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New prayers
I agree with you and will most certainly pray for those being persecuted because they believe in Jesus. What is happening is foretold in Rev. and yet I cant help with every day passing to be amazed at what is happening.
Times are hard, for everyone, and I have drawn much strength from Gods Word but also the memory of my adopted 7th Day Adventist mother Millie. I have much she has written and her strength and courage have stayed me when I felt like giving up.
Please lift my family and I up in prayer. We are oppressed but not shaken. We are poor but love the Lord. We are surrounded by those who profess one thing but live another, please pray we will endure this time well and not give up. Thank you
I have a prayer request and am asking for immediate prayer. Thank you.
It is tough to see Christians being persecuted, but God is the one in charge. The more we pray the stronger we are to trust him.

Just remember, Distress comes only from our own misery.

Also to help get you through Everyone needs the love of a Savior but no one needs the love of a blind man.

Hope that cheers your day up and ill be praying extra for God's guidance on our lives.Smile
Hi azriel hope7 sandraloft and others. My praryers be with you. Its tough to see Christians struggling today. Out of work, family issues, or worse. Some of the violence on the tv makes me flip out or plain just flip it off.

But remember the distress we feel comes only from our own misery, in as much we cant controll others problems.

Also its good to note that Everyone needs the love of the Savior but no one body needs the love of a blind man. When we put our trust and love in Christ he will be our guide always.Smile
Struggles? What would any of us know about struggles?...thats a joke!
I just watched the TEN COMMANDMENTS again, the one with Charlton Heston and it will put struggles into perspective. I am more concerned with the next generation, the ones following the baby boomers, I occurs to me that they could possibly inherit a greater depression than the great depression and are less capable of handling what we call struggles, they will call torture.
The socialized medicine of Obama care starts in 2014 and we will begin a step into socialism that will bring this country to its financial knees I think. The knees are already buckling under the immense strain and I know they think this will make it better. It will in some ways but those who are below poverty level, mainly single mothers and children will not be better off they will simply be passed onto the government for even more added burden, which will in turn cause the government, me thinks, to reduce food stamps and financial aid to those already oppressed families putting even more of them into homeless shelters and government housing. I just think it will cause a domino effect on other overly burdened systems already and this, not so bright, leadership in our countrys government will attempt to put their finger in the damn but it will be to late I think. The USA is a country that has fallen ill and only Jesus can help it, the very thing our leaders are rebelling against, the faith of the poor man in his God-crutch, as they see it, is folly to them. So we are juxtaposed, without remedy, our forefathers would not put up with this kind of leadership, they didnt in England, they didnt in America. I think we could call our times the " Watering down of all that was once good in America". But at least we know what Gods word says and each day is a fulfillment of His glorious word, a word coming true before our very eyes. And this gives me much, much hope!
Answer to prayer. I dont have much to share in life but I can share my testimony of Gods goodness and say God bless you.

On Oct. 22nd I finally was able to complete a program I have been working toward for over a year now and I see how the Lords hand was with me all the way. I start my story by laying this foundation that I had scheduled my exam several weeks in advance and had requested the afternoon exam but it was unavailable and had to accept the early morning slot ( I can see now how this was to be a bigger answer to prayer than I could have imagined at the time) Since I had to take a family member I had to arrange a way to pick them up and then drive over 2 !/2 hours to the exam site, so in all I had a 4 hour drive and decided to go to my families the night before to save driving in the early morning. When I arrived I was overwhelmed with the site of a family in various stages of flu recuperation, everyone was either sick or recovering, all except the person whom was going to the exam with me the next day! That family member had been carrying for all the other sick members of the family. I was very concerned that that person or myself would come down with the flu before taking the exam but there was no refunds and no turning back at that point and time so onward we went. Arising at 4 and leaving at 5 am we said a prayer for Gods travel mercies and to help us arrive safely and on time and not be sick. My family had told me they had been praying that they would not get sick until after the exam was over! We arrived in plenty of time and registered and just as we were to enter the exam my family said to me, "Im getting sick!" Just the beginning quesiness stage and with Gods help they made it through without any other difficulty! I went on to pass my exam and felt the God Lords helping hand throughout. When I went back to the car my family was indeed sick, the flu had held out until the their part of the exam was over! So if I had scheduled my exam for the afternoon my family would have gotten sick during the exam and I would have lost my money and had to reschedule!! Isnt our God amazing! I have so many other small ways He answered prayer for me, too many to recount, but I can say that I have my license today because God opened a door!
One hour after arriving home my entire household came down with the same flu...but not until after I had taken my exam! God is good, all the time! God bless you JFJ.
(12-03-2011, 10:29 AM)HOPE7 Wrote: Prayer is our spiritual act of worship, its a part of presenting ourselves a living sacrafice,......according to His will and bless your heart with happiness!

Just an observation and by no means a statement of anyones's doctrine..... Recently I was studying Prayer in the context of the Book of Job:

I may have mentioned this before, but I read a secular encyclopedia article about the book of Job [Britannica c.1959?]. The author said, and I paraphrase, that at the time of the composition of the book deities were considered to have absolute power. They had the right to afflict simply because they could.

True, Job's friends would argue "...... how can you be more justified than your G_ - who is the most powerful of all g-'s. Plead guilty, admit your error and move on.....". However Job had faith in Divine justice(?).

The concept of one true all powerful G_ who not only made covenants with mortals but offered them redemption was largely unheard of at the time. These days many take this concept this for granted and become angry and disillusioned when an affliction appears unjustified.

Yet the book of Job ends with the afflicted praying for the comforters ".....and my servant Job shall pray for you: for him will I accept:....".

I try to be realistic when praying for strangers - limited time and limited knowledge of the patient or the circumstance - but I try to remember to think of my comforters when I am the afflicted one - which is more often than I will admit to(lol). It is difficult for the suffering to watch the family and friends suffer almost as much - sometimes more - than the sick and injured.

I can't find the scripture, but I think it was David who had prayers answered before they could be even be composed??

One other point - many of the posters on this site might be new to the customs and traditions derived from the Greek Gospels:

The Lord's Prayer may mean the Our Father or the Prayer in the Garden (John 17). The Our Father has a Catholic and Protestant variation. The one ending in "...for thine is the kingdom...." is supposed to be based partly on "David's Prayer " or his last blessing on Israel -I Chron. 29 - and is used by Protestants. The Catholic version might be the more scripturally accurate one?

My family was mixed Cath./Prot.. I went to Cath. Schools. When rumours started about my parent's Divorce, I was somewhat alienated from my classmates. [My father was leaving an unconverted protestant - why should the Catholics care? -lol]

Anyway as an act of pre-teen rebellion I would either not say the Catholic prayers or finish the "Our father" - is not a Christian a Christian? Child that I was, this only made my abrupt isolation even worse - lol (looking back)!

I cannot barter a prayer favour, except hope that we all may find mercy - time being so precious to mortals.
I would like to share a Praise to the Lord. I have asked for prayer regarding a young person who is on dialysis and he told me he too has been praying and that God is hearing and he has decided to try and have a kidney transplant and he told me for the first time in a long time his labs, were good. He was so happy and he looked so much better. God is good.
I can think of only a few things I am willing to suffer for in my old age, more in my younger, but as I age that list has shrunk to these
1. My family
2. Support of traditional marriage for one man and one woman only
3. For the truth to be proven through the medical world that you are not born homosexual
4. Israel
For these only I would suffer to pray for and to pronounce support.God bless Israel and JFJ. You are doing a fine work and I know God must be very proud of you and know He must be smiling upon you, let it be forever. Amen

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