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I will consider requests for prayer: on the world
Hi there,

Just to let you know, I have a specific cross to pray for the world. Not individual Churches or groups or people - necessarily - but only those who have some bearing on the passage of the world to its end. This is not selfish, I mostly concern myself with leadership issues.

If there is anything that you think would refine people's walk with Christ, globally, I would like to hear it!

Yours truly,
Pray that God, the Living Hebew God of heaven will help us preserve and protect TRADITIONAL MARRIAGE for one man and one woman. Pray for those who are fighting for its constitutionality. Pray for the children whom will be adopted by ss parents should TRADITIONAL MARRIAGE definition be destroyed. Pray for the children that will not know Gods precepts or the protections they provide by growing up in families with multiple mothers or multiple fathers. Pray for the woman and men who delude themselves into thinking that plurality of marriage will benefit them....it will destroy them spiritually and cause their children to fall into sin as well. Now that is something worth praying for...God bless you.
Water, food, the passing of anti abortion laws will all mean nothing if Traditional Marriage is destroyed.
(11-14-2011, 09:59 AM)HOPE7 Wrote: Water, food, the passing of anti abortion laws will all mean nothing if Traditional Marriage is destroyed.

You've made a very spirited request! I have already endeavoured to make headway into this issue, but have made little progress. With your insight, I may assert a stronger cause.

Dear God servant Chris,
You need to order and watch the video, INDOCTRINATION public schools and the decline of Christianity in america, asap. I think it will provide you the inspiration you need.
Once inspired the Holy Spirit of our Living God will direct you in the way you should go. We dont need each other we need God and that through Jesus, who is himself the incarnation of our Living Hebrew God. If we have God, we are full in our hearts and our minds are at peace!
I was asked to bless AMERICA and to acknowledge the atrosities of the Obama administration. I agree with the latter but in all honesty, I love my country, but I find it difficult to ask God to bless her when I consider
1) That is little reason for me to try to work to stop the spread of the aborting of innocent babies when homosexual couples will then adopt them and I put them into the fire from the frying pan. I can no longer do it!
2) That paganism is taught to our children in public schools and more heinous by our churches too on some levels. That they are taught ways contrary to Godly principles and are basically wards of an evil corrupt government. I can no longer feel our education system is an intelligent choice for our children!
3) When our leaders seem to be more concerned with offending their brotherhood members, than offending God, when our men no longer show respect for the poor and fatherless they show disrespect to their God. I can no longer support these men!
4) Because to ask God to bless America is to ask God to condone sin and I cannot do that for my own children so I certainly will not do it for my country. I love the people of America, I especially love those whom are Gods, but I will lift up Jesus and I will do what God wants me to do to help anyone who needs it, friend or foe, but I will not close my eyes to what is wrong and say it is right. Only right is right.
5) My adopted mother Millie is right....ALL WE NEED IS JESUS. We are commissioned to love one another....WE ARE NOT COMMANDED TO NEED ONE ANOTHER. I find it hypocritcal for those who support the new age WNEA to them say...WE DONT NEED HER! All I need is Jesus and He does not dissappoint. He is always there. He is always loving. He is always faithful. He is the alpha and the omega and I put my trust in Him alone.

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