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saved from alcohol and cigarettes
after God saved me as a child I was as lost as anybody I quit high school ,joined the army ,went to germany became a alcoholic got addicted to cigarettes,got out and went to work and got to drinking 2 to 3 beers every morning before going to work and 2 to 3 at dinner . at middle age God drew me to reading the bible as I drank myself to sleep every night.and I came to believe in Yeshua  but even though I prayed for help I couldn't beat the cravings ,but one night I told god how I believed in Jesus and that I would try to live as he said I should,and asked for him to forgive me of my sins. however I told Him I wasn't going to try to quit drinking and smoking anymore because my nerves couldn't take it anymore.when I finished talking to him  I opened a can of beer and took a drink but it tasted bad so I put it down and lit a cigarette but it tasted bad so I put it out and went to sleep. the next morning I didn't have any cravings and haven't drank or smoked since then .
after being saved and being baptized in the spirit I began asking the Lord questions such as," where are we in the last days?" and " who is the beast or anti-christ"? soon I have a dream one night and in it I was up in the air looking down at the ground below and it was covered with soldiers and I had the thought that they were chinese,then that vision stoped and all I was seeing is white light and a voice said "Jehoshaphat", and I thought what does that mean?,and the voice said "Joel" and I thought of the book of Joel, and the voice said again "Jehoshaphat", so I try to get awake to look in the Bible for Joel to find Jehoshaphat,just before I get awake the voice said I send you into the land of the shadow for a sign.then I look in Joel and in the 3rd ch. vs-2 and 12 I find where God says he will bring all nations against Israel to be judged because of their treatment of the Jews and for parting His land. continued.
You must be the same who used to go by the name freeoholic.  It's good to see you here again.

Any who try to divide the land of Israel are in trouble with Jesus.  It will be a shock when Jews who are against Jesus find out that He was on their side all along.
So I went to see if I could find were the valley of Jehoshaphat is and I found in 2nd chronicles chapter 20 .King Jehoshaphat and all the people in Jerusalem prayed for the Lord to save them from a great multitude of several nations that were on the way to destroy them. and the Lord told them to go out and fight; that the battle was his .and they did .and when they got close to the valley their band started playing and their attackers got confused and started fighting each other till they destroyed each other and when Jehoshaphat's army got there they spent several days picking up the loot and carrying it all back home and they called it the valley of Berachah (blessing). I think that the Lord showed me where we are in the last days and also how Israel will be saved.  
good to see you again thomas.the regime was able to send me on vacation for a while. didn't realize i was worthy,lol. hey I talked to another man they had shut down . he said he was blogging about the government's crooked dealings with rfid and the bilderburgers(my spelling isn't any better lol.) he was agains't the u.n. and globalists in both partys and was getting a lot of hate . he got on myspace to be with his daughter and wasn't fighting with the globalists there but when his daughter came to live with him he decided to get off myspace .when he pushed the last button to leave he got a blue screen with small little white circles and red letters that said he had a bug. and it fried his computer. I asked if he could get it fixed and he said no. I  wonder how long the net. can last this way .
I too think the Chinese will be involved in a major battle in the end times. America owes them so much  money we would be their slaves if they bankrupted us today. I had a dream just before I started telling my story in 2006. Its a strange dream considering I am not politcally sauve but it went like this:
I was sitting in a classroom and a man in white long frock was in front of me. No one else in the room. He pointed to the black board and on the board where initials of countries. USA, USSR, UK etc I  knew a few of them but most I did not know. He pointed to two of them and said this these two countries will join together to fight USA and UK will betray you to these two countries. The two countries he pointed two where China and Japan...strange huh, considering that they are not exactly best buds. When I woke up that is all I remembered and it was kinda spooky.
Well I dont know if its true but I have never had one before like this one and I have never had another either. So I agree with you that China will somehow be involved. G-d help the woman and children of USA when they do attack.
thanks for that Hope7. yes in revelations it is said that the Euphrates would be dried up for the kings of the east .that could be China and Japan, North koria,and india. they may all have their hearts set on the oil. Russia and her allies might try to stop that.don't know where the u.s. will be .maybe nuked? maybe it's mystry bablyon and it's end will come in one day.and then the rest of the world will turn on each other to take control of the oil . can only speculate but one thing is for sure. Israel will be saved . even so come Lord Jesus.
I know Israel will be saved! I only hope that they accept Jesus soon, the sooner the better if you ask me! I do not know the Bible well enough to know what is prophesied about the end times but I do know that Israel will be saved. I watched a great video the other day and it showed how two brothers found a boat in the sands of Israel and I was impressed. The more they try to cover up history the more G-d reveals it.
yes I don't think we will understand all the mysteries until the seventh angel begins to sound .If you take a bunch of different colored highliners and mark what the 7 angels do with trumpets and what the 7 angels do with vials the plagues appear to be the same just as Pharaoh's kine and ears of corn were the same.the first trumpet plagues were poured on the earth ,the first vial plague was poured on the Earth,(mark both with  yellow highliner and mark the secound trumpet and vial plagues with orange highliner and go through all 7 that way) and underline where each plague was poured,the secound trumpet and vials were poured on the SEA.and continue: the third trumpets and vials were poured ON THE FOUNTAINS OF WATERS.mark blue and underline fountains of waters.the 4th trumpet were poured on the SUN ,moon and stars-the forth vial was poured on the SUN.the fifth trumpet caused the sun and air to be DARKENED and hurt only those men which have not the seal of God in their foreheads.the fifth vial caused the beast's kingdom to be full of DARKNESS.The six t&v applies to the river EUPHRATES. the 7th trumpet begins to sound and the mystery of God should be FINISHED,THE 7 vial says a great voice comes out of heaven saying it is DONE. continued...
The 1st plague of the trumpets and vials doesn't seem similar but i'm thinking the trumpet may  deal with the plague's impact and the vial deals with the plague's result.example : if nuclear war broke out with EMP effects.not only would the 3rd of grass and trees  be burnt up (trumpet) but maybe everyone with  rfid chips in them would have their chips fried under their skin causing the grievous sore(vials).---TRUMPETS-REV.8;7-The 1st.angel sounded and there followed hail and fire mingled with blood,and they were cast upon the EARTH. and the  third part of trees was burnt up and all green grass was burnt up .-VIALS-REV.16;2-And the 1st went and poured out his vial upon the EARTH. and there fell a noisome and grievous sore upon the men which had the mark of the beast. and upon them which worshipped his image . [attachment=5]

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