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Cain and Abel – Jesus Christ and Satan – Part 1
Cain and Abel – Jesus Christ and Satan – Part 1

It should be of no surprise that the story of Cain and Abel, where one brother kills another, should occur so soon in the bible. If one recognizes that God spoke of man's redemption right after the sin of Adam and Eve then surely the first important story in the bible must be about God's son Jesus Christ and his plan of redemption for mankind.

In the story of Cain and Abel, Abel prepares a sin offering that is accepted by God whereas his brother's sin offering is rejected. God's rejection of Cain's sin offering makes Cain angry and after a warning from God not to let his anger turn to sin Cain lures his brother into a field and kills him. It is important to note that God did not warn Abel(1) nor did he make concessions to Cain to diminish his anger. God did not exercise any form of social or economic justice to appease Cain's anger but instead rebuked Cain's anger.

The name Cain is interpreted from the Greek to mean 'from the evil one' or 'of the evil one' and Jewish tradition states that the serpent from the Garden of Eden was father to Cain. So here you have Cain the firstborn of Eve clearly linked with Satan and Abel clearly linked with God.

The prophetic nature of the story of Cain and Abel is so strikingly clear as to foretell the appearance of Jesus Christ on this earth to present himself as a sin offering for all of man's sins. Like Abel, Jesus Christ is led to his death by his own 'Jewish brothers' who become angry and resentful that Jesus Christ not only gains the blessing of God, but is in actuality God become man as the person Jesus Christ to die for all of our sins.

The prophetic story of Cain and Abel is in part fulfilled by Jesus Christ upon his baptism. When Jesus Christ receives baptism from John the Baptist it is recorded that the spirit of God descends upon Jesus and a voice from God says that he is well pleased. As it was with Abel when God said he was well pleased with his sin offering so it was with Jesus Christ at his baptism when God said he was well pleased with Jesus Christ his son. Abel and Christ are the same person.

- Continued in Part 2

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