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pray for Zimmerman
I'm not taking sided in what happened between Trayvon and Zimmerman but we need to pray for him since he is going to be found guilty no matter if he has one or two hundred witness on his behalf....He can't get a fair trial so let's pray that God intervenes.
Ill pray that the jury has mercy mixed with justice. I can understand his concern I have often seen teens wearing hoodies pulled up and walking the streets at night and it does scream out IM UP TO NO GOOD,but lets get real here, Zimmerman should have taken the advice of not following the teen and harassing him. This is where the authorities take over. I think we are only justified to shoot someone if they are harming us or our loved ones, this was apparently not the case. Lets consider the families that are affected by this young mans tragic murder, they, as well as this young man deserve justice, dont they? If the teen was involved in robbing neighbors then he had warrent to report him, but that where his obligation stopped and the authorites obligation started. As Christians we are to submit to local authorities but there is a more important authority than local an even higher authority, THOU SHALT NOT KILL. And in this case Zimmerman, I think he was wrong. You are correct in saying that he wont get a very balanced jury due to so much hostility, imagine if it had been a Jewish boy, we would want justice too and also would not proably get a balanced jury due to hostilty. Its a given he will get a sentence that is harsh, I hope its not the death penalty because then we would be guilty of an eye for an eye. If he were a mass mentally ill psychopath then the death penalty could be viewed as protecting humanity, but this is his first offense and I hope he gets some mercy for that and to that I will pray.

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