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Share scripture that has blessed you
Palms 77, the whole chapter is good but the verses I was drawn to initially are verses 13 and 14, also 15 is good as well. To think that our God is Holy, that He performs miracles for us, that He wants to show himself strong on our behalf is awesome. Verses worth concentration on when times get tough. God bless you.
Psalms 107 verse 28-29 They cry out to the Lord in their trouble, And He brings them out of their distress. He calms the storm,So that its waves are still.
Daniel 11 :32 The people who know their God will be strong and will resist him. ( reference to resisting satan)
As our Sabbath reading I choose Hebrews chapter 9 last night. A spectacular chapter and this morning awoke to Sabbath rain!3-10-11 Is there anything better than a Sabbath rain? A single purple forget-me-not arrived this year and just hangs over the top of my tribute memorial to JOHN DOE that I placed in my yard, JOHN DOE is the young boy who was attacked and killed by an oversexed homosexal man in N. California and how this community tried to cover it up. I wanted to place it in San Francisco, a place known for the homosexual community, as a testement to the truth that homosexuality is a sin, but God had other plans, His plans are perfect!!! I am glad it was the first flower to bloom this year, its as though God himself is saying I HAVENT FORGOTTEN ABOUT HIM, even if N. California has, I have seen it. I love God! I love the Sabbath rain He sent to me today too. God is good. Blessed be His name.

i love Pslam 23 it has been a blessing to me many a day when i have needed encouragement
(07-12-2012, 06:39 AM)redrose Wrote: i love Pslam 23 it has been a blessing to me many a day when i have needed encouragement

Redrose, the Jews for Jesus online Store, which you can click on at the top of the home page, has a book that might interest you -- The 23rd Psalm for the 21st Century, written by Lon Solomon. He is pastor of McLean Bible Church in Virginia.

The book includes his testimony as a Jewish believer in Jesus; it is called "A Lost Sheep of the House of Israel Comes Home."

I hope you will enjoy it and be blessed by it.

thankyou for your kindness i will indeed try and purchase it

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