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God answered, I Stuttered--90/10
I had been praying about tithing. How much should we keep for pleasure, how much goes on things we need, what should be considered as needful things, etc. He answered me---I will clothe, house, feed, heal and protect you. If you are TRULY ONE WITH ME and have become like minded, you will want to serve others more than having your own pleasures(lusts)--You will recieve the tithe(10%), the rest belongs to me and I belong to the world. You will keep 10% of what's left over after your needs are met and I will take 90% for the rest of my people. I stuttered--SO, this is how it's going. I make $2800 a month--my bills are $1800--my profit is $1000. I keep $100 for fun and he gets $900 in tithes. This actually hasn't hurt me a bit. I have loved giving and doing for others--It's what I've always wanted to do--Help them. He also left me to decide what I thought were needful things(bills, essentials, etc) I have cleaned out my house' my storage, my closets and cabinets--I'm down to not much that I can't live without. God is helping me to become one of the richest people on the planet---It doesn't involve money. I know that some peoples bills are close to what they make--but try taking only your fun money and do this and see if God doesn't increase your income so that you will not only be able to help more people, but you'll also have more fun money for pleasure.
Yeshua Bless You----90/10

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