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The Lion of Judah
I keep seeing myself as a small child riding on the back/shoulders of a lion. We are on the beach and walking away from everything. My head is almost buried in the lions mane. I'm just wearing a white gown and my feet are bare--my hands are tangled in the lion's mane. I have hair that looks like a blond coronet with flowers in it. The day is neither light nor dark. I don't know if its sunrise or sunset. When I try to picture myself in my mind, I always see myself as this child--sometimes I'm sitting in the top of a palm tree--waiting. Sometimes I'm dancing or flying--but I'm always this child--and I am beautiful. To just be her would be the greatest of blessings.
These days I ride on the shoulders of the lion of Judah--His name is Yeshua--and He too is beautiful.
Yeshua Bless You

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