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i am new to this site, basically i just did a google search today after i have read some materials written by moishe rosen. i am christian and have just recently been trying to realigned my walk with christ. throughout doing that, i have began to live life sober from drugs and alcohol and have met some friends in different support groups for people like that.
i am writing this thread because i need some advice, i have recently had a small talk about God with a friend that told me he was raised jewish but doesnt really believe in God. i dont know much about jewish customs or traditions, or really what makes an orthodox jew. all i know is that my God is a jew. so i guess what im asking is how do i talk about evangelism with some one that already has a negative idea about God and from my stand point as being a gentile? i dont want to shove anything down his throat but merely just plant a seed, and im not sure how to do so. if anyone has some advice about how to go about with the God talk with an unbelieving jew, please help.
I would first ask him why he dose not believe in God.  Two common reasons are something bad happening that made him think that if God existed, He would have stopped that thing from happening, and the teaching that science has proved that God is not necessary.  In addition, I know that many Jews have abandoned their faith because it seemed like the dietary and Sabbath laws were two difficult to keep.

After you find out why he abandoned faith in God, if you cannot respond to his doubts, maybe somebody here can give help on the specific question.
so im a little confused, i just saw that i had an email saying that a ThomasDGW replied to this thread. but now i cant seem to find it. it gave a little expert from the response and said if i wanted to read more click on this link. but now there is no message? im not sure what happened but i was a little excited to see the response and now i cant find it ):
The message is sent when a person sends their reply, but on a moderated board, the post is not available on the board until it has been approved. Unfortunately, this creates a time lag.

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