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Joel Rosenberg's Facebook Link
Joel Rosenberg
Um, is there a point here, Mark? Just wondering.
My next book I hope to be Joel Rosenbergs, INSIDE THE REVOLUTION. I think he is the author of this book, correct? I look forward to reading it someday. The sun is shinging.....i meant shining but shinging actually seems right....shining and singing together. I have a deep burden for the wife and mother of the slain at the Jewish school and I feel God telling her it wasnt her fault. I could be wrong but I got the distinct impression she blamed herself.....she is not to blame, terrorism is to blame and hatred of anything that belongs to God by this sick world! God is comforting her now. My heart breaks for her and her family but I think her siblings are also a great comfort to her.
I just finished watching the movie Amadeus again and Soleyeri was telling the priest...see what your God did, He destroyed his own so as not to allow me one smidgeon of His glory......not verbatim....and I was thinking that if God did allow Mozart to be killed by Soleyari instead of allowing Soleyari to gain any musical glory from God then istn that better to die doing what God wanted you to do and being blessed by God than to live as a criminal or jealousy etc. Death is not unwelcomed, its just the begining, death is a part of life, better to die doing well than live Soleyaris wreached life. God bless these victims, eternally.

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