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Confusing topic
Huh[b][color=#0000CD] Greetings: I go to INR and INS because I cant get the facts on the "alphabet news"channels" & have known this since young adult status,, and therefore resort to this.I received a call from the ACLJ a couple of weeks ago and after a few seconds I told the guy I was busy listening to what was happening in Israel.I might be mistaken but I think he was satisfied as perhaps I needed no further persuasion.I have to appologize for some of the garbage I have seen on their news comments from a couple a jews ; one Guyand one Ben.Their hate of the Name Jesus does not surprise He said would hate us for that Name and that it is a rock of offense.I find myself wanting to appologise for these people but realize that the mature among you already know what is happening,.It is I who forget this.. and NO I am not Jew for Jesus member. Just like talking to ya'll

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