automatic event upon believing.  

And if you do not have the may know Jesus.....but He certainly does not know you.

Just a little more to consider.
Don't mean to be a "downer" here.  It's just that I raised 5.....3 sons and 2 daughters....all grown.  Have some grandkids and even a couple of great grandkids.

Anyway, what you allow to enter into your mind (via movies) says alot about where one stands spiritually.  It is all about Holiness and being close to God.

The interesting thing about justifying what one watches is easily evident of what is leading their lives.  Is it the self serving soul and a body that lusts after all sorts of things......or is it the spirit (not the Holy Spirit) that God gave His children.

It is the battle, the warring that goes on the moment one is quickened to life by God.  It is Esau and Jacob, the flesh verses the spirit.....who is going to lead.  So , you see, what movies one watches often reflects directly of how one is living......are they serving self?   or are they serving God?  Does God really demand holiness from His children? Are His children obedient and do the right thing?

Just some more to ponder.
I know I have already put down some but I just rewatched AMAZING GRACE the story of the slave abolitionist William Wilburforce for the second time and WOW! What I loved about this movie. First on a physical level....great acting and loved the scenery and enjoyed the props and clothes. On a spiritual level, awesome, a true story about the perserverance of a man against all odds and eventually, after many years of struggling and countless loses, he finally gets his anti-slavery bill passed. I wish more men where like him!!! I admire men like those who are standing up to protect traditional marriage for one man and one woman, they are like Wilburforce,and I have faith that if they do not give up they too will pass their bills.
I very much like the undercurrent message of how vital a wife is to a husbands success in life. His battle wore at his health until he married and took on this blessed institution and his health improved and his mind and spirit prevailed too and he eventually won. I loved the smile he gave his wife at the takes two in life for so many things. And yet God blesses those who put their trust in Him as well. Though singles are often bullied God hears their crys for mercy and His right hand uphold them.
I was moved by the injustice of slavery and find that even in our day their are men/boys like Zach the boy who wrote the book...BE THE CHANGE, who have a true warrior spirit and even today make their brave stands. I pray today that more men will take their stand for justice and embrace that warrior spirit, life would be better for so many of us they would only not give up!! This is a must see movie..compelling and encouraging. I give it a 10 out of 10.

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