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PLease pray for a good report for "Fender"
Shalom, Please pray for a good report and complete and total healing for my verrrrrry beloved little dog named Fender.Just returned from the vet who said in HIS words, NOT MINE, that doggie is ovwer 50% "likely" to have cancer on the side of his face that would require disfiguring the little fellow ,and prognosis usually not good.The vet took a tissue sample which i wont hear from till end of the wek results .He also said it could be a bad infection,or a benign tumor.Please pray that it isnt cancer and for Fenders total and complete healing and recovery from any disease.Thank you so much.It means so much to me.I love this little 90 lb doggie sssssoooooooooo much.may God bless u greatly and wonderfully for your prayers.
I know what they say about animals not having a soul but G-d made them and I know He loves them too and I know they will be in heaven. They have more heart than most people I know. I love my animals too and I will ask G-d to help you and your adopted family pet.

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