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Biblically Incorrect
I don't know how many of you watched the super bowl last night, I actually did, an American custom. In the food and restaurant business is is larger than both Christmas and thanksgiving. Churches dismissed their normal worship time, and had superbowl parties, and as far as the impact of the game, and half time show, it was quite elaborate and spectacular. I live in Indianapolis and the city came alive the last week.

Even CBN, with Pat Robertson commented on the halftime show with Madonna .All over facebook churches are giving Madonna a thumbs up.

Is something wrong here? Does anyone else feel this? well I do see a few things wrong here;

While most were amazed by a woman in her fifties dancing around with LMFAO and others were annoyed at her lipsynching, I was amazed by something else: the flurry of symbolism flashed to billions of worldwide viewers. While most saw Madonna’s performance as an entertaining interlude to the most important football game of the year, those with symbol-literacy will probably agree: Madonna’s halftime show was a big celebration of the Illuminati industry and of its Grand Priestess, Madonna.

A week before the Superbowl, Madonna described on Anderson Cooper the spiritual importance she attributed to her Half-Time show:

“The Superbowl is kind of like the Holy of Holies in America. I’ll come at halfway of the “church experience” and I’m gonna have to deliver a sermon. It’ll have to be very impactful.”

It is rather appropriate that this Kaballah-intiate referred to the Superbowl as the “Holy of Holies” as it was the name of the most sacred place in Solomon’s Temple. No one was ever permitted the Holy of Holies but the High Priest and only on the Day of Atonement – to offer the blood of sacrifice and incense before the mercy seat. Madonna’s analogy was therefore rather telling of the mindset behind her performance.
post2 Madonnasuperbowl;

Let’s look at the main parts of her show.
Vogue or Entrance of the Priestess

Madonna entrance is an elaborate procession fit for a High Priestess or even a goddess.

Pushed by hundreds of Roman soldiers and welcomed by hundreds of women, Madonna's glorious entrance is a reflection of her status in the entertainment world.

Her first performance is highly influenced by ancient Egypt-Sumeria-Babylon and Madonna’s costume recalls an ancient Babylonian goddess.

The decor of Madonna's first performance combines elements from ancient Egypt, Sumeria and Babylon. Madonna herself is dressed in a way that highly resembles an Ancient Sumerian/Babylonian goddess, Inanna-Ishtar.

Ishtar with her foot on a roaring lion and wearing a distinctive headdress thatresembles the one worn by Madonna. Ishtar is often depicted with wings, a feature that is recalled on Madonna's "carriage".

Ishtar was a powerful and assertive goddess whose areas of control and influence included warfare, love, sexuality, prosperity, fertility and prostitution. She sought the same existence as men, enjoying the glory of battle and seeking sexual experiences. Madonna’s as Ishtar is therefore quite interesting as one can argue that the pop singer has embodied, throughout her career, the same assertive yet highly sexual qualities of Ishtar, even achieving a state of power in the music industry that is usually reserved to men. On an esoteric level, Ishtar is associated with the planet Venus, known as the Morning Star or the Evening Star – a name also attributed to Lucifer in occult schools.

So in this mythologically-charged setting Madonna performed Vogue. During the performance, we saw dancers on the covers of Vogue, a magazine that is at the forefront of Illuminati symbolism in fashion (as seen in the series of articles Symbolic Pics of the Month).

Vogue ends with a symbol that is consistent with the Egyptian-Babylonian theme of the performance. It is also highest importance in occult Secret Societies such as Freemasons, the Rosicrucians and the Illuminati: the Winged Sun-Disk.

The song ends with the displaying of the symbol of the Winged Sun-Disk.

Egyptian mystics used the winged sun for ritualistic magic and invocations:

“‘Emblematic of the element of air, this consists of a circle or solar-type disk enclosed by a pair of wings. In ritual magic it is suspended over the alter in an easterly direction and used when invoking the protection and co-operation of the sylphs.”
-Hope, Murry, Practical Egyptian Magic


The winged sun is still being used today by groups like the Freemasons, the Theosophists and the Rosicrucians.

