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My name within the stone--Empathy
What if we've only been through a baptism of water and have yet to go through a baptism by fire? What if you are taken to the depths of hell and have to earn your way back up? What if you are sifted and sorted through every one of the deadly sins and beyond until you have only one emotion left? What if you yet have to go through the circumcision done without hands?A process where your sins and lusts are slowly pared away. What if through this you develop a different and more direct way of communication with God? What if when you are down to that last emotion, you discover that it is the new name within the white stone and that you have earned this name? What if you actually have to forgive all, pray for all even to the point of forgiving the thorn who has sorted you? What if you have to give him your forgiveness, friendship and love to the point of praying to God to forgive him and help him to love? If you cannot forgive and love those who hate, despise and use you--you have not the love of God. It's unconditional love that would get you through such a trial. The emotion I had left was Empathy with great love and forgiveness. I pray for all mankind and judge none. I rebuke only if they are trying to get ME to disobey the word of God, otherwise I accept them and love them and leave judgement at the hands of my creator. His name is Jesus Christ.
Yeshua Bless You

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