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Biblically Incorrect
You Call This the Gospel - Wretched TV

I think this world and the majority of churches have dropped off the ledge of sanity . It's amazing reading the responses from others of this video, defending these preachers stance. It seems the secular church has become a business message of money, and not salvation.

Our reward is in heaven for our acts of charity, not this earth, and not to reap a boundless harvest of monetary wealth. In fact I believe, the crowns in Heaven we shall receive, are for those we have done not seeking reward, but from our hearts for others.

Beware for false christs, and false doctrine shall come in this end age. Tithing is not the issue if your seed is planted in fertile soil. Our seeds planted are not money, and Jesus was not speaking of money in Matthew 13, but of our salvation, and the integrity of Hashem's Word in us. But if our goings forth are done with the right heart, our seeds planted shall multiply, and the Lord will take care of our basic needs, but these people stretch this message into $6,000,000.00 homes, and fleets of jets. Money money money! Beware of wolves in sheep's clothing, and what reward you seek for your earthly tithes!

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