“The Winged Globe is pre-eminently a Rosicrucian symbol, although the Illuminati may lay claim to it, and it may be admitted that it is of Egyptian origin. The Winged Globe is the symbol of the perfected soul making its flight back to the source of its creation in the Elysian fields beyond.”
-Swinburne, Clymer, The Rosicrucians Their Teachings

The symbol of the winged-sun inside a Masonic lodge.

The display of this symbol, although apparently trivial and aesthetic, emphasizes on the occult spiritual dimension underlying Madonna’s entire performance.

How about this article;
Madonna’s NFL Satanic Ritual disguised in the Half Time Show.

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Madonna’s NFL Satanic Ritual disguised as Church Music. by Nicolas Duplessis.
(The Illuminati always has to do its rituals between the New Moon and Full Moon. The Full Moon is in 2 more days, so it is their time for rituals & what better place than a Half Time show with millions of people?)

On top of us having a nearly full moon cycle tonight, on this second month, of day five in the year 2012, this moon cycle is very important to the Illuminati because any ritual that is done, will be full force because the power of the ritual will grow with the moon.

Needless to say; Church; WAKE UP!!!
Google and Facebook remove anti Islamic content
after court warning.
Published On Monday, February 06, 2012 08:13 AM

Internet giants Google Inc and Facebook removed content from some Indian domain websites on Monday following a court directive warning them of a crackdown "like China" if they did not take steps to protect religious sensibilities.
The two are among 21 companies asked to develop a mechanism to block objectionable material after a private petitioner took them to court over images deemed offensive to Hindus, Muslims and Christians.

The case has stoked fears about censorship in the world's largest democracy.
"(Our) review team has looked at the content and disabled this content from the local domains of search, Youtube and Blogger," Google spokeswoman Paroma Chaudhry said.
At the heart of the dispute is a law that India passed last year making companies responsible for user content posted on their web sites, and giving them 36 hours to take down content if there's a complaint.

Last month, the companies said it was not possible for them to block content. Google's Chaudhry declined to comment on what had since been removed, and a Facebook representative said only that the company would release a statement later.
As I was watching a major Christian LS broadcast on TV tonight, I about threw a cup of coffee through the screen,as a couple shifty looking guys were saying ; Cast your seed of $250. bucks baby and get your blessings from God! If you don't give your seed you don't get blessed! Lester Someral would turn over in his grave if he heard that!They then proceeded to talk about the Jewish harvest, and feasts of firstfruits, and how to make payments , and as soon as the last payment came; expect a financial miracle; Bull !

I have no problem giving a tithe for a ministry, but getting blessed is free. It is an abomination to mix the two. I guess the poor can't afford to get blessed? Sheez! I get soooooooooo mad when I hear that, everyday it seems anymore;
Hears a few more;
Creflo Dollar "If you want Blessings, Pay First"

Todd coontz's $100 and $1000 Seed Exposed

Paul also wrote that the Holy Spirit produces the seed of "fruit" in the lives of believers. These are virtues that demonstrate Jesus' righteousness in the lives of His disciples: "The fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, self-control" (Galatians 5:22).

18And when Simon saw that through laying on of the apostles' hands the Holy Ghost was given, he offered them money,

19Saying, Give me also this power,and blessing that on whomsoever I lay hands, he may receive the Holy Ghost and prosper.

20But Peter said unto him, Thy money perish with thee, because thou hast thought that the gift of G-D may be purchased with money.

21Thou hast neither part nor lot in this matter: for thy heart is not right in the sight of G-D.

22Repent therefore of this thy wickedness, and pray G-D, if perhaps the thought of thine heart may be forgiven thee.

23For I perceive that thou art in the gall of bitterness, and in the bond of iniquity.

I suppose the scriptures speak for themselves. I understand supporting a ministry,and JFJ is a great place to support, because their heart is right. but the blessings we receive are not of this world, and the seed we sow is the harvest of salvation, not money!Help a neighbor who's out of work, , or a widow, or go to a nursing home and give some time, feed the poor,you,ll find they will listen! don't buy these swindlers BMW,s and Rolls Royce, and private jets!They say give to god!. They must think they are god, because they keep it!
(02-06-2012, 06:08 PM)Azriel Wrote: post3madonnasuperbowl;

The winged sun is still being used today by groups like the Freemasons, the Theosophists and the Rosicrucians.

