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Was King Solomon a Jew?
Not according to the teachings of modern day Judaism and Ask Moses, Chabad, Orthodox should re-asses their position.

The modern day way of tracing Jewish lineage within Judaism has for some reason gone along the Mother's side. So that if your Mother has Jewish ancestry or if a gentile Mother converts to Judaism, then you too can be considered a Jew.

However, it is interesting that King Davids' great grandmother was not only a Moabite, but King David himself also had Solomon through Bathsheba whose husband was a Hittite. And if Bathsheba were supposedly a Jew convert, what would a Jewish woman be doing married to a Hittite male in the first place?

Second, is the question about the lineage of Bathsheba as well. Was she even really a Jew?

2 Samuel 11:3 says that Bathsheba is the daughter of Eliam.

2 Samuel 23:34 says that Eliam is the son of Ahithophel the Gilonite

That is one big problem for the so-called "Rabbi's" and their teaching of maternal lineage. Those who wrote the Talmud have it backwards.

Thanks to a real Jew who is Jesus Christ the Son of the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob who grafted Christians back in through Salvation. You can already see how Israel was moving away from the law of Moses and the act of intermarriage early on, not to mention all the other areas of the law they willing excuse themselves from.
Sounds like another there goes Judaism in 5 minutes....once you study their weak statements. It just goes to show what happens when Rabbi's act like Prophets. They open their mouths when they should keep them shut. A scribe is a scribe, they write, they translate, they're not Prophets. For Judaism to trace Jewish lineage solely on the mother's side is a black eye for Judaism. To say an Irish mother can convert to Judaism and be called a "Jew" is a bloody nose for Judaism.

Especially since no Rabbi can use the Tanakh much less the Torah to trace the Mothers lineage due to the fact it is always the male lineage that is given.


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