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[/b][/size][/font]Hello. I am new here.A jewish woman in NY a few mins ago said I should not hang around you.Of course I found that ridiculous.I just want to introduce myself.Mitch is what I go by.I am a gentile who is only a little jewish but Love Yeshua .Have read the Bible since childhood.Many things have happened to me.Went to Israel June 2010 as I felt led of the Lord to do so. I was told there by Jeff Seif "Two Jews,three opinions" And so it is! I am glad to be grafted in {or regrafted in} however you can accept it.I am in Tennessee.Please contact me as I admire your courage in what you are doing.Grace Peace and mercy with LOVE be yours!! bro Mitch
Shalom, Mitch, and thanks for participating in the Jews for Jesus Forums!

You'll find a wide range of opinions and beliefs in these Forums. Several regulars are against believing in Jesus, and some who are in favor of Him hold unorthodox beliefs. We have many devoted followers of Jesus among Jews and gentiles alike.

Since most Jewish web sites deny the deity and messiahship of Jesus, few allow people to share their faith in Him -- but here, we welcome even those who are against Him. We aren't afraid to allow different points of view, because His truth always triumphs -- but we do require everyone to be civil. I hope you will enjoy sharing your thoughts.

When you have time, please look around the Web site itself. If you'll check the "Events" section every so often, you'll find out where special Jews for Jesus presentations are scheduled in Tennessee (as well as other places, of course).

In the "About Us" and "Answers" sections, you can read about what we believe -- and why we believe it.

There are many interesting items in "Resources," too. And we have a free newsletter you can ask to receive by mail (in "Publications"), as well as email versions.

Thanks again for participating, and God bless you.

Moderator MAlan

P.S. You mentioned Jeffrey Seif -- Three of my four trips to Israel were with Zola's ministry. He and Moishe Rosen, the founder of Jews for Jesus, were great friends. A couple of our regular Forums participants have had difficult experiences in the ZLM forums, but I will always cherish those trips, and I still receive their newsletter.
Thank you.MAlan. As I am having difficulty with this site I want to thank the Lord for even being around.HE has ,after all,been given all authority in Heaven and on earth!I learned about HIM the hard way.I was adopted at age 5 by a young couple.I attended "church" as a child and we quoted Scriptures in front of the main congregation on Sunday ams.We had vacation bible schools.We even rode for rides in a topless bus called a sea cruiser or some such.Later we went on a couple of retreats to a place called short mountain where the congregation went together and ate and slept.I even practiced song leading and doing the "Lord's Supper.Did it wrong too and was harangued by one of the older teens for doing something twice{as I was nervous} I noted that after the service some of the men smoked cigarettes and knowing that was wrong confused me a bit.They would meet at each other's houses and would have a martini or two and [/align][/color][/size][/font]confused me more.I took everything a preacher would say to heart and speak about it to my mother and it would anger her.At 14 years I had had enough and started backing away from attendance.Thanks for letting me share thus far.Grace Peace and love from myself and most assuredly the Lord Jesus Christ!

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