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My Testimony--Jesus healed me. Part 1.
I grew up in a non-spiritual home. From the time I was 9 until 19 of the year 2000 I dealt with suicidal depression. It would come and go, ups and downs, like a stock market, there were good times and bad times.

My Dad walked his own way growing up and a lot of times in anger. His mother would take him to Church and tell him about his ancestry but when he was real young things like the Holocaust would worry him and he remembers not wanting to be Jewish because he heard a lot of bad things happened to Jews. When his Mother died my dad was 48, he also happened to be forced into retirement due to back and neck injury's, his only inheritance was his Mother's Holy Bible and he began to read. For one year I watched my Dad sit under a lamp stand every evening as he read his Bible from Genesis to Revelation. When he re-dedicated his life to God, and cried out to the Lord in Jesus name, his entire demeanor made a 180 degree turn in the best way that it's too hard to describe. It is as if he went from angry, impatient and reserved to the Christian version of the Dad you would see on 'Leave it to Beaver'. He was calm, gentle, smiling, and patient. One of those changes included him witnessing to me on nearly a daily basis.

In 00' a question popped into my mind "Why the Jews?" I typed this question into the internet search engine and read everything the "for" and the "against". Since I was nearly secular myself and was so neutral I took it all in. I started reading the web pages about the Prophecy of Israel in Isaiah and Isaiah 53. Sitting on my bed one day and as I dealt with my suicidal depression I reached out to Jesus Christ in a prayer. Little did I know, but my depression was gone, it took a year before I realized that when I would go back into sin, i.e. either lustful thoughts, secular party's my depression would come raging back. But as soon as I confessed my sins to Jesus, my depression would subside. I went into the Mikvah in 2005, as I went under the water my eyes opened all on their own and I can still remember how clear that water looked as I watched it roll over me. Just like if someone took a pane of glass and placed it over your face and took a pitcher of water and gently poured it out onto the glass. It was that clear. Afterward, I never felt so pure in my life! My Messiah had not only saved my soul, but Jesus gave me a miracle to remember and washed away my sins. I've been depression free for 12 glorious years! All the Glory to Jesus Christ! For he made me righteous before God, the gratitude I feel cannot be expressed with words!!!

A lttle boys trip to heaven    ;
Magdalena Wrote:That was so beautiful to read ,thank you for sharing your story

You're welcome Magdalena.
As I started some age and wisdom, I realized that this is not necessary to drive, so all the time! Of course, payment of fines, high insurance, there is always work, because the abuse of my car to open my eyes.
(01-30-2012, 02:37 PM)melonsmartin Wrote: As I started some age and wisdom, I realized that this is not necessary to drive, so all the time! Of course, payment of fines, high insurance, there is always work, because the abuse of my car to open my eyes.

Wow, I don't get the meaning of this at all...
I dont either but maybe someone who is melonsmartin or fruitinfartin might.
I know what that feeling is like. Nice, thanks for sharing your testimony. Its good to put it into words. Thank you.
Really good to hear your testimony, glad to know that Jesus saved your soul. 12 years of depression I can't even fathom how horrible that might've been. Glory to Jesus Christ!
I love to read and reread this testimony. Thank you for sharing it. I share with you this encouragement also... This last Sabbath was rather sad and lonely for me and my family. I had asked God to make this day special in someway for us and it seemed rather grimm since we had no money and no one to do anything with so we went for a ride. As I drove I saw a blood donation bus and decided to donate my blood, its slightly rare and usually much needed, and they give you thought was to get a few snacks for me and my family, and I did, but also they were giving out movie passes and what a treat. I took a few bites of the snack offered, a bag of cheese snacks, and a few sips of sprite can, and took the rest out to the car for my family. We then went to the movies! It was still within matinee prices so we had enough for us...but the Lord had other plans and someone we knew was there and went to the cashier as we got up there and paid our tickets, so we were able to use our pass card for snacks instead. So here our Sabbath seemed so glum and lonely and the Lord blessed us with treats! Shalom
My testimony-- I got my license on Friday and on Monday modeled for a large corporation! God is soo good! This company offered free makeovers and needed models. It helped me to get a free hair color and cut and a new start and also to network with people in my field. I put my trust in God. Almost hit a truck one block from the show but God sent an angel and we missed it by one inch! I could see the whites of the drives was close. Shalom.

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