“The Winged Globe is pre-eminently a Rosicrucian symbol, although the Illuminati may lay claim to it, and it may be admitted that it is of Egyptian origin. The Winged Globe is the symbol of the perfected soul making its flight back to the source of its creation in the Elysian fields beyond.”
-Swinburne, Clymer, The Rosicrucians Their Teachings

The symbol of the winged-sun inside a Masonic lodge.

The display of this symbol, although apparently trivial and aesthetic, emphasizes on the occult spiritual dimension underlying Madonna’s entire performance.
I must say this performance has awakened many here in Indianapolis to draw the lines of friendship against each other. Many singers from the assembly of God churches here in Indianapolis sang as backup for the Madonna halftime, and many churches rallied behind them, even CBN.

As I sat in a university waiting room at IU today a few blocks away from Lucas stadium, I heard everyone talking about the game, and how awesome halftime was. I felt like I was sitting in foreign country with no one understanding my language. I enjoy football very much, and I tell you there is nothing wrong with the game in itself, but something else happened this year no one was aware of, everyone was sleeping. A line was drawn , and a fence put up, of who hears G-D speak,and what side they are standing on, and the critical sense of time we live in , and some who step by step seem to draw away in blindness of the truth into the secular world.It is the time of the rising antichrist.

My wife has been slandered and blocked by many on facebook, friends, and fellow church members in which she shared our faith for posting this above.
Here’s what happened on the night of Sunday, February 5th, 2012 in Indianapolis, on the 39th parallel:
Last night’s epic ‘war’ between the Patriots (those who hope to prevent the New World Order) and the Giants (the Overlords, or even the Biblical Nephilim) drew, according to NBC’s estimates, 111 Million viewers. This 111 number represents, not only a perverse sort of trinity in occult circles, but is also a shorthand way of saying ’666′.

As these 111 Million sets of eyeballs stared at the civilized warfare (interrupted over and over by beer and wild women), we overindulged in celebratory food, beer, and comradery. This shared experience thrills those who believe in a global consciousness, and the halftime show provided this Earth mind moment with 13 minutes of black magic to ‘seal the deal’.

Certainly, anyone who has seen Elizabeth Taylor’s spectacular entrance into Rome as Cleopatra in the movie of the same name recognized the pageantry as a pale imitation of that iconic moment. Echoing Cleopatra, Madonna entered the arena in her own golden chariot, drawn by Roman soldiers (ushered in by war). The singer wore an odd headdress that looked very much like a stylized goat’s head, while the rest of her costume was pure Roman soldier (except, of course, for the 5 inch stiletto boots).

So, we see ‘Madonna’ (the Virgin Mother) representing Egypt’s Cleopatra (who embodied Isis, mother of Horus/Osiris). The first song (Vogue – lyrics here) begins with this ‘daughter of men’ cavorting with a winged being (one pair of wings on his back, another on his feet, and a lyre in his hands). This could be Mercury, or it might also represent Lucifer/Saturn/Satan. Once this initial dance is over, the ‘Madonna’ then dances with all the ‘creatures’ (one looks like he has a goat head, another is part cheetah/leopard, one appears to be a snake, and the Virgin ‘rides’ him). This is a deliberate picture of a Genesis 6 style orgy!

As the Vogue number has ‘impregnated’ the Virgin Isis/Semiramis, the number ends with a pose, and the lights reveal a winged disc (the Egyptian sun symbol). The orgy continues now, enjoining the world to do the same–through Music. (Music – lyrics here). Performers from Cirque de Solei (circle of the sun) join Madonna as well as the rap duo LMFAO (if you don’t speak ‘internet’, this is an acronym for Laughing My F-ing A_ _ Off — apologies for the language). All the dancers are dressed in animorphic attire, almost as if animals and humans have interbred. Hmm… These combination creatures (chimeras) also wear Egyptian and Roman dress (the high wire man is wearing a short toga–careful there!), and they also wear capes (indicating superhuman abilities). Ending this portion with the lyrics “I’m ****, and I know it”, this Virgin/Whore now demands worship.

