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The story of the hedgeapple
While at work one day, a lady brought in a hedgeapple that she had found. I hadn't seen one since childhood. I was talking to God about this HUGE ugly fruit. I told Him that I would love to find one to show my grown children. A few weeks later as I'm walking my son's dog at the city park, I see a huge hedgeapple laying by the stream. I start looking around for where it could have come from. I found no bush nor tree that it came from--there wasn't a tree close to it. So I ask God, " What do these things grow on? Do they grow on a bush or a tree? What kind of tree could support this HUGE thing? I've never seen where they grow."
A couple of weeks after this, I get the urge to go for a drive. I again take my son's boxer. We drive WEST of home to the lake. This place has the lake, picnic areas, campsites and a really nice playground. It's called Fishing Creek.
I get out of the car --and on the pavement? You guessed it--A HUGE hedgeapple. I start laughing and pick it up--I look up into the canopy of a tree COVERED in this HUGE ugly fruit--One of these hits you in the head and I think you'd be dead before you hit the ground. I'm delighted. Yeshua is ALWAYS doing things like this with me these days. I'm enthralled with our God. --AND behind the playground? A persimmon tree--I've never seen one of these in the wild either. I feel like a child again and I'm having a blast. I enjoy Him in what I call player---play and prayer. I go for drives a lot these days. Saw a fawn today at the edge of the road. I never cease my conversations with Him unless I'm asleep.
Yeshua Bless You

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