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Awesome experience. I've been treated very, very well here. It is amazing, highly recommended.

I registered over at the Zola Levitt, when you go to their website at the very bottom far right, it says Discussions, click on that and it takes you to their forums. So I registered under MessianicJew, looking to talk to some others from the Judaism side. And so I posted the same threads as I posted here. I was banned in less than a couple days, all because I disagreed with one part of a longtime users comments "A2Granny" aka A2JKay and "Papa", I can't come back ever probably.

Get this, Aliva96 to some extent, but certainly A2JKay & Papa, told me I don't have the love of Messiah, boy, their idea of love I'll tell you. Is to call someone an idiot, a child, a brat, say my threads are stupid and then Mod1 banned me. Ridiculous.

Steer clear if you're looking to engage in dialogue with non-believing Jews on that website like you can do on Jews for Jesus.

Thanks for providing a place where Jews have backbone !!
Why this fuss?

If as an unbelieving Jew you are correct and the rest of us are wrong... shouldn't the scriptures reveal this?

Believing Jews and Christians who can point out the Gospel in Tanakh and that Y'shua is Messiah in Tanakh and Torah have a pretty convincing argument rather than the long drawn out extrabiblical explanations unbelievers of all varieties try to bamboozle upon the argument.

Like this warning of yours here... "you'd better not go there if you don't wanna face a tough guy like me..."

Shiver.. quake...
(10-13-2012, 05:55 PM)JohnD Wrote: Why this fuss?

Because on that site, they pretty much were disrespectful and it was allowed, then they banned me because they said they didn't like my personality. Would you enjoy being called arrogant, child, stupid?

If you read my threads I started on their discussions Debate forum, you will see my initial thread had nothing absuive. One person I told they didn't understand basic Enlgish. Just from that they started in on me and then banned me. Even though the person then told me I didn't understand basic English. Those individuals I mentioned above say all sorts of hypocritical things, like not to throw rocks, but yet if you do expect to catch a few. Gee, that is eye for an eye, and who spoke out against that one?

Those individuals who said such things, they're still on there. Makes me wonder what exactly is going on in Texas...

In fact, they even referred to this site as a "battle website". Pretty interesting. It seems like the Zola Levitt Ministry has allowed a few individuals that I named above to literally take over their discussions "Debate" forums. I mean here it is named a Debate forum and to expect controversy, and they ban me. No profanity I might add, not one word did I use. They banned me for a time, then I told those individuals they were chumps and they banned me permanently. I never called them stupid to begin with, or arrogant or children. Then I also told the user Pappa he wasn't an elder too. Which I believe him to not be one at all!

So that is why I started this thread, JewsforJesus is stellar. Probably the most humble and allowing of websites.

(10-13-2012, 05:55 PM)JohnD Wrote: If as an unbelieving Jew you are correct and the rest of us are wrong... shouldn't the scriptures reveal this?

I'm a believing Jew, I believe Jesus is the Son of God.

(10-13-2012, 05:55 PM)JohnD Wrote: Like this warning of yours here... "you'd better not go there if you don't wanna face a tough guy like me..."

Shiver.. quake...

Hmm. I never typed that, it is concerning that you just typed an entire sentence that isn't even typed in my thread above. Where exactly did you get that quote from? Maybe you have me mixed up with someone else?
Those things are sad to see. Factually and indeed historically Jews have been at the forefront of the civil rights movements in the USA whether secular or religious Jews, we all can get along and agree that to not be censored for speaking your mind is a good thing. And so to see censorship and bias toward one individual when other individuals did the same and in some cases worse things while not being banned too is a tragedy and quite frankly embarrassing to say the least. Especially on a site named after Zola Levitt that is suppose to be owned by Jews who believe in Jesus.

If I were Miles I would pay more attention to a ministry like this. Perhaps he is paid and isn't influential?

But they at Baruch Ha'Shem Texas have one guy out there on Shabbat that I've never heard of. Then they have a TV show with two other people: Miles and his wife. Jeffrey Seif is not there and Zola Levitt has since passed away, his wife Sandra isn't even on the show. Maybe this is a bad thing for them to not pay attention to. They will be held accountable since it is their ministry and they're placing too much trust in Moderators.

Who moderates the moderators? That is one downside to forums. Good thing Jews for Jesus understands how to keep it Jewish, otherwise we would be kicked off because we don't fit their status quo.

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