The scene shifts to a cheerleader number. Dressed in white and red, the ‘vestal virgins’ join in worshiping their queen of heaven. This is a highly erotic, lesbian orgy, and Madonna is joined by two other females singers (M.I.A. and Nicki Minaj – note that her name reminds of us ‘menage a trois’. MIA, by the way, offered a middle finger to her audience–thanks so much for that!). The song is from Madonna’s latest albun (MDNA), called Give Me All Your Love – lyrics here. The white of the women’s attire represents purity, but the red (centered on their vital organs) reminds us of blood and sacrifice). The world is expected to love and worship this Isis/Semiramis/Whore of Babylon, and we are expected to love her unto death if required.

Enter the marching bands–each from one side, merging in the center. The platform bears numerous stars (pentagrams), but the center where they meet is a laurel circlet with a round white circle inside, and within that ‘orb’ is a red circle with the ‘M’ of Madonna inside–by the way, ‘M’ is shorthand for ’13′, since it is the 13th letter of our alphabet). This central imagery looks like a blood red eye (HORUS, the child), and above it is a CROWN. The bands are like warriors from the east and west, merging at the center of the New World Order for s staged battle.

The next song begins: Open Your Heart – lyrics here. although, this is a very short excerpt of the song, the words speak of a forced worship/love and of finding a key. Curiously, this is a song of unrequited love–a sad, lonely woman, who has lost the love of the world (the WHORE is rejected by the warring ‘Beast’, portrayed by Cee Lo Green, who carries a large scepter. He is the ‘Priest/King’, and he subdues the Harlot. Perhaps, the song is truncated because the war is short, and the Harlot, along with her followers must now worship the Beast (Horus/Satan).

The stage morphs into the setting for the final scene, and the lights show us a ‘black sun’. The imagery here is one of sacrifice, this time it is the Woman who must die. We see a chorus in black and white, led by the Beast, now robed as a priest. Two women (one on either side of the Woman) turn away as if to show rejection as the Beast Priest steps forward (just after Madonna sings, “and it feels like home”). The two now stand, side by side, as if in agreement. The platform rises into the air while the chorus dances and sings with them. (In the midnight hour, I can feel your power, just like a prayer, I want to take you there…I hear your voice. It’s like an angel sighing. I have NO CHOICE. I hear your VOICE. Feels like FLYING. I close my eyes, O God, I think I’m falling. Out of the sky, I close my eyes. Heaven help me!) As she sings these lyrics, the light show forms a black, swirling pit (like a black hole–ABYSS) below the stage. This odd ‘black hole’ fans out as the choir sings (It’s like a dream to me!), slowly forming the nations of the world. Madonna leaves the platform, climbing up the upstage stairs, leaving the ‘Beast’ in sole control of the New World Order.

The camera now centers on Madonna (Isis/Semiramis/Whore of Babylon), who has climbed into the stars. She repeats ‘Life is a mystery. Everyone must stand alone. I hear you call my name. And it feels like…[Here, she disappears, falling into the stars]…HOME.

The World Religion, led by the Woman who once rode the Beast is sacrificed, but she lives among the stars.

[Let me also point out this very interesting tidbit: This was Superbowl 46. There are 46 chromosomes in the human genome. The GIANTS won.]

Either I'm deliriously insane, or perhaps I see something more , that is only revealed within the Holy Spirit; the coming of the beast, and the subliminal brainwashing , and deceiving,if he could, even the elect

Come Lord Jesus come
Air Force Removes ‘God’ From Logo

A Virginia lawmaker is calling on the Air Force to reverse a decision to remove a Latin reference to “God” from a logo after an atheist group complained.
Rep. Randy Forbes, (R-VA), said the Air Force removed the logo several weeks ago from the Rapid Capabilities Office. The patch included a line written in Latin that read, “Doing God’s Work with Other People’s Money.”
But after the Military Association of Atheists and Freethinkers complained, Forbes said the line was rewritten in Latin to read, “Doing Miracles with Other People’s Money.”
Forbes, along with a bi-partisan group of 35 lawmakers, sent a letter to Air Force Secretary Michael Donley and Air Force Chief of Staff Norton Schwartz expressing concern over the decision to remove a non-religious reference to God.
“It is most egregious,” Forbes told Fox News. “The Air Force is taking the tone that you can’t even use the word ‘God.’”
Forbes said his office contacted the Air Force and officials there confirmed that the logo had been changed after the atheist group complained.
read more